Grammy Nominees 2004

Grammy Nominees 2004


This compilation of 2004 Grammy nominees is heavy on hip-hop, pop, and R&B, including favorites from Justin Timberlake ("Cry Me a River"), Beyoncé ("Crazy in Love"), and Eminem ("Lose Yourself"), plus poignant songs from late greats Warren Zevon ("Keep Me in Your Heart") and Beatle George Harrison ("Any Road").  See more details below


This compilation of 2004 Grammy nominees is heavy on hip-hop, pop, and R&B, including favorites from Justin Timberlake ("Cry Me a River"), Beyoncé ("Crazy in Love"), and Eminem ("Lose Yourself"), plus poignant songs from late greats Warren Zevon ("Keep Me in Your Heart") and Beatle George Harrison ("Any Road").

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  1. Crazy in Love  -  Beyoncé
  2. Where Is the Love?  - Justin Timberlake
  3. Clocks  -  Coldplay
  4. Lose Yourself  -  Eminem
  5. Work It  - Missy Elliott
  6. Going Under  -  Evanescence
  7. The Way You Move  - Sleepy Brown
  8. Cry Me a River  - Justin Timberlake
  9. Beautiful  - Christina Aguilera
  10. I'm With You  - Avril Lavigne
  11. Dance With My Father  - Luther Vandross
  12. Keep Me in Your Heart  - Warren Zevon
  13. In Da Club  - 50 Cent
  14. Stacy's Mom  -  Fountains of Wayne
  15. I Wish I Wasn't  - Heather Headley
  16. Gimme the Light  - Sean Paul
  17. Any Road  - George Harrison
  18. Ain't No Mountain High Enough  - Michael McDonald
  19. Send Your Love  -  Sting
  20. Hole in the World  -  Eagles
  21. Unwell  -  Matchbox Twenty

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Zaza   Guitar
Ada Dyer   Background Vocals
George Harrison   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar,Banjo-ukelele
Don Henley   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Jeff Lynne   Bass,Piano,Background Vocals
Michael McDonald   Vocals,Background Vocals
Randy Meisner   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Guitarron
Joe Walsh   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Jason Rebello   Piano,fender rhodes
Lance Ellington   Background Vocals
Jorge Calderon   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Tres
Don Felder   Guitar,Steel Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Section   Strings
Jim Keltner   Drums
Tawatha Agee   Background Vocals
Skip Anderson   Keyboards
Katreese Barnes   Background Vocals
Jeff Bass   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Chris Botti   Trumpet
Choir of Radio France   Vocals
Cissy Houston   Background Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta   Drums
Scott Crago   Percussion
Susan Dench   Strings
Richard Dodd   Cello
Nathan East   Bass
Josh Freese   Drums
Glenn Frey   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Clark Gayton   Trombone
Willie Hollis   Piano
Manu Katché   Drums
Debra Killings   Bass
Brenda White-King   Background Vocals
Kipper   Keyboards,Vocals
Ricky Lawson   Drums
Bernie Leadon   Banjo,Guitar,Mandolin,Pedal Steel Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Amy Lee   Vocals
Anne Lines   Strings
Richard Marx   Keyboards
Christian McBride   Double Bass
Ann McCrary   Background Vocals
Dominic Miller   Guitar
Cindy Mizelle   Background Vocals
Leo Payne   Strings
Linda Perry   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Strings
Erik Ralske   French Horn
Luis Resto   Keyboards
Audrey Riley   Strings
Timothy B. Schmit   Bass,Vocals
Mike Scott   Guitar
Steuart Smith   Electric Guitar
Scott Spencer Storch   Clavinet
Tony Swain   fender rhodes
Jacqueline Thomas   Cello
Brian Young   Percussion,Drums
Warren Zevon   Vocals
Vicente Amigo   Flamenco Guitar
Jerome Ashby   French Horn
Michael Hart Thompson   Guitar
Peter Lale   Strings
Suzie Katayama   Cello
J. Curtis   Guitar
Lévon Minassian   Darbouka
Donna Gardier   Background Vocals
Timbaland   Background Vocals
David Hartley   Piano
Matt Serletic   Keyboards
Chris Collingwood   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Elizondo   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Gale Mayes-West   Background Vocals
Tammy Taylor   Background Vocals
Tye Tribbett & G.A.   Background Vocals
Brian Yale   Bass
Toby Baker   Keyboards
James "Big Jim" Wright   Keyboards
Adam Gaynor   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Bill Pettaway   Guitar   Vocals,Clavinet,Moog Synthesizer
George Pajon   Guitar
Kyle Cook   Guitar,Background Vocals
Paul Doucette   Percussion,Drums
Eric Gorfain   Violin
Big Boi   Vocals
Mike Fratantuno   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Upright Bass
Justin Timberlake   Vocals,Background Vocals
Printz Board   Clavinet,Moog Synthesizer
John "BJ John" Smith   Bass
Jody Porter   Guitar,Vocals
Heather Headley   Vocals
Joy Rose   Vocals,Background Vocals
Francis Dicosmo   Bass
Jeff Scott Young   Hammond Organ
Marsha Ambrosius   Background Vocals
Richard George   Strings
Corky James   Guitar
Dhani Harrison   Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Aref Durvesh   Tabla
Allen Pineda   Vocals
Chris Rodriquez   Electric Guitar
Great Anointing   Background Vocals
Matrix   Vocals
Hornz Unlimited   Horn
Valerie Denys   Castanets
Danny Dunlap   Bass Guitar
Laura Melhewish   Strings
Damon Fox   Keyboards
David Hodges   Piano,Keyboards
Christopher Tombling   Strings
Brian Macleod   Drums

