Grandpa's Monster Movies (Deadtime Stories Series #6)
  • Grandpa's Monster Movies (Deadtime Stories Series #6)
  • Grandpa's Monster Movies (Deadtime Stories Series #6)

Grandpa's Monster Movies (Deadtime Stories Series #6)

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by Annette Cascone, Gina Cascone

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The Deadtime Stories by “Twisted Sisters” Annette and Gina Cascone—they’ll scare you silly and give you giggles at the same time.

C. T. and his cousin Lea are staying at their grandparents’ old farmhouse. It’s Grandpa’s seventieth birthday, and everyone’s celebrating with a big family reunion. All the weird

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The Deadtime Stories by “Twisted Sisters” Annette and Gina Cascone—they’ll scare you silly and give you giggles at the same time.

C. T. and his cousin Lea are staying at their grandparents’ old farmhouse. It’s Grandpa’s seventieth birthday, and everyone’s celebrating with a big family reunion. All the weird relatives are here, and all they seem to want to talk about are “the good old days.”

C. T. and Lea think “the good old days” are pretty boring—until they find some home movies hidden away in the attic, movies from when their grandfather was just a boy. The home movies give them a piece of family history that the relatives never talked about. It seems that horses, cows, pigs, and chickens aren’t the only creatures Grandpa’s been taking care of on the farm.

C. T. and Lea discover there’s a monster among them—and this creature is dying to eat a lot more than the birthday cake!

Hill & Brand Entertainment has inked a deal with Cookie Jar Entertainment to distribute (worldwide) the first season of 26 half-hour, live-action episodes based on the Deadtime Stories books. “Grave Secrets” will serve as the pilot episode(s). Cookie Jar distributes over 6,000 episodes of kid’s television programming around the world and serves as a worldwide merchandising agent for the properties. Previously, they were the producers (together with Nickelodeon) and distributors of the very successful Nick show “Are You Afraid of the Dark.”

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Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Myrna Dee Marler
Poor C.T. and Lea Rose are cousins trapped at a family reunion with their country cousins who do not speak English well and eat foods like ferret fricassee. They are forever trying to hide from these disgusting bumpkins and in doing so, they discover that their Uncle Ernie, who has been hit by lightning sixteen times and has issues, is keeping a monster on the farm, a monster who cannot be killed and who eats everything in its path. The monster is set loose by the obnoxious cousins, of course, and it is up to C.T. and Lea Rose to save the day. This story does not have a happy ending nor a reassuring wink that it is all just in fun. It might be too scary for some members of its target audience. Further, C.T. and Lea Rose come off as little city snobs who abhor their cousins for no other reason than that they are different. Still, some readers who are into the kiddie horror genre might appreciate this meant-to-be-humorous little novel, but it is, creepy, and its value is debatable. Reviewer: Myrna Dee Marler
From the Publisher

“These titles are shivery fun.” —School Library Journal

“The flowing story line and relatable characters and plot…pack a sweet and sour punch [for] readers who have come to delight in mild horror.” —VOYA

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Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date:
Deadtime Stories Series, #6
Edition description:
First Edition
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Product dimensions:
5.89(w) x 8.63(h) x 0.77(d)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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Catan Thomas was lost—hopelessly lost.

Worse than that, he was being hunted.

He thought he was well hidden. But then, so were his hunters.

They might be anywhere, Catan Thomas thought. They might be just a few feet away right now!

There was no way for him to know. He couldn’t see more than a foot in any direction, because he was deep inside a cornfield, surrounded by stalks that towered high above his head.

It had seemed like the perfect place to hide. But now he wasn’t so sure. Now he felt swallowed up by the field.

The cornstalks stood so close together that Catan Thomas could barely move between them. Still he kept going, hoping that eventually he would make it to safety.

He tried to be quiet. But he couldn’t avoid rustling the leaves of the plants as he passed by them.

He was aware of every sound he made. In a way, that made him feel safe. He figured that if he couldn’t move through the cornfield without making noise, neither could anyone else. No one would be able to catch him off guard.

Unless they were sitting quietly, waiting!

That thought stopped Catan Thomas dead in his tracks.

Now what? he thought.

