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Great American Vegetarian: Traditional and Regional Recipes for the Enlightened Cook

Great American Vegetarian: Traditional and Regional Recipes for the Enlightened Cook

by Nava Atlas, Atlas Nava
A classic cookbook and staple for vegetarians everywhere.


A classic cookbook and staple for vegetarians everywhere.

Editorial Reviews

In a country whose cuisine is as regionally diverse as America's, it's no surprise that vegetarian cooking across the U.S.A. can mean anything from a Creole Eggplant Soufflé to Corn-Stuffed Peppers to Boston Cranberry Pie. Great American Vegetarian Cookbook has collected more than 500 recipes like these that reflect every region of the country, including New England, the South, Pennsylvania Dutch country, the Southwest, and the "heartland" of the Midwest.
Library Journal
Great American Vegetarian is the revised edition of Atlas's American Harvest (1987). In the decade since, many more fresh fruits and vegetables and once-exotic ingredients have become available. Atlas has revised her text to reflect the expanding marketplace, and she has also added more than 50 new recipes. With the ever-increasing interest in vegetarian cooking, most libraries could use Atlas's updated collection of regional specialties. Giobbi and Wolff's first edition of Eat Right, Eat Well (1985), something of a groundbreaker at the time, was widely praised. The authors have revised their book to reflect both the fact that although a low-fat diet may be healthful, one in which fat is severely restricted is not particularly beneficial, and that, instead of being harmful, olive oil can actually be good for you (the first time around, they tried to avoid olive oil, rather difficult to do when writing an authentic Italian cookbook). With more than 500 recipes--and Giobbi's charming line drawings as illustrations--this revision is well worth acquiring. [According to the publisher, an introductory note in the original text regarding fat content--"The total fat listed in the nutritional data includes other classes, e.g. phospholipids, and there is usually more than the sum of the saturated and unsaturated fats"--was inadvertently omitted from the new edition; it will be corrected in new printings.--Ed.]
Vegetarian Times
An unbeatable combination: Four star chefs and food that is healthful as well as delicious. "A wonderful collection of recipes handed down from the past and updated for a healthful future. As an added relish, she gives a sampling of the surprising and fascinating lore and literature that have accompanied the development of American cooking since Colonial Times. --Vegetarian Times

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