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Graced Filled Marriage

Graced Filled Marriage

by Tim Kimmel, Darcy Kimmel (With)

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What's Grace Got to do with It? What determines the level of satisfaction in a marriage? Mutual interests? Personality? Trying harder? In fact, the number one way to find satisfaction in marriage is determined by our ability to give and receive grace. More than simply "nice," grace is that game-changing ingredient that enables us to treat each other the way God


What's Grace Got to do with It? What determines the level of satisfaction in a marriage? Mutual interests? Personality? Trying harder? In fact, the number one way to find satisfaction in marriage is determined by our ability to give and receive grace. More than simply "nice," grace is that game-changing ingredient that enables us to treat each other the way God treats us. Tim and Darcy Kimmel know this from their own experience of four decades of marriage and parenting four children. In Grace Filled Marriage they explore questions such as: What does grace look like under pressure? How does grace carry you through the dark chapters of your love story? What does grace-filled sex look and act like? How can you practice grace even when your spouse doesn't? How can more grace in your marriage lead to more excitement and passion in your marriage? How can God help you make grace the default mode in your marriage? Whether your marriage is just beginning, seems healthy, or is struggling on life support, a deeper understanding of the power of grace will help it not just survive, but thrive.

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Co-authors of 10 Great Dates: Connecting Faith, Love & Marriage - David & Claudia Arp
"What a refreshing approach to having a Godly and loving marriage through understanding the role that grace plays in your relationship. Grace may be the oil that lubricates and transforms your relationship into the marriage you've always wanted. Grace enables couples who know the Scriptures to actually live them out day by day in their marriage. We highly recommend Grace Filled Marriage to all couples who want to have a truly Christian marriage."
Dr.; President, Phoenix Seminary - Darryl Delhousaye
"In Grace Filled Marriage, Tim and Darcy Kimmel have courageously opened their personal lives, giving us a transparent and biblical look at how marriage can be so demandingly 'daily' and yet also be a daily adventure in God's grace."
Dr.; Author of Sheet Music and Have a New Husband by Friday - Kevin Leman
"There are a lot of books written on marriage. I've written some of them. But every once in a while one comes along that blows such fresh new air over the subject that further discussion on marriage has to forever factor in its original and innovative ideas. The Kimmels did this—big time—in Grace Filled Marriage. You're gonna love this book!"
Author of On My Worst Day and co-author of The Cure - John Lynch
"Tim and Darcy are the real deal. They are wonderfully known in my world for living out the grace of God in their marriage. Tim is able to defuse fears with humor and give hope with truth tried out from every angle. This book is wonderfully practical hope; displaying what grace looks like when it is freed."
Dr.; President, American Association of Christian Counselors - Tim Clinton
"Grace Filled Marriage is an incredibly important book and could help turn the tide on divorce. I've counseled numerous couples who could use a strong dose of grace from one another. All of us need to practice more grace in our daily relationships with our spouses. Take a journey into grace. This book will turn your marriage around!"
Dr.; Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas - Ed Young
"Tim Kimmel's insights and depth of knowledge on 'family matters' have blessed me and so many people with sound biblical teaching and innovative resources. Tim has a way of igniting fresh understanding using simple illustrations to clarify deep spiritual truths. His new book, Grace Filled Marriage, is no exception. I know we will all be blessed by Tim's teaching on how grace can strengthen good marriages, heal failing marriages, and protect new marriages. The impact of grace in marriage makes this a must read."
Dr.; Co-Directors, Intimate Life Ministries - David And Teresa Ferguson
"In a world of fragmented and empty relationships as a result of conditional love, attitudes of entitlement, and self-focus, the divine paradigm of grace has been wonderfully rediscovered and illustrated by our friend Tim Kimmel in his book Grace Filled Marriage."
71:17 Ministries - Ed And Gwen Diaz
"Introducing a great new book by our friend Tim Kimmel. We have read them all - every marriage book known to mankind - but this one is really different! Without re-hashing traditional marriage passages, Tim helps us rediscover that "Grace" is the key to long-term relationships. And since Grace is the only attribute of God that Satan simply cannot imitate, what better place to get our arms around this incredible gift!"
President, Focus on the Family - Jim Daly
"As followers of Christ, we are admonished to 'be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love' (Eph. 4:2 NIV). That's how we extend grace to one another. And as Tim and Darcy Kimmel note in their excellent book Grace Filled Marriage, nowhere is this more important than in the institution of marriage."
Mark Gregston
"Very few people understand the practical implications of grace, quite like Tim Kimmel. Many speak about grace; Tim helps us all understand how to apply grace to that relationship in our life that demands it the most. Grace Filled Marriage is a must for every couple's library ... a great read that might just change your life ... it might just change your family, and it will truly change your marriage."
Author and speaker - Susan Alexander Yates
"A superb resource for those of us who have become lazy in caring for our mates. This fresh approach will encourage and equip you to express more grace. You should buy at least 2 books - one for yourselves and one for friends!"
Ph.D.; Best-selling author of The Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman
"Amazing Grace is normally sung in church. Tragically, we don't often follow God's example and show such grace to our spouses. Tim Kimmel gives practical ideas on how we can bring great harmony to our marriages by showing grace to each other. I highly recommend Grace Filled Marriage."
Dr.; Pastor, Professor, Author - Gene A. Getz
"Grace Filled Marriage is truly an excellent book to keep our marriages fresh and vibrant. Well-written. Spiritually mature teaching. Excellent illustrations, analogies, and metaphors."
pastor and best-selling author - Max Lucado
Grace is to a marriage what oil is to an engine. It lubricates the machinery. In this much-needed book by a very seasoned expert, Tim Kimmel hands out help. Don't miss out!
Dr.; Author, Speaker, Radio Host, Sr. Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, Georgia

- Crawford W. Loritts Jr.
"Thanks, Tim and Darcy, for Grace Filled Marriage! This book is a treasure. You have reminded us and called us back to the vision of marriage reflecting God's character, especially his unconditional love and grace. Regrettably, guilt-ridden performance has replaced this lofty vision. Although it is good to know and apply helpful relational skills in marriage, if they are not baptized in God's grace they become pathways to frustration. Grace Filled Marriage shows us how to create a grace-filled environment in which marriage will flourish. This is one of the most important, helpful books on marriage I have read in a decade."

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