Technical Credits

Eagles   Producer
George Harrison   Composer,Producer
Don Henley   Composer
Jeff Lynne   Producer
Luther Vandross   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Jorge Calderon   Composer,Producer
Eugene Record   Composer
Matrix   Composer
Dr. Dre   Producer,Executive Producer
Tom Sweeney   Engineer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Ray Bardani   Engineer
Jeff Bass   Composer,Producer
Chris Blair   Mastering
Jeff Bova   Sound Design
Hugh Brown   Art Direction
Steve Churchyard   Engineer
Simon Climie   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Digital Editing
Mike Denneen   Producer,Engineer
Alan Douglas   Engineer
John Etchells   Engineer
Ron Fair   Producer,Executive Producer,String Arrangements,String Conductor
Shannon Forrest   Engineer,Digital Editing
Dave Fortman   Producer
Ben Fowler   Engineer
Glenn Frey   Composer
John Frye   Engineer
Larry Gold   String Arrangements,String Conductor
Bernie Grundman   Mastering
Steve Hodge   Engineer
Jimmy Jam   Arranger,Producer,Instrumentation
Ted Jensen   Mastering
Steven King   Engineer
Kipper   Programming,Producer
Terry Lewis   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Bob Ludwig   Mastering
Stephen Marcussen   Mastering
George Marino   Mastering
Richard Marx   Composer,drum programming
Don Murray   Engineer
OutKast   Executive Producer
Linda Perry   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Herb Powers   Mastering
Luis Resto   Composer,Programming
Audrey Riley   String Arrangements
Valerie Simpson   Composer
Scott Spencer Storch   Composer
Tony Swain   Executive Producer
Bill Szymczyk   Producer
Pat Thrall   Engineer
Ryan Ulyate   Engineer,Digital Editing
Robert Vosgien   Mastering
Philip White   Choir Manager
Frank Wolf   Engineer
Gavyn Wright   String Conductor
Warren Zevon   Composer,Producer
Jordan Zevon   Executive Producer
Donal Hodgson   Programming,Digital Editing
Simon Osborne   Engineer
Grady Walker   Engineer
Stewart Whitmore   Mastering
James Harris   Composer
James Michell   Engineer
Joe West   Engineer
Davy Vain   Digital Editing
Cole Gerst   Art Direction
Jeri Heiden   Art Direction
Ria Lewerke   Art Direction
Tom Coyne   Mastering
Missy Elliott   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Mark Dobson   Engineer
Carlton "Carl Mo" Mahone   Composer
Timbaland   Producer,Executive Producer
Adam Schlesinger   Composer
Jeffrey Schulz   Art Direction
David Hartley   Choir Arrangement
Mike Harlow   Engineer
Alli   Art Direction
Lili Picou   Art Direction
Jim Caruana   Engineer
Paul Shields   Mastering
Frank Olinsky   Art Direction
Matt Serletic   Producer
Leon Zervos   Mastering
Dave Audé   Producer,Remixing
Adam Brown   Digital Editing
Paul J. Falcone   Vocal Engineer
Chris Collingwood   Composer,Producer
Mike Elizondo   Composer,Producer
Brian Grazer   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Victor Calderone   Producer
Robert Tanimoto   Cover Design
Brett Kilroe   Art Direction
Toby Baker   Arranger,Programming,drum programming
James "Big Jim" Wright   Composer
Shawn Carter   Composer
Greg Hayes   Engineer
Alex Harris   Contributor
Antwan Patton   Composer
A. Young   Composer
Eminem   Producer,Executive Producer,drum programming
Beyoncé   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Tim Mosley   Composer   Producer
Mathew Knowles   Executive Producer
Senator Jimmy D   Engineer
Greg Collins   Engineer
Big Boi   Producer
Christina Aguilera   Executive Producer
Will Adams   Composer
50 Cent   Executive Producer
Justin Timberlake   Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Rik Simpson   Engineer
Wesley Rami   Executive Producer
Troyton   Producer
Printz Board   Composer
Marlon James   Art Direction
Ian Cuttler   Art Direction
Chris Johnson   Programming
David Hodge   Programming
Jeremy Parker   Engineer
Roger Mackenzie   Executive Producer
Troy Rami   Composer,Executive Producer
Dylan Dresdow   Engineer
Marshall Mathers   Composer
Coldplay   Producer,String Arrangements,Art Direction
Solve Sundsbo   Cover Art
Rich Harrison   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Tal Herzberg   Engineer,Digital Editing
Chris Martin   Composer
David Guerrero   Engineer
Richard Furch   Engineer
Will Champion   Composer
Guy Berryman   Composer
Jon Buckland   Composer
Andy Ackland   Engineer
Bridgette Barr   Executive Producer
Sean Paul Henriques   Composer
Patrick Woodward   Engineer
Avril Lavigne   Composer,Art Direction
Glen Nakasako   Art Direction
Curtis Jackson   Composer
Michael Strange   Engineer
Sha Money XL   Engineer,Executive Producer
Dhani Harrison   Producer
Ed Sherman   Art Direction
Richard Anthony Davis   Engineer
Anita Marisa Boriboon   Art Direction
Mauricio "Veto" Irragorri   Engineer
Nicky "Misschief" Shaw   Arranger,Programming
Vincent Alexander   Engineer
Carlos Bedoya   Engineer
Patrick Brown   Composer
Zak Baird   Programming
Noah Scot Snyder   Producer,Engineer
Matrix   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Joel Evenden   Digital Editing
Rodney Davidson   Logo
David Hodges   Composer
Jaime A. Dávila "Tame" Gómez   Composer
Ben Moody   Composer
Leslie Lewis   Producer
Brian "Big Bass" Gardner   Mastering
Amy Lee   Composer

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