The Great Approach: New Light and Life for Humanity

The Great Approach: New Light and Life for Humanity

by Benjamin Creme

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Avid readers of Benjamin Creme's writings eagerly await this new chapter in the unfolding 'biggest story in history': the emergence now onto the world scene of the Masters of Wisdom and their leader, Maitreya, the World Teacher for the coming age. Known about for well over a century, these advanced spiritual teachers--the custodians of humanity's evolution on

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Avid readers of Benjamin Creme's writings eagerly await this new chapter in the unfolding 'biggest story in history': the emergence now onto the world scene of the Masters of Wisdom and their leader, Maitreya, the World Teacher for the coming age. Known about for well over a century, these advanced spiritual teachers--the custodians of humanity's evolution on planet Earth--are quietly taking their places to live and work openly among us.

In THE GREAT APPROACH Creme carefully introduces the subject to first-time readers as well. What is it like, he asks, for a Master of Wisdom to return to live amidst the cacophony and chaos of the modern, everyday world? Even if we cannot comprehend the immensity of a Master's consciousness, can we imagine returning to the polluted city after an extended stay in a pristine retreat?

The ninth in a series of books by the British esotericist, artist and author, this non-fiction work describes in simple yet profound terms the implications of this great event, not only for humanity but also for the Masters themselves.

We become aware of the Masters' vision of the just and happy life ahead for humanity that will result if we heed their counsel and transform ourselves and our institutions. It presents their blueprint for creating a fair and viable economic order and a world free from want and war.

We preview remarkable scientific advances including a new source of unlimited energy soon to be discovered, some of the revolutionary medical and environmental benefits that will result from its use, and the true role of genetic engineering.

We explore the possibility of people everywhere awakening to their true inner nature, beyond the grip of fear and conflict.

Within the near future, Benjamin Creme affirms, a new and expanded consciousness will gradually unfold. Commercialization and the thralldom of greed will wane, pollution and the scourges of disease and poverty will abate, and civilization as we now know it will be transmuted utterly. In explicit detail, he explains how and why.

THE GREAT APPROACH is the sure voice of the future, written to guide and inspire us, to show us the nature of the time immediately ahead and beyond, to set us anew on the journey to our birthright, that of divine beings inhabiting a sacred planet.

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For almost three decades, Benjamin Creme has lectured to audiences across the world and has talked about miracles and messengers and the changing age.... Informed by the rich knowledge of contemporary consciousness, The Great Approach takes giant strides in illuminating the history and the presence of sheer glory.
Fall-Winter 2001-02

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The Masters Return

* When you think about it, the return of the Masters to the everyday world, the Great Approach, is the most extraordinary event ever because it is taking place for the first time in 98,000 years. It is a climactic event not only for humanity but also for the Masters Themselves. Most of the Teachers have not lived openly in the world. They have been hidden away, sometimes totally alone, sometimes in a small group, meeting every 25 years or so and then going back to Their retreats.
* For years many of Them have been preparing Themselves, making sorties into the world, going down to the Bronx, Piccadilly Circus and Times Square. They have seen the horrors that we live by and among and for, getting to know us, and getting acclimatized to this cacophony. They have to take up this extraordinary task now.
* They have obviously a hard task ahead, but I am sure if you were to ask one of Them He would say: "In some ways, it is not going to be easy, but we are all looking forward to it."
* Can you imagine when the Masters are actually working openly, known for what They are and advising the leaders of the world, the major statesmen, professors, educators, the great financiers and administrators? You can imagine what effect the Masters' advice will have on these men and women, trained in their own particular professions, with all the expertise at their finger tips, though sometimes an expertise that has led the world to the very edge of a precipice. That expertise will be turned to good, to the needs of all humanity, and will show an insight, a technological clarity and ability which will quickly, if we wish it, transform the world.
* The only thing that will hold it up is ourselves. We determine the speed of transformation. If we want it quickly, it will be quickly. If we want to slow it down, we will slow it down. The Masters will not push us. They will simply present us with the information and guidance and leave it to world public opinion to decide which way to go and at what pace. In this way, the free will of humanity will never be infringed.

The Plan
* The Plan is not some vague, cosmic idea in the mind of a great cosmic entity, but something that has exact relevance to our lives. It has to do with right human relationships, and therefore with politics, economics, religion, science and education.
* God's Plan is not a set of rules that you have to obey, but ideas which in themselves have an inner beauty, an inner relevance because they are at the very heart of the spiritual basis of our lives. When we aim at right relationship, we automatically create structures--political, economic, and social--which allow that to take place. It does not take place in the abstract; it has to work out in this dense, physical world.
* Right human relationships come about when we recognize that we are one. It is the fundamental need for all humanity to see that the human race is one group--different colours, different backgrounds and histories, but one single group coming from the same source, all souls in incarnation.
* Since we are souls in incarnation, everything that we do, ultimately, is the result of being a soul. If it is in line with the Plan of God for the evolution of humanity, then everything we do as souls will be right for that individual and for his or her environment, which means everything and everyone else, both in terms of the planet and all creatures on the planet. At the moment, of course, this is not the case.
* Humanity is sadly lacking in all the requisite modes of conduct: in relation to one other, to what we call God, to the purpose of our lives.
* When humanity realizes that there is a Plan, that evolution proceeds according to a Plan, that it is a scientific process, people will begin to wonder about their part in the Plan. Then the Masters can give us Their advice, and we can see the good sense of that advice. It should be obvious to intelligent humanity that living in peace and harmony is more useful to evolution than living with war or the threat of war, competing all the time, one half getting all the goods and the other half getting nothing. That does not seem sane or logical, not a good idea.
* Presented by Maitreya,(1) I think people in their millions will turn to that kind of God, whether they call it God or not. People will turn to the ideas that are divine--brotherhood, justice, sharing, right relationship, peace, harmony, creativity--a world in which "no man lacks", as Maitreya has put it, "where no two days are alike".
*It is really about loving intelligence, intelligent love--self-interest, if you want to give it another term. It is human self-interest that will drive us to accept the advice of Maitreya and put it into effect.

The Avatar (2)
"His Grace already does embrace the world. His Love enfolds the nations, East and West, North and South. None escape the arrow of His Love. Daily, His Ray awakens men to their true destiny, and conjures anew their hope and trust.

"From far and wide the representatives of the people gather at His side, and He endows them with a wisdom altogether new...His call for Justice, Peace, and Brotherhood will then be heard among the nations, avowing God's concern for the well-being of men everywhere. His voice will remind the peoples of their origin and destiny, and bring them, in trust, to the feet of God.

"... A vast River of Truth is He, nurturing all who from these waters deeply drink. A Fountain of Love is He, enclosing all within His heart. An Avatar like none before is He, come to lead men into the realization that they, too, are Gods."

(1)Maitreya (pronounced my-TRAY-uh), the World Teacher, is the personal name of the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He is expected by the world's major religions as the Messiah, Krishna, the Imam Mahdi, Maitreya Buddha, and the Christ.
(2)Benjamin Creme's Master, a senior member of the Spiritual Hierarchy,

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