by Susan Ashley

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Children's Literature
Grasshoppers are travelers. "A grasshopper can jump twenty times its length!" In this terrific book about grasshoppers, children will learn some key facts like the ones above and observe stunning photographs of this insect. The close-up, full-color photos draw young readers into the book. Although most grasshoppers are the same color as the grass, the photos here show one that has blue, orange and yellow markings and one with red, yellow and black markings. The text supports the amazing photography. There are pictures of nymphs, which is what grasshoppers are called after they hatch from eggs. These nymphs molt five or six times before becoming adults. This title, which is one in the publisher's series, "Let's Read About Insects," captures the sense of wonder children often have about the natural world. The series is designed for emergent readers. There are two or three sentences in large, bold text on each page spread. A photo illustrating the text is found on the opposite page. There is a glossary, an index, and list of sources for additional information. Early elementary school and preschool libraries should stock this series. It is also highly recommended for children's home libraries. 2004, Weekly Reader Early Learning Library, Ages 3 to 7.
—Jeanne K. Pettenati, J.D.

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Gareth Stevens Publishing
Publication date:
Weekly Reader Early Learning Library
Product dimensions:
7.00(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
6 - 8 Years

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