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Governing Virginia / Edition 1

Governing Virginia / Edition 1

by Anne Marie Morgan, A.R. Pete Giesen

ISBN-10: 1256426067

ISBN-13: 9781256426066

Pub. Date: 12/28/2011

Publisher: Pearson Learning Solutions

Governing Virginia is a unique, reader-friendly compendium written not by academicians but by “practitioners” who have worked within the realms of the Commonwealth’s state and local governments. It was compiled for use as a textbook or reader for stand-alone courses in Virginia government, as a supplementary text for general courses in


Governing Virginia is a unique, reader-friendly compendium written not by academicians but by “practitioners” who have worked within the realms of the Commonwealth’s state and local governments. It was compiled for use as a textbook or reader for stand-alone courses in Virginia government, as a supplementary text for general courses in American or state and local government, or as an informational book to learn more about the Commonwealth. The contributors to Governing Virginia include five former governors, five current and former legislators, and other prominent state leaders, from whom readers can learn about how laws are made, the lengthy process of budget-making, the policy priorities of Virginia’s chief executives, the distinctive way that the General Assembly selects judges, plus many more topics.

While invaluable for political science instruction, Governing Virginia is also rich with the Commonwealth’s history, and foundational information about how the state and localities are governed is recounted against this backdrop. The chapters trace the legacy of Virginia’s contributions to governing principles in the U.S. and the world, while also describing its political transformation throughout the centuries and the contemporary workings of its executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Additionally, the compilation includes features that do not always appear in Virginia government textbooks, including the evolution of women’s participation in the General Assembly, the transformation of the state’s political structure into a vigorous two-party system, the expanding role of the attorney general, and the importance of economic development to the Commonwealth’s prosperity.

Beautifully illustrated in color with photos by an award-winning Richmond Times-Dispatch photographer, Governing Virginia is ideal for teachers, professors, college and advanced high school students, business and civic leaders, and anyone who wants to learn about the state that Governing Magazine has described as the “best-managed” in the U.S.

Book Sections:

Part 1 discusses Virginia’s metamorphosis as the Commonwealth underwent profound political and constitutional changes since the founding of the oldest representative legislature in the New World.

Part 2 describes the legislative branch, including the process and vocabulary of passing laws, how the state budget is made, the election of women to the General Assembly, the pivotal role of lobbyists, and reflections from the longest-serving member of the House of Delegates.

Part 3 addresses the executive branch, including the fundamentals of serving as governor, the workings of the chief executive’s cabinet, narratives by former governors on their policy priorities, and the strategic roles of the attorney general and economic development.

Part 4 discusses the judicial branch, the unique way that Virginia selects its judges, and a concise explanation of the state’s court system.

Part 5 introduces the news media as an integral component of the political and governmental landscape in Virginia and their essential role in informing the public, written from both the newspaper and broadcast perspectives.

Part 6 features Virginia’s local governments, including the critical functions and challenges of cities and counties as they govern close to home.

Part 7 explores the dynamics of Virginia’s electoral system, how elections are conducted, the use of money in campaigns, and the role of political parties in waging electoral contests.

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Pearson Learning Solutions
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New Edition
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7.80(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Contributors viii

Introduction: The Diffusion of Knowledge 1

Anne Marie Morgan and Pete Giesen

Part I: Virginia’s Metamorphosis 5

1 Virginia in the Vanguard 7

Frank B. Atkinson

2 Virginia Transformed: 14

The Election that Made History

Hon. L. Douglas Wilder

3 The Six Constitutions of Virginia 19

A. E. Dick Howard

4 The Emergence of Modern Virginia Politics: 35

From the “Byrd Machine” to Two-Party Competition

Hon. A. R. “Pete” Giesen, Jr.

5 Commemorating the Anniversary of Public 48

School Closings in Virginia

Hon. Henry L. Marsh, III

Part II: The Legislative Branch 52

6 The Virginia General Assembly 56

and the Process of Making State Laws

Jeffrey A. Finch, B. Scott Maddrea, and John McE. Garrett

7 Virginia’s Budget Process: 76

Following the Money

Hon. Vincent F. Callahan, Jr.

8 A Lady’s Place is in the House (of Delegates): 85

Virginia Women and Politics, 1909-2009

Sandra G. Treadway

9 From the Front Lines: 91

Virginia’s Longest-Serving Delegate

Anne Marie Morgan

10 The Lieutenant Governor: 97

Presiding Over the Virginia Senate

Hon. William T. Bolling

11 Lobbying in Virginia: 101

Making a Case for Policies

Eldon James

A Closer Look: 107

The Role and Ethics of the Lobbyist

David Bailey and Tom Hyland

Part III: The Executive Branch 112

12 The Governor and His Cabinet 115

Bernard L. Henderson, Jr.

13 A Choice for Innovation and Investment 129

Hon. Gerald L. Baliles

14 On Our Virginia Renaissance: 131

Expanding Opportunity with Reform

Hon. George F. Allen

15 A Time for All Virginians 136

Hon. James S. Gilmore, III

16 Virginia Leading the Way 143

Hon. Timothy M. Kaine

17 The Path to Jobs and Prosperity: 146

Economic Development in Virginia

Hugh D. Keogh

18 The Attorney General: 154

Virginia's Chief Legal Officer

Hon. Jerry W. Kilgore and Christopher R. Nolen

Part IV: The Judicial Branch 159

19 Selecting Virginia’s Judges 160

Hon. David B. Albo

20 Virginia Courts in Brief 168

Office of the Executive Secretary,

Supreme Court of Virginia

Part V: The Fourth Estate 177

21 The State Capitol News Media: 179

Eyewitnesses to Important Events

Tyler Whitley

22 The Broadcast Perspective 184

Adam Rhew

Part VI: Local Governments in Virginia: A Unique Arrangement 187

23 Virginia's Counties: Governing Close to Home 189

James D. Campbell

24 Virginia’s Municipal Governments: 202

Independent Cities—or Are They?

Mary Jo Fields

Part VII: Elections and Politics 212

25 Voting in Virginia: 214

Ensuring Integrity of Elections

Nancy Rodrigues

26 Money in Virginia Politics 221

David Poole

27 Political Parties in Virginia: 224

Organizing to Win Elections

Charles E. Judd

Epilogue: The Virginia Way 229

Hon. John Chichester

Bibliography 234

The Constitution of Virginia: 252

Table of Contents

Endnotes 256

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