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Great Events from History II, Ecology and the Environment

Great Events from History II, Ecology and the Environment

by Frank N. Magill (Editor)

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This is the fifth set in the Magill "Great Events from History II" series (the others include Science & Technology, 1991; Human Rights, 1992; Arts & Culture, 1993; and Business & Commerce, 1994). These five volumes on ecology and environment contain 395 original articles by many specialists covering important events of the 20th century, arranged chronologically. Each article follows the same format: basic facts such as category or topic of the event with time and place listed; a brief summary of the event listing key persons involved; a discussion of the event's significance in the history of environmental studies; a bibliography; and cross references. The set contains six indexes: a chronological list of the events discussed; an alphabetical list; a subject/keyword index; a category index; a geographical index; and a list of "principal personages." Volume 1 includes 79 articles averaging five pages each, beginning with the passage of the U.S. Reclamation Act in 1902 and ending in 1944. Among the landmark events covered are the creation of the first national wildlife refuge; the establishment of the National Audubon Society, and the San Francisco earthquake. Volume 2 spans 1945 to 1966 and includes the introduction of the first herbicide; the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and the passage of the Endangered Species Preservation Act. Volume 3 (1966-1973) includes such events as the publication of The Population Bomb, the launch of the Save-the-Whales Campaign, and the OPEC oil embargo. In Volume 4, 87 articles cover 1973 to 1985: the U.S. ban of PCBs, the opening of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the U.S. production of neutron bombs. Chernobyl, the hole in the ozone layer, and the Exxon Valdez spill, among other notable incidents of 1985 to 1994, are found in Volume 5. In all, these 2200 pages of well-balanced, unbiased information make this a valuable and comprehensive addition to any large science reference collection. It will supplement one-volume environmental encyclopedias such as Mark Grossman's ABC-CLIO Companion to the Environmental Movement (LJ 3/15/95) and the Environmental Encyclopedia (Gale, 1993). Highly recommended as one of the best science reference books of 1995.-Laura E. Lipton, Ctr. for Urban Horticulture, Seattle

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Ecology and the Environment Series
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