Government and Law in the Early Islamic World

Government and Law in the Early Islamic World

by Trudee Romanek

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Children's Literature - Kris Sauer
The world's major religions—Christianity, Judaism, Islam—claim Jerusalem as a holy city. Of the three, Islam is likely least understood by American students, but its claim perhaps has the most value given the current state of world affairs. This book explores the development of Islam, the religion of the Muslim people. Muslims believe there is one god, and the prophet Muhammad was His messenger on earth. In the early 600s C.E., Muhammad began sharing messages that focused on telling the ancient Bedoin tribes how to live and treat each other. His messages caught on, and spread throughout the Arab world. This book traces the development of the Muslim faith and its impact on government and law from 610 C.E. to the 1500s. Author Trudee Romanek touches on the early dynasties, sharia law, Islamic justice, the Crusades, the Ottomans, and the rule of Suleiman in the 1500s. One could easily get lost in the details, but both the book's layout and the straightforward text make this weighty topic accessible to those at or approaching a sixth-grade reading level. Sidebars give additional background on covered topics, and photos and ancient prints help bring the story to life. Part of the six-title "Life in the Early Islamic World" series, this book helps bring clarity to a topic not easily understood by a primarily Judeo-Christian, western world. A solid asset to a nonfiction collection, the book includes a short biography of instrumental leaders, a side-by-side timeline of key events in the Islamic and non-Islamic world, a glossary, an index, and a bibliography. Reviewer: Kris Sauer

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