Grace for Drowning

Grace for Drowning

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by Steven Wilson

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For prolific British progressive rocker Steven Wilson, the two-CD set Grace for Drowning is his second official solo album, following 2008's Insurgentes. Recording under his own name, Wilson tends to fall somewhere between his popular Porcupine Tree group project and his ambient recordings as


For prolific British progressive rocker Steven Wilson, the two-CD set Grace for Drowning is his second official solo album, following 2008's Insurgentes. Recording under his own name, Wilson tends to fall somewhere between his popular Porcupine Tree group project and his ambient recordings as Bass Communion. Grace for Drowning's two discs are divided into one called Deform to Form a Star and another called Like Dust I Have Cleared from My Eye, both named after tracks on them. In the relatively sparse lyrics that Wilson sings with a calm, British-accented tenor, he seems melancholy at first, apparently suffering from the aftermath of a romantic breakup. "There's nothing left for me to say or do," he declares in "Postcard." By the second disc, he has become angrier about the situation, but the closing title track finds him reaching resolution and moving on. The words are spread out over music that builds and ebbs in a manner that allows for different styles and soloing by Wilson and a few musical guests. He is not abashed about evoking his prog predecessors. The obvious antecedent is Pink Floyd, particularly recalled in the space rock of "No Part of Me." The 23-minute "Raider II," coming toward the end, allows room for a flute-and-piano section that could have been excerpted from a Traffic album as well as guitar-bass-drum sections in rapid 6/4 time suggestive of Yes. By the end, Wilson has subsided into an ambient coda on "Like Dust I Have Cleared from My Eye," as if readying himself for the next Bass Communion album. Grace for Drowning has a particular conception in terms of its emotional journey from sadness through anger to acceptance, but it is also just another in a lengthy discography of albums by Wilson under various names in relatively similar styles.

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Performance Credits

Steven Wilson   Primary Artist,Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Autoharp,Glockenspiel,Gong,Bass Guitar,Harmonium,Keyboards,Vocals,Bells,Hand Clapping,Guitar (Nylon String)
Trey Gunn   Bass Guitar
Nick Beggs   Bass,Bass Guitar,Stick
Nic France   Drums
Tony Levin   Bass Guitar
London Session Orchestra   Strings
Pat Mastelotto   Drums,Electronic Drums
Jordan Rudess   Piano
Theo Travis   Clarinet,Flute,Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Ben Castle   Clarinet
Markus Reuter   Guitar
Synergy Vocals   Choir, Chorus
Mike Outram   Guitar
Sand Snowman   Acoustic Guitar
Jordan Rodess   Piano

Technical Credits

Pat Mastelotto   Additional Production
Steven Wilson   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer
Lasse Hoile   Filmmaker
David Kerzner   Sound Design
Carl Glover   Artwork
Dave Stewart   Arranger,Orchestration
Matt Collis   Engineer
Andy Lett   Management

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Grace for Drowning 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Zhan More than 1 year ago
What can I say about Steven Wilson ? He is one of my all time favorite musicians because for many years he consistently keeps releasing work of extraordinary quality. His intricate sense of balance and style always impressed me. As you might know Steven is one of the artists who refuses to confine himself to a single genre. The body of his work is truly grandiose. Be it ambient project of Bass Communion, post rock experimentation of No Man, kraut rock of I.E.M, pop rock of Blackfield or progressive/alternative rock of Porcupine Tree one thing remained the same through all of those different musical ventures Steven always poured his heart and soul into each one of them. Working with many different and interesting musicians he was able to explore new sounds and express his unique point of view in today's music world. In the process Steven created vast catalog of amazing albums. Incredibly for such prolific artist he only decided to release his first solo album Insurgentes only in 2008! Inspired by 1980s post-punk Insurgentes was a huge success: Deluxe version of the album sold out on the pre-order way ahead of the release. Freed from the restrictive boundaries of his main projects Steven let his imagination unwind without worries to appeal to any other writer but himself. The result was truly magnificent album of wonderful experimental music. Progressive in the best sense of that word. Many people I know calling it their favorite album in music period. Now two years after the release of Insurgentes Steven Wilson finally gave us his long awaited second solo album Grace For Drowning. I really did not know what to expect from this one. Insurgentes was a real high mark in my book. Well I am pleased to say that Grace For Drowning not only matched Steven's first solo effort in scale, complexity and depth but managed to surpass it. Drawing inspiration from seventies prog this time Steven created beautiful, intricate, sometimes hopelessly dark sometimes surreal but irresistibly fascinating monster of the album! Jazz is present courtesy of some wonderful jazz musicians that are involved in this record. It really shook me the first time I listened to it. It was so heavy without being metal. Combination of music and Steven's lyrics works very well to completely draw a listener to the state of almost trance. This is the kind of music that works best on good sound system or in good headphones. Allow yourself to be swept away in this tornado of notes and sounds and you will not regret it. Grace For Drowning is a powerful and grand statement. There is plenty here to listen album is divided in two parts. So many emotions and so many colors in this vivid and enchanting picture. Album comes in couple different formats the best being the luxurious Deluxe Edition which comes with 120 page book extra Cd of out-takes and demos plus Blu- Ray version of the album with 5.1 surround sound mix and in addition 5 films directed specifically for this release by long time Steven's collaborator Lasse Hoile. All in all Grace For Drowning is a work by true master. True art is priceless you only buying a chance to touch the reflection of the soul of the composer! Go ahead then and touch it...
TheColourofAir More than 1 year ago
It's very rare to find an album, let alone musician whose music is a timeless piece of art and creativity. With the second solo release from Steven Willson, I am nothing less than impressed with his ability to create and layer sounds that I would never expect, or have ever heard before on an album. He has a unique skill to be able to put emotions in to each chord, and each note that comprises a song and album as a whole. This album can be listened to countless times over and what makes it most special and separates it from most music today is that it can be listened to as a whole without having to skip a song, or just play your favorites. Greatness does not even begin to describe how well put together and what pure genius this album is. Buy it. Enjoy it. Share it with everyone you know!!!
PTGIRL More than 1 year ago
With each listen this album unfolds! It is a true masterpiece!! I have been a fan of Steven Wilson and all of his projects for years but this is the height of his career so far. I feel lucky to have found this genius because he enriches my life with his music! You will not regret ordering such greatness!!!