Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren, 4th Edition
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Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren, 4th Edition

by Sue Johnson, Julie Carlson
Grandloving is a comprehensive sourcebook giving grandparents the tools they'll need to make memories with their grandchildren. You'll find over 200 activities you can do with or mail to a grandchild using materials you have right at home.

Grandloving highlights tips from 350 families worldwide, heartfelt ideas for holidays, visits, and family traditions,


Grandloving is a comprehensive sourcebook giving grandparents the tools they'll need to make memories with their grandchildren. You'll find over 200 activities you can do with or mail to a grandchild using materials you have right at home.

Grandloving highlights tips from 350 families worldwide, heartfelt ideas for holidays, visits, and family traditions, reminders about child development, help for grandparents caring for their grandchild or grandparenting teenagers, an extensive list of resources and book reviews, plus helpful logos, 110 illustrations, and a easy-to-use seven page index.

Selected as "Outstanding" by Parent Council, winner of the National Parenting Publications Gold Award, and recipient of the Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center, this new fourth edition of Grandloving is an upbeat guidebook that will help grandparents grow closer to their grandchildren whether they live next door or a world away.

Grandparents and grandkids go together like peanut butter and jelly. But even great family relationships can benefit from Grandloving's clever ideas and thoughtful advice. In this information-packed new edition, Sue Johnson and Julie Carlson, a dynamic mother-in-law, daughter-in-law team, teach America's nearly 100 million grandparents how to:

  • Have a successful visit with a new grandbaby
  • Create over 200 easy and fun projects and gifts, including yummy-smelling play-dough, photo placemats, and peek-a-boo books, using materials most grandparents have in their homes
  • Adapt ideas from 350 families around the world to make unique family traditions during the holidays - or anytime!
  • Take a coin-flip walk, exchange secret codes, paint with "messless paints", and explore science and outdoors with a grandchild
  • Make "happy Face Pancakes" and other delicious recipes with grandkids
  • Find outstanding resources for grandparents
  • Discover the best books and gifts for grandkids ages baby to teens

    With expertise, warmth, and "been there" humor, Sue and Julie, both former teachers of young children, offer exceptional tips and activities in this comprehensive, up-to-date and colorful fourth edition of Grandloving. Like the original, it is sure to become a treasured sourcebook for grandparents as well as everyone who cares about children, including married and separated parents, day care providers, extended family members and teachers.

    With its lighthearted narrative and no-fail projects, Grandloving helps grandparents and grandchildren make heartfelt memories. It's the only grandparenting book co-authored by a two generational mother-in-law, daughter-in-law team and that also offers such broad input from so many families from all over the world. If you choose to mail or do one activity a week with your grandchild, you'll find enough ideas in Grandloving to last you more than four years! This is one guidebook you will reach for again and again!

    Enter the world of grandparenting where the boundless enthusiasm of grandchildren and the timeless love of grandparents meet...welcome to Grandloving!

    Author Comments:
    It's not every day that you see family members working together, sharing dreams and making them happen. And perhaps it is especially rare when that chemistry is at work between two "in-laws". But we've been blessed with a super relationship and a united goal to help new and experienced grandparents make memorable connections with their grandchildren, whether they live across the world or next door to each other.

    As teachers and moms we know hat works with kids and our enthusiasm and heartfelt ideas inspire grandparents to connect with their grandchildren. There is no greater joy for us than updating a book that has already added happiness to so many families. What began as a book has become our full-fledged mission to support and cheer on grandparents in their essential role.

