Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Algorithms and Applications

Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Algorithms and Applications

by Yousef Alavi, J. Q. Liu

ISBN-10: 9810218559

ISBN-13: 9789810218553

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Super Line Graphs and Their Properties1
On Gallai-Type Min-Max Inequalities7
The Total Colouring of Some Graphs17
Clique Partitions of Split Graphs21
Half Essentially Disconnected Coronoids31
Further Results on Minimal Broadcast Networks47
Jackson's Conjecture on Eulerian Subgraphs53
Lower Bound of Long Cycles of 1-Tough Graphs with Large Degree Sums59
Existence of Spanning Eulerian Subgraphs in Triangle-Free Graphs61
Complete Mappings of Linear Groups69
Automorphism Groups of Cayley Digraphs77
Chromatic Index of Critical Graphs of Order 1183
Current Results and Problems on Factors of Graphs93
Shedding Some Light on Shadows99
Critical Sets and Critical Partial Latin Squares111
Multipartite Tournaments having Exactly Four 4-Kings125
Bandwidth for Graphs with Vertices Merged137
On Edge-Hamiltonian Property of Cayley Graphs147
Hamilton Property on 2-Order Neighbour Connected Claw-Free Graphs151
Long Cycles in 1-Tough Graphs of Even Order161
On Hamiltonian Line Graphs177
A Sufficient Condition for 1-Tough Graphs to be Hamiltonian183
The Connectivity of Path Graphs187
On k-Critically h-Edge-Connected Graphs193
Pancyclicity in Hamiltonian Line Graphs205
A Kind of Infinite Sequence of Graceful Graph [actual symbol not reproducible]215
Two Dimensional Bandwidth Problem223
The Neighborhood Condition for Pancyclic Graphs233
The Relation between the Total Chromatic Number and the Cycle Rank of a Graph241
Formulas on the Number of Spanning Trees247
Distance, Neighborhood Unions and Hamiltonian Properties in Graphs255
Some New Theorems on Hasratian-Khachatrian's Condition for Hamiltonian Properties269
Minimum 3-cut of a Planar Graph in O(n[superscript 4]) Time275
Pancyclism in some K[subscript 1,3]-Free Graphs281
Some Results for Cycle Covers of Graphs287
On the Connectivity of Cayley Digraphs295
Connectivities of Cartesian Products of Graphs301
On the Chromatic Coefficients of a Graph and Chromatic Uniqueness of Certain n-Partition Graphs307
Long Dominating Paths in Graphs317
On Some Properties of Contraction-Critical Graphs329
The Independent Subsets' Neighborhood and Minimum Degrees of k-Covered and k-Deleted Graphs339
On Harmoniousness and Complete Mappings Decomposable into Disjoint Cycles of the Same Length347
On Arithmetic Numbering of Cycles355
Some Results on Arboricity Parameters of the Nordhaus-Gaddum Class363
Hamiltonian Cycles in 2-Connected Graphs373
Combinatorial Invariance of Kempe Sets389
Pancyclic Line Graphs399
Isomorphic Factorization of Tensor Product of Cycles405
Some Theorems on (g,f)-Factorizations of Graphs411
On the Gracefulness of the Union of Two Stars and Three Stars417
On the Gracefulness of Product Graph C[subscript 4n+2] x P[subscript 4m+3]425
Interpolation Theorems for the f-Chromatic Index of Multigraphs433
Characteristics of Some Coefficients of Chromatic Polynomials439
On the Maximum Number of Edges in a Graph in which No Two Cycles have the Same Length447

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