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Grape-A-Hol: How Big Business is Subverting Artisan Winemaking and the Future of Fine Wine

Grape-A-Hol: How Big Business is Subverting Artisan Winemaking and the Future of Fine Wine

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by Michael F. Spratt

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The world is awash with wine - nearly 30 billion liters are produced every year. But how much is truly fine wine? Vastly less than what is claimed to be. By coining the term "Grape-a-hol" and defining it as "an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice and passed off as a substitute for fine wine," this book exposes the questionable practices of big business


The world is awash with wine - nearly 30 billion liters are produced every year. But how much is truly fine wine? Vastly less than what is claimed to be. By coining the term "Grape-a-hol" and defining it as "an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice and passed off as a substitute for fine wine," this book exposes the questionable practices of big business and the regulatory myopia of governments that are subverting artisan wine making, altering consumer tastes, and sabotaging the future of fine wine. Industry insiders themselves, the authors draw on their intimate knowledge of both the U.S. and New Zealand wine industries to reveal how the line between fine wine and bulk wine has become dangerously blurred. But it is not too late. Grape-a-hol is a rallying cry to everyone who believes it is only art - not economics - that can create truly fine wine.

Survival of the fittest, as Charles Darwin pointed out, does not mean survival of the best - just those who are most able to adapt to a changing environment. In the wine industry, corporate producers of Grape-a-hol are the best equipped with capital resources to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and indeed can actually alter the business environment themselves through their influence on policy-makers. Big business is altering wine industry economics and, in the process, is undermining a 6,000-year-old craft.

The authors argue that authenticity, integrity, and responsibility are the pillars of true artisan winegrowing and the last line of defense against the rising tide of Grape-a-hol. The fate of artisan winemaking rests with a larger group than the thousands of small producers who practice this ancient craft, however. A large network of influential interests wields considerable power over the industry, comprised of:

* The corporate producers who consider wine to be nothing more than a vehicle for profit making.
* The taxing authorities who are motivated to increase government revenue while simultaneously preaching economic growth and drinking in moderation.
* The critics, wine writers, and promoters who devote time to rating mass-market wines better scored by a system similar to that used for grading meat.
* The large chain retailers who treat wine as a loss leading inducement for filling grocery carts.
* The distributors, arbitrageurs, brokers, and agents who, without remorse, willingly cannibalize a region, variety, or brand simply to make quick cash.

If the Grape-a-hol trend continues unabated, in the not-too-distant future the only people who will be able to produce or acquire fine artisan wines will be the very wealthy. The rest of us will have nothing more than the illusion of choice as we are engulfed in an ever-rising ocean of pseudo-fine wine.

