The Grammar of Modern Hebrew

The Grammar of Modern Hebrew

by Lewis Glinert

A reference book on Modern Hebrew morphology and syntax.See more details below


A reference book on Modern Hebrew morphology and syntax.

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Preface; Abbreviations and conventions; 1. About Israeli Hebrew; 2. The data; 3. The description; 4. Pronunciation and spelling; 5. Definite and indefinite; 6. Constructs and possessives; 7. Pronouns and other pro-words; 8. Quantifiers; 9. Determiners; 10. Adjectives as modifiers; 11. Preposition phrases and adverbs as modifiers; 12. Agreement in the noun phrase; 13. Tense, modality and aspect; 14. Active and passive; 15. Object phrases; 16. 'Be' and 'have' constructions; 17. Ellipsis and subject-less clauses; 18. Agreement in the clause; 19. Preposition phrases; 20. Degree words and comparatives; 21. Adjunct adverbials; 22. Focus adverbs; 23. Disjunct adverbials; 24. Link adverbials; 25. Pro-adverbs; 26. Questions; 27. Exclamations; 28. Requests; 29. Negation; 30. Types of subordination; 31. Complement clauses; 32. Adverbial clauses; 33. Relative clauses; 34. Apposed clauses; 35. Coordination; 36. Apposition; 37. Topic, focus and word order; 38. Noun types; 39. Gender and number in the noun; 40. Verb types and their inflections; 41. Adjective types and their inflection; 42. Prepositions: form and inflection; Notes to chapters; Bibliography; Index.

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