  • Editorial Reviews

    A Guide to Smart Parenting from Baby to PreteenGrandparents & Kids special issue
    With input from 350 families worldwide, this new 4th edition is updated, comprehensive, fun and easy to read.
    Making memories with your grandchildren is easy with Grandloving.
    Donna Bell
    Grandloving is a thoughtful treasure to give to new grandparents or even to those who have years of grandparenting under their belts. If you are already a grandparent, or are a grandparent-to-be, don't wait for someone to buy it for you; the book will be both a wonderful treat and useful guidebook for you and your grandchildren.
    James A. Cox
    Grandloving offers more than 200 innovative and inexpensive activities for grandparents and their grandchildren that will foster and enhance a close familial bond between the generations. By using these ideas and suggestions grandfathers and grandmothers (and uncles and aunts) can literally make life-long memories that will be cherished. Indeed, Grandloving will inspire the children when they eventually mature into being grandparents themselves one day.
    Midwest Book Review
    Janet Haseley
    Illustrated with how-to drawings, Grandloving also includes the most comprehensive resource section and index we've seen. We highly recommend it!
    Creative Grandparenting Newsletter
    Jo-An Holstein
    Grandloving is especially helpful. From suggestions on items to take along when visiting grandchildren to activities that can be mailed or done while grandchildren are visiting, the book offers fun tricks and little ideas.
    Arizona Republic
    Karen Heinz
    It's not every day that you see family members working together, sharing dreams and making them happen. This new book has been designed to bridge the generations by offering more than 200 innovative and inexpensive activity ideas and insights to preserve memories and encourage intergenerational sharing. Grandloving offers suggestions for creating meaningful, heartfelt relationships between parents, grandparents and grandchildren.
    Marcia Todd
    Boy, grandparents everywhere will have a ball with Grandloving! Only 10 pages into the book and I was 'hooked.' This is a fun, down-to-earth collection of easy, inexpensive ways to show your grandchildren how much you love them. This would make a great gift for grandparents - or buy one for yourself, Grandma!
    Farm and Dairy
    Mary Paschall Darby
    Anyone who thinks mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law cannot work together has not read Grandloving. Sue Johnson and her daughter-in-law Julie Carlson, both early childhood educators, have written an extremely helpful book for enriching relationships between children and their grandparents. You will want to keep this book handy for quick reference when your 'grands' visit you or when you visit them.
    Mature Living
    Northwest Senior News
    Mailbox grandparenting fills a chapter with more than 75 ideas!
    For grandparents attending baby showers, Grandloving makes a great gift! Experience the power and magic of the grandparent-grandchild relationship
    Pediatric Nursing
    An excellent resource that would make a wonderful gift for new grandparents.

    Senior Times
    Sue Johnson and Julie Carlson have tackled the task of strengthening the bonds between grandparents and grandchildren.
    The News-Review Senior Times
    Grandloving is the grandparenting bible. A wise grandma would put it next to her shopworn copy of Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care.
    Wendy Tayler Carroll
    Johnson and Carlson have written a peppy, upbeat blueprint to building a good grandparent-parent-grandchild relationship from both near and far.
    Central California Parent
    Children's Literature - Sheilah Egan
    The authors have collected excellent, concrete advice for grandparents as well as lots of games and activities to enjoy with grandchildren of all ages. Grandparenting has evolved through the last few decades. Now many grandparents are physically fit and much more involved in the lives of their grandchildren than was the norm of past generations. This book will serve well to help parents make the transition to becoming grandparents. Chapter headings include: "The Postpartum Visit" (do not show up unannounced—communication and consideration is of the utmost importance), "Love Across the Miles" (phone calls, little things in the mail, books shared on tape and video, e-mail, and YES, faxes—send notes and drawings back and forth!), "When the Grandchild Comes to Visit," "Visiting Your Grandchild" (learn the rules of their household—bedtime is not the time for wild games), "Heartfelt Holidays and Family Traditions," "More Mailbox Treasures" (these ideas would work for traveling parents as well), "Caring for Your Grandchildren and Helpful Resources" (local maps to the doctor's office, preschool, library, etc. are invaluable), "Looking Ahead: Tweens, Teens, and Beyond" (some grandparents are better with babies and some enjoy older children more but all should keep the connections close so that families do not drift apart as the young ones grow up). The bibliography of books to share with grandchildren is a real treasure and includes lots of different kinds of resources from a wide variety of experts such as T. Berry Brazelton and Ellen Galinsky. Full of wonderful ways to exhibit unconditional love, this title will be an excellent resource for grandparents in allsituations—near, far, or even "adopted." It is all about the love, the most valuable gift of all.
    Now in a revised and expanded second edition, Grandloving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren is more effective than ever as a compendium of tips, ideas and suggestions for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren. More than two hundred fun and easy activities drawn from 350 families are presented along with sound advice, helpful suggestions, and inexpensive dotogether projects. Whether it something special for family holidays and celebrations, or just a rainyday or weekend visit pastime, Grandloving will have everything you need to plan and implement a truly memory making event. Enthusiastically recommended for grandparents of any age or circumstance, Grandloving's engaging, "reader friendly" text is enhanced with reminders about child development, an extensive list of resources, helpful logos, and an easytouse index.

