Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems, 1970-2005 / Edition 1

Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems, 1970-2005 / Edition 1

by Alice Notley

Selected poems from a visionary feminist poet.See more details below


Selected poems from a visionary feminist poet.

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Wesleyan University Press
Publication date:
Wesleyan Poetry Series
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7.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

"2/? Saturday"1
Friday midnight exactly2
Cold poem3
I hope I'm not here next year4
From 165 meeting house lane : 15
From 165 meeting house lane : 45
From 165 meeting house lane : 156
From 165 meeting house lane : 227
Dear dark continent8
Incidentals in the day world9
Your dailiness19
But he says I misunderstood24
From songs for the unborn second baby : from I26
"Alice ordered me to be made"33
The virtue of uncreatedness37
Endless day39
30th birthday42
How spring comes52
Little Egypt57
A California girlhood60
Poem ("St. Mark's place caught at night in hot summer")63
When I was alive64
After Tsang Chih65
The goddess who created this passing world67
"If she says that she's the goddess fortune"68
The world, all that live & all that occur69
Bus stop70
Jack would speak through the imperfect medium of Alice71
The locket73
September's book75
A true account of talking to Judy Holiday, October 1391
Poem ("you hear that heroic big land music?")93
The prophet94
Desert for all of music to take place106
Untitled ("clouds, big ones oh it's")114
Flowers of the foothills & mountain valleys114
World's bliss115
Waltzing Matilda116
Untitled ("all my life")135
White evening primrose140
Memorial day140
Margaret and dusty141
La Mort142
Congratulating wedge142
The ten best issues of comic books148
So much149
Poem ("why do I want to tell it")150
It would151
Weekend weather152
At night the states153
"Corpus Sagrada"163
"In this paradise"164
I the people171
"In the dark I"173
"More important than having been born is your city"173
"Beginning with a stain, as the universe did perhaps"174
"I will never not make a sound not have made a sound"175
"Some people refuse to remember, & I"176
"Against all agony a bunch of flowers in the chest"178
"Born in beauty born a loved one, before history"178
"They say something ruinous & tragic happened soon after"179
"Speaking firstly forever"181
'You haven't saved me any time'184
'What does she think?'185
Homer's art186
Mother mask186
White phosphorus190
"One day, I awoke" "& found myself on"199
"There was a woman" "in a station"199
"We couldn't find" "our fathers - "200
"A mother" "& child"201
"'When I was born," "I was born now"202
"I once" "found an exit"203
"A car" "awash with blood"204
"I stood again" "on the platform"205
"'It's time to go,' he said" "'go where?'"206
"As I stared down" "into the black lake"206
"The horizontal" "black void"206
"Talons tore me," "tore my flesh"208
"When I awoke I" "was in darkness"209
"'We will be silent" "& wait'"211
"I looked into the light" "directly"211
"I have to ... talk to you. I have to tell you ..."213
"I sit mute nothing mutely"213
"They gave me, it seemed to me, an initiation"214
"Why do we make"215
"When I say to you - I, almost, transfer a shape"216
"In eternity there is no story"217
"I'm ... interested in, what of me there is ... here"218
"I'm going to tell you ... a story"219
"I don't have to"219
"'I dream,' says dead desert Desnos"222
"'See this piece of amber?' Amere says to brother"224
"Desnos says, 'I dream I don't die"225
[From desert poems] : I227
[From desert poems] : II229
[From desert poems] : III230
Would want to be in my wildlife232
One of the longest times233
As good as anything234
Choosing styles - 1972237
I must have called and so he comes239
The trouble with you girls240
Hematite Heirloom lives on (maybe December 1980)242
Sept 17/Aug 29, '88248
Lady poverty253
Help me corpus sagrada259
The islanders remember that there are no women and no men263
Red fish266
Enuma Elish270
Amid these words I can know275
Parable of Christian276
Moses and the burning bush280
Jone Jonah283
Grave of light289
Where leftover misery goes292
Radical feminist317
Beloved Earth restrain them318
And who is crying324
From in the pines : 14332
"There was power in that room : I saw"337
"The ghoul-girl : there was one to care for"337
"What she reports against you isn't"338
"The city I founded I will found again"339
"What were you doing when I thought you were dead"339
"If you meet me here I was lady"340
"Walking away turns to look over shoulder"341
"Black sequins compression"342
"I stand here in whose eyes"342
"Woman with antlers, deer-headed antlered woman"343
"If there's change you put it into this sculpture's slot"344
"Justice may appear in the"345
"No world is intact"347

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