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Great Composers Love Folk Songs Too

Great Composers Love Folk Songs Too

by Paul Sperry

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Zephyr Records


  1. Settings (5) of Scottish folksongs, for voice, flute, violin, cello & piano, S. 169: For the Sake o'Somebody, for voice, piano trio & f
  2. Mein Herz das ist ein tiefer Schacht, song for voice & piano
  3. Chansons polonaises (8), song cycle for voice & piano, FP 69: No. 1, Wianek
  4. Chanson italienne, song for voice & piano (or orchestra)
  5. Neumrem ja na zemi (I will not die on the ground), song for voice & piano, JW 5/9/1
  6. Merch Megan, folk song for voice & piano trio, WoO 155/11
  7. Hae pois vaan sormukses
  8. L'amour de moi, for solo voice
  9. Paño murciano, dance song
  10. Maggy Lauder ("Wha wadna be in love..."), folk song for voice, violin & keyboard, H. 31a/35
  11. Kuiliap, song
  12. La petite robe (The little dress), for voice & piano
  13. Del cabello más sutil
  14. Folksong Arrangements, Vol. IV "Moore's Irish Melodies", for voice & piano: No. 1, Avenging and Bright
  15. Guten å Gjenta på Fjoshjellen (The Girl and the Boy in the Granary), Norwegian melody for piano No. 126, EG 108/126
  16. Willow Willow for voice (or guitar or string quartet) & piano, OEPM 1
  17. Russian Folksongs (12) for voice & piano, Op. 104: Chernetz (The monk)
  18. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need for chorus a cappella
  19. Vos me matásteis, for voice & piano (or soprano & orchestra, Madrigales amatorios No. 2)
  20. Die mesinke ojsgegeben
  21. Teirú, song for voice & piano (Poemas indigenas No. 2), A. 223/2
  22. Arie scozzesi (4), songs for voice & piano, P. 143: When the Kye Come Hame
  23. Complaint, Twenty Hungarian Folksongs, for voice & piano Vol. 3/14 (Panasz), Sz. 92/3/14, BB 98/14
  24. Old American Songs, for voice & piano, Book 1, No. 2, "The Dodger"
  25. Baïlèro, folksong for voice & orchestra (Chants d'Auvergne, Series 1, No. 2)
  26. Argentinian Popular Songs (5), for voice and piano, Op. 10: Chacarera
  27. Collection of Russian folksongs (100), for voice & piano, Op. 24
  28. Dans mon pays, le rossignol y chante, for voice & piano
  29. Tus ojillos negros, song for mezzo-soprano & piano, G. 28
  30. Work(s): The Basket of Eggs (melody used in Norfolk Rhapsod
  31. In stiller Nacht, zur ersten Wacht, folk song for voice & piano, WoO 33/42
  32. Verbunk (Recruiting Song), for voice & piano

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