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Great American Sex Diet: Where the Only Thing You Nibble on. . . Is Your Partner!

Great American Sex Diet: Where the Only Thing You Nibble on. . . Is Your Partner!

by Laura Corn

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The Great American Sex Diet will take you on a thrilling twenty-eight-day journey to new heights of intimacy, sensuality, and excitement!

Bestselling author Laura Corn has helped millions of couples revitalize their relationships with her world-famous recipe: Anticipation + Variety = Great Sex. Now, in The Great American Sex Diet, Laura adds a


The Great American Sex Diet will take you on a thrilling twenty-eight-day journey to new heights of intimacy, sensuality, and excitement!

Bestselling author Laura Corn has helped millions of couples revitalize their relationships with her world-famous recipe: Anticipation + Variety = Great Sex. Now, in The Great American Sex Diet, Laura adds a powerful new ingredient based on a discovery that grew out of a personal crisis in her life. Its effect was truly miraculous. In fact, it saved her relationship. But would it work for others?

To find out, Laura invited thirty-eight couples to test her new recipe. They came from all across America and all walks of life — twentysomethings to sixtysomethings, with children and without. Some were perfectly happy and looking for a way to spice things up, some yearned for the passion they once felt for one another, others were stressed out or had little or no desire for sex, and a few were even on the verge of breaking up. Most confessed that sex was now infrequent and predictable, but they all had this in common: They wanted to make things better.

For twenty-eight amazing, eye-opening days, they explored the sealed pages in this book and followed Laura's secret recipes. They seduced each other. They surprised each other. They courted each other. And the sex they had was more incredible, wonderful, and breathtaking than they'd had in years. The results were extraordinary. All the successful couples had proven the truth behind Laura Corn's newest insight. Men and women felt better, they listened more, they treated each other with tenderness and respect. In short, they fell in love all over again.

You'll be inspired by their tales of transformation. And you'll see the results with your own eyes because each intimate story is accompanied by revealing before-and-after portraits that capture the remarkable changes brought on by the diet.

The Great American Sex Diet can work the same magic in your relationship. You get all the tools used by Laura's research team:

  • Two Secret Spice Menus: One For Her Eyes Only and one For His Eyes Only. Each fold-out menu contains more than seventy erotic techniques and ideas, as well as suggestions for ways to combine them into literally thousands of seductions. And because your partner never gets to see your version of the Spice Menu, every sexy treat comes as delicious surprise!
  • Tear-Out Spice Calendars: Designed to create burning sense of anticipation in both of you. You'll be amazed at the sheer erotic rush that comes from knowing you are going to be seduced at a certain date and time! More important, the calendars make it possible to keep your commitment to intimacy, even in the middle of your busy life.
  • Secret Envelopes: Contain Laura's greatest hits, sex diet secrets, anticipation teasers, and extra spices so tantalizing they're sealed in special envelopes!

If you're ready to reclaim love, intimacy, confidence, and sexuality — if you're willing to commit twenty-eight days to the pursuit of renewed passionthen this book is for you.

Your spicy new life can start tonight!

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Chapter One

The Laura Corn Challenge

A couple of years ago, I'd been going through a very rough period in my life and I was feeling extremely stressed. I was under a tight deadline for a TV project and used this preoccupation to let my relationship slide.

The more my boyfriend Jeff tried to comfort and support me, the more I pushed him away. The more I focused on work, the more depressed and listless I felt. I knew I was busy and stressed, but why was I turning away from my best friend and partner?

As always, Jeff was understanding and comforting. But I knew he was frustrated. One of his big frustrations was that we weren't having sex. I was aware of this, too, but there was nothing I could do to motivate myself to want to have sex. Jeff wasn't the problem. He was still the wonderful, sexy guy he'd always been. No, the problem was with me.

It had been two months since Jeff and I had had sex, and I was caught up in a vicious cycle: The more I didn't have sex, the more I didn't want to have sex. Here I was, an author of four bestselling books on sex, and I had become turned off by sex. I had always had low desire, but this was a record — even for me! What was wrong with me?

If I were to be truly, fully honest with myself, I would have to admit that like many women and men, I just stopped having sex. I know I'm not alone in this experience. In more than ten years of talking to thousands of men and women about their sex lives, one of the most astounding lessons I've learned is that, no matter how much inlove they are or how healthy their relationship, they often stop having sex with any frequency. Sound familiar? Anyone you might know?

Why do we stop wanting sex? How does that thrilling fire of passion turn into weak embers? And in my case, what was I going to do about it?

One morning during this dry (pun intended) period of my life, I decided to have sex with Jeff. To be honest, I was feeling sorry for him. It wasn't his fault that I didn't want to have sex. He was still interested in love, romance, and passion. I was the one with the problem. Of course I still loved him deeply, but somehow these feelings weren't translating into me wanting sex. So, finally, I asked myself the question: How bad could it be to lie there and open my legs? Please excuse my crudeness, but I mean, really, wasn't that the least I could do for the man I love?

Although it began with me "going through the motions," I have to admit, once we got started, my body took over and, before I could say "abracadabra," I was into it. What a relief! What a feeling! It was as if floodlights of energy began to awaken my tired, stressed-out body, and my every cell surged with pleasure, reminding me of how great it feels to make love.

Later that day, instead of returning to my former morose, deflated state of mind, I realized I felt better than I had in months. This sudden and immediate change inspired me to make a promise, to Jeff and to myself: For the next week I would have sex with Jeff every day. And that's exactly what I did.

Needless to say, Jeff was thrilled and felt like he was walking on the moon. And me? Well, I just felt better and better with every passing day, energized in my body, relaxed in my mind, and completely in touch with myself at the core of my spirit. What was happening? Was this the power of sex?

On the seventh day, I was standing in line at Gelson's grocery store in Marina Del Rey, California, when a man behind me said, "You are so happy! What are you on?" I guess I must have been smiling. When I turned to look at the man, I didn't hesitate before I said, "I'm on the Great American Sex Diet!" And the whole line broke out in spontaneous applause.

Thus the idea for this book was born. Clearly, its inspiration was very personal. Does sex really make us feel better — in our bodies, our heads, in our relationships? This was the question that I sought to answer. I had remarkable evidence: I knew for certain that I felt better. One week had made me start to think of sex differently.

What I did next was to expand that one week into six months, during which I began to observe myself, Jeff, and our relationship. I was determined to see if the link between having sex regularly and feeling better — both physically and emotionally — was real. In that first week, I had sex every day. For me, knowing the number of times (seven) motivated and inspired me. Instead of feeling buried in why I should or shouldn't have sex, I kept thinking only of having sex seven times. There was something very powerful about the number. Then, over the course of the next six months, I decided to have sex with Jeff more often, as many as three or four times a week.

Immediately I saw results: When Jeff and I were having frequent sex, he became more attentive and passionate. He flirted more, made dinner, created romantic moments that just blew me away by their thoughtfulness. He was simply more affectionate and loving — all without me having to ask. And not only was I happily reciprocating, but I was also on a high. My body trembled with energy and desire. This was not just sexual desire; it was more than that. The sexual energy between Jeff and me spread like wildfire throughout my body...

Meet the Author

Laura Corn is the author of several bestselling books, with more than two million copies in print. They include The Great American Sex Diet, 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex, 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance, 52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex, 101 Grrreat Quickies, and 237 Intimate Questions Every Woman Should Ask a Man. She has counseled thousands of people about the very personal matters featured in her books and has shared her knowledge with millions through her frequent radio and television appearances.

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