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Grape-A-Hol: How Big Business is Subverting Artisan Winemaking and the Future of Fine Wine 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 44 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoy roleplaying a lot. In real life, I don't have a lot of friends so I do rping instead. If you shut it down I will be miserable for lfe. I think you guys would be pretty mean to shut it down just because you guys think your supreior adults. So just let us be. Kids just wanna have fun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hi guys. Listen...I was trying to find out about a book today. And there was rping in the reviews. And it WAS kind of annoying. You know I love rping, but let's try to be more considerate. Not traitorously yours, SeaShanty xxx
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We will not shut it down. However, no dirty words or innappropriate content will be accepted. If these simple rules are not obeyed, we will reevaluate the removal of Role Playing. Do not ruin it for your friends. Use it for what you have been telling us you use it for. From BN
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rhis is wht i do whn im bored thos i have a computor most rp sites are really dumb this is easyer for us anyone ageist needs to deal with he fact that this makes us happy u think it ad beacuse if the s*x not all of us do that why wound we do that we love rp please ont hut it down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dont buy anything from them and tell everyone u know there heartless and keep protesting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please dont shut it down! Some of us dont start school and we need riends to get us through it. Do not shut it down.m.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dont shut down rp it would be like suting down friends people need rp And if you shut rping down ur going to lose lots and lots of money from everyone. Leave rpers alone we love what we do and we try to have fun doing it. RP FOREVER RP FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -A loyal hurricaneclan worrior
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Some people are right. We as kids aren't kids for that long. We are expanding our imangtions. Some of us don't even rp! You know the purpsoe we got these Nooks Kindles what ever was so we could read! If you don't let us read and block us from doing that. you will lose money weather you like it or not. You'll probabky be sued to for bloxking us from reading. So lets us read nd chat enless you can come up with a cool chat place where you can have people and cat and animals and stuff and where we can choose what we want to say! where we have to type what we want. Let us have this freedom or we will go to amazon and you will loose money and custormers. So leave us be!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~very very very irrtated custormer. Just leave us aoone amd do you own buisness with out us !!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If u shut us down its ur lose IN $$MONEY$$!!!!!!!!! And if u dont like our rping deal with it if u shut us down ur loseing like a millone dollars pluse its FUUUUUNNN to rp and this is a puplic place were not hurting annyone not saying bad things we have rights we can if we want and at least it has to do with a book i mean seriously and for all u anti rpers out there get over it there just posts its not the end of the world!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Many rps and reviews were deleted in warriors and other books and only ones from August 2nd and later are seen. This is only in certain Warriors books though. Not all of them. But i didnt check today so... And my clan is gone. But idc cause I got other cats xD -Throttlepaw an others ... OH YA WE WON!!! PARRRTTTYYYY
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That person saying he's a moderator is just a jerk trying to cause paranoia.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't go on the internet!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I agree with Icetail
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please dont shut down the rping! Im really enjoying doing this stuff & im trying to stay away from bad rps. Please allow us to continue oing what we like. Dont shut us down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I first started RPing, my parents were fighting, my older sister was in Iraq fighting, and I had just moved to a different state. I was depressed, and was seriously thinking about running away and/or commiting sui.cide. Then I met tons of new people. NICE people. People who listened to me about my problems and understood them, not like those phony child phyciatrists or whatever. I had fun for the first time in a long time. Now, my older sister is in Virginia, and my parents are still fighting, but now I have friends. Friends from all over the country. I BEG of you, PLEASE do not end Role Playing. You would let down RPers and I am sure that there will be an increase in depression and sui.cide. Thank you for reading. I hope I, and the rest of these people, will change your mind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Proud to be eastern timezone
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rp is all i have my father doesnt care for me my mothers dead an so is the rest of my family . I live in a boys home that i was sent to after my sister and i were seperated . If you get rid of rp i would be more than happy to protest against b&n and make sure that every nook bought is put back in your stores and you would be out of money . When ya'll put that lag on us i was seperated from the one person that understands me . Thats taking away our rights i will be sure to right a letter to Barack Obama and tell him that ya'll are taking away our rights as Americans . Maybe i will think twice before i buy another b&n product . We have life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness on our side . I will contact a very high authority in the U.S. government to shut you down . Kids need to be kids and we need to express ourselves especially those of us in high school . Thats all im going to say . Thank you stay strong america
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please dont stop rp. I do have a life but i love to use my imagination. People on here need rp lfe to survive. I have anger problems in re life. I also have a problem with food. And this distracts me from my anger so i dont destry my house. And it helps me stop eating anything sweet i can find. Ever since i REALLY got into rp ive had none of those problems. So pease keep rp. This makes me happy. Right know im crying with happiness. Seriously because i love this place. Without it id be a mess. For me i dont care what anyone else thinks. This helped me get over my grandfathers death. This helped me get over my dads problems and his jail time. It gets out the stress i have when im lonley and sad. Please keep the rp. I dont know what id do without it. Id have part of me washed away. I hope you consider this. P. S. The only people you should be banning are the people who ar having nook $**. So consider this. Gingerstar and other cats in various clans.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Barnes & Noble, please let RolePlaying stay. I know people ARE doing bad things, called "sexting" and "Nook sex", and sure, that stuff is bad. Shut down those people. I was once a person that did that stuff. But I walked out of it. I said to myself: "Think about what this could do to you. You could get in trouble for this stuff. This stuff might even keep you from getting in a good college! Stop this stuff, and walk away." So shut down that kind of stuff! But let RolePlaying stay! Think about this stuff. These are the benefits of RolePlaing: 1. I would someday like to become an author. RolePlaying is good practice for me, and other people who have the same dream as me. 2. We never give away ANY of our Real-Life (rl) personal information. We make up our RolePlay appearances and names. 3. RolePlaying is a good way to let yourself be happy. I once had an identical twin sister. But she died when we were little, around the age of 2. Somedays I have a breakdown and say I wish she never died. I have also never met my real, biological dad. He left my mom when she told him she was pregnant. I also cry about that, too. RolePlaying helps me keep my mind off them. It helps me calm down. Other kids and adults who RolePlay might feel the same way. 4. RolePlaying helps kids (and adults) express theirselves. If someone was sad, they could go RolePlay to help get their sadness out. Then people would be happier. 5. RolePlaying helps kids with their creativity. They could write an idea down to help them remember things. RolePlaying could also help young adults remember their childhood. 6. Believe it or not, RolePlaying helps kids and teens with their schoolwork. You may be thinking, "What? They use their studying time to RolePlay!" right now, but other kids and teens who RolePlay could help another person learn things, like math, science, social studies, and other languages. When I first started RolePlaying, I had increased my grades. Some people may feel that way too. So please take a minute or two to consider all these requests and judgments, and listen to us plead and beg to keep RolePlaying. Remember, RolePlaying can help peoples lives, making them happier and healthier. Please keep RolePlaying! ~Anonymous RolePlayer
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Please don't ban roleplaying on the Nook! Aegyo face: m(*_*;)m
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is 10:13 in maryland. We have separate time zones.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rp is a way that ppl can express themselves in ways they cant in real life. Rp is where they can be someon they want to be. In rp u get lost from the real life and live the one in rp. Let us rp. We should be able to express our selves.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"I am quitting rp once and for all. Please do not lock me out, I am quitting. I am not just quittig because there's a risk that I won't be able to read anymore, but because my family doesn't like what I do and they say it's unhealthy. Please don't lock me out and I will leave it all alone." ~Whitestar, Spiritkit, Heartsky, and Striker