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Great Stories and Songs

Great Stories and Songs

by Damian Halloran

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Gia Publications

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  1. Do to Others
  2. Welcome to God's House
  3. We've Got the Power
  4. Happy Are All of My Children
  5. We Will Bring Our Peace
  6. When We Listen
  7. Good Things
  8. Nothing Can Take Us Away
  9. I Will Bless You, Lord
  10. We Will Make a Place Ready
  11. Instrumental Backing Tracks
  12. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  13. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  14. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  15. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  16. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  17. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  18. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  19. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)
  20. Instrumental Backing Tracks (Continued)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Damian Halloran   Primary Artist
Alicia M. Howard   Children's Chorus
Clarence Willis   Children's Chorus
Peter Stevenson   Keyboards
Melissa Jones   Children's Chorus
Philip Lawson   Bass Guitar
Sara Nelson   Children's Chorus
Michael Farmer   Percussion,Drums
Jessica Bratton   Children's Chorus
Stephanie Kate Bratton   Children's Chorus,Children's Voices
Shane Chapman   Keyboards
Louis Cremen   Children's Chorus
Simon Hyland   Vocals,Background Vocals
Bevan Ellis   Children's Chorus
Elise Fabris   Children's Chorus,Children's Voices
Ariane Forsythe   Children's Chorus
Richard Gawned   Flute
Kirsten Gray   Children's Chorus,Children's Voices
Peter Groundwater   Guitar
Rachel McRae   Children's Chorus
Alexandra Millward   Children's Chorus
Anna Grace Millward   Children's Chorus
Kiara Mucci   Children's Chorus
Johnny Marks   Percussion,Drums

Technical Credits

Peter Stevenson   Producer,Engineer
Shane Chapman   Engineer
Nancy Daniele   Direction,Choir Preparation
Michael Emms   Engineer
Maria Millward   Direction,Choir Preparation
Johnny Marks   Engineer

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