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    What People are saying about this

    Arthur Kornhaber
    A peppy, upbeat, easy-to-read sourcebook for making memories with your grandchildren.
    — (Arthur Kornhaber, M.D., author of Contemporary Grandparenting and Grandparent Power)
    Meg Schriever
    After reading some of your activity ideas, I know on my next visit I will make a hit with the grandchildren. Thank you very much for keeping us grandparents in synch with today's generation. I have your web site in my 'favorites' so I can go to it frequently.
    — (Meg Schriever, grandmother from Marion, IA)
    Steven Trimble
    Every grandparent yearning for closeness will find thoughtful, enthusiastic assistance in Grandloving.
    — (Steven Trimble, author of The Geography of Childhood: Why Children Need Wild Places)
    Marie Voss
    Our childbirth educators are delighted to be able to recommend Grandloving to the new parents and grandparents in their classes.
    — (Marie Voss, Hospital Administrator from Rochester, NY)
    Carol Shaffer
    A good book with lots of great ideas for grandparents. "Grandloving covers the gamut when it come to finding fun things to do with children. Because my new grandson is 800 miles away, I especially liked all of the long-distance grandparenting ideas. I would recommend it to anyone, mothers and fathers as well as grandparents."
    Suzette Haden Elgin
    Grandloving will get you through a weekend�it'll get you through a lifetime!
    — (Suzette Haden Elgin, author of The Grandmother Principles)
    Joan Callander
    Grandloving gives us the tools to share the gifts of love and laughter with our grandchildren...bonding forever two generations through memories of the heart.
    — (Joan Callander, author of Second Time Around: Help for Grandparents Who Raise Their Children's Kids)
    Clarice Orr
    Lucky are the little ones whose grammas and grandpas have this handbook that is so full of good, simple ideas.
    — (Clarice Orr, author of The Joy of Grandparenting)
    Frances Weaver
    The more we can do to express our love, the better off we all are. Grandloving is a delightful book filled with caring and thoughtful ways to strengthen family relationships.
    — (Frances Weaver, author of The Girls with the Grandmother Faces and I'm Not as Old as I Used to Be)
    D. J. McQuade-Lancaster
    What a fantastic collection of activities—it's a splendid book!
    — (D.J. McQuade-Lancaster, Coordinator of National Grandparents' Day)
    Eda LeShan
    The Second Edition of this outstanding sourcebook offers wonderful ways to fulfill a child's need for unconditional love.
    — (Eda LeShan, author of Grandparents in a Changing World)
    Jean Whiting
    Grandloving is really a treasure, a great book—humorous, heartwarming, as well as informative.
    — (Jean Whiting, librarian and grandma from Ramsey, NJ)
    Mary Jane Beeg
    Grandloving is a book that helps its readers relate in very personal ways to the wonderful new babies and children in their lives. It can be used by anyone who has young people in their care including daycare providers, babysitters, and religious school teachers. I am ordering 10 copies for my family and friends who are new or expectant grandparents.
    — (Mary Jane Beeg, grandma and librarian from Webster, NY)
    Linda Berry-Pain
    Thank you for all your hard work in creating this wonderful tool. Your mission of encouraging, supporting and celebrating families couldn't come at a more appropriate time.
    — (Linda Berry-Pain, grandmother from Littleton, CO)
    Bil Keane
    As a loving grandfather and a cartoon creator who has never grown up, let me say Grandloving is a true treasury for every age!
    — (Bil Keane, creator of The Family Circus)
    Lillian Carson
    Grandloving answers the question 'What shall we do?' and helps grandparents fulfill their essential role with creativity.
    — (Dr. Lillian Carson, author of The Essential Grandparent and The Essential Grandparents' Guide to Divorce)
    Jacquie Sonkin
    What a great gift you've given to grandparents!
    — (Jacquie Sonkin, grandmother from Penfield, NY)

    Meet the Author

    Sue Johnson has contributed numerous articles for quilting and craft magazines, including Crafts, Quilt World, and Threads. Her work has also appeared in The Crazy Quilt Handbook and The Fiberworks Sourcebook. She is currently the CEO of Gramma Graphics. She lives in Lancaster, Virginia. Julie Carlson is an editor and ghost writer for the university presses at Harvard and Yale where she has edited many books including the Pulitzer prize-winning A Nation Under Our Feet and The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn. She lives in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Ann Ruethling is the coauthor of Under the Chinaberry Tree and the founder and CEO of Chinaberry Books. She lives in Spring Valley, California.

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