Before he could decide, he heard a sudden rustle and was grabbed from behind.

“Aaaggghhh!” he screamed.

A hand closed over his mouth.

“Shut up,” a voice commanded.

He did as he was told.

“It’s just me, C.T.,” the voice whispered in his ear.

It took him a moment to realize that the voice belonged to his cousin, Lea Rose.

“They almost got me,” she told him as she removed her hand from his mouth.

“How did you get away?” he asked.

“I ran!” she said as if he were stupid. “I don’t know if they followed me, but I don’t think we should stay here. We’ve got to keep moving!”

“Yeah,” C.T. agreed. “But which way?”

Lea Rose shrugged hopelessly.

“This is a nightmare,” C.T. said. “We’re being stalked in a cornfield.”

“By a bunch of hillbillies,” Lea Rose added.

“The worst part is that we’re actually related to those hillbillies.” C.T. groaned.

“They’re distant cousins,” Lea Rose reminded him.

“Not distant enough,” C.T.complained. “I wish I’d never met these people. I’m never coming to another family reunion as long as I live.”

“I know what you mean,” Lea Rose agreed. “I can’t believe we have to spend another two whole days here in Bumbleweed. I don’t know how Grandma and Grandpa can stand to live out here in the middle of nowhere. They don’t even have cable. Who lives without cable?” Lea Rose shook her head in disbelief.

“For real,” C.T. agreed. “And forget about trying to use your cell phone out here. It’s impossible. I can’t believe your mom and my dad grew up on this farm, too.”

Lea’s mom and C.T.’s dad were Grandma and Grandpa’s children. They were the normal side of the family. The problem was that Grandpa had two brothers—Ernie and Earl—who weren’t very normal at all.

Ernie was the youngest brother. He’d been struck by lightning—sixteen different times. It was amazing that Ernie had even survived. But aside from lightning bolt number two, which left Uncle Ernie with a “hair condition,” and lightning bolt number nine, which gave him a “kick,” Uncle Ernie claimed to be fine. Still, the rest of the family was quite clear on the fact that Uncle Ernie had sixteen holes in his head.

But Uncle Ernie wasn’t nearly as big a problem as Earl, Grandpa’s middle brother, because Uncle Ernie wasn’t married. He lived with Grandma and Grandpa in their gigantic old farmhouse. And he didn’t have any kids.

Uncle Earl, the “raving maniac,” was married. He and his wife, Luleen, had lots of kids, and lots of grandchildren—C.T. and Lea’s distant cousins. Cousins that C.T. and Lea were forced to be nice to.

That was the real problem. Because the cousins were a real scary bunch.

“We don’t have time to stand around talking,” Lea said. “We’ve got to find our way back to the house before those freaks catch up to us.”

She shoved C.T. to get him moving.

But C.T. stood frozen right where he was.

“Listen,” he whispered to Lea.

They heard the rustle of cornstalks.

Someone was headed toward them, but C.T. couldn’t figure out from which direction. They had to know that before they started running. C.T. wanted to make sure they were running away from the drooling stalkers and not toward them.

Lea pointed to the right.

C.T. listened for another moment and decided she was right. He grabbed her hand and started running to the left.

But as they ran, whoever was chasing them began moving more quickly.

C.T. heard stalks cracking and pulled Lea along even faster. But he knew they weren’t going to get away this time.

Their pursuer was gaining on them with lightning speed.

C.T. looked back over his shoulder.

Less than ten feet behind them, he saw the cornstalks part as they broke and fell.

But nobody was there.

It was as if an invisible force was causing the damage.

“What’s going on?” C.T. cried as he kept running.

The cornstalks behind them continued to snap and fall. Whatever was chasing them was about to overtake them.

It was only about six feet away when C.T. finally saw what was after them. It was like nothing he’d ever seen in his life. And it definitely wasn’t one of his cousins!


Copyright © 2012 by Annette Cascone and Gina Cascone

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Meet the Author

"Twisted Sisters" ANNETTE and GINA CASCONE have written more than twenty-eight books and the script for two movies, including the successful Deadtime Stories, which are being filmed as a live-action feature series. The sisters live in Central New Jersey.

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