Great Swan: Meetings with Ramakrishna / Edition 2

Great Swan: Meetings with Ramakrishna / Edition 2

by Lex Hixon

ISBN-10: 0943914809

ISBN-13: 9780943914800

Pub. Date: 02/28/1997

Publisher: Larson Publications NY

Dramatically recreates a series of delightful encounters with a great spiritual teacher.  See more details below


Dramatically recreates a series of delightful encounters with a great spiritual teacher.

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Larson Publications NY
Publication date:
Dragon Editions Series
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
6.12(w) x 9.11(h) x 0.94(d)

Table of Contents

1Initial Encounter: Visiting Dakshineswar Garden on the Ganges Near Calcutta1
2Face to Face With the Divine Dancer14
3Ancient Sage Meets Modern Pandit: Ramakrishna and Vidyasagar19
4From the God-Man's Treasury of Secrets28
5The Taste of Sugar: Boating on the Ganges With Keshab Sen33
6One Hemp-Smoker Recognizes Another38
7The Sage Opens a Gap in the Net of Convention45
8The Bliss of Ramakrishna's Birthday51
9The New Dispensation: Harmony of All Religions56
10Cry With an Infinite Cry: The Master Responds to Burning Questions62
11Timeless Man Meets Contemporary Man: Ramakrishna and Bankim Chandra70
12Ramakrishna Relates His Intimate Experiences80
13Radha and Krishna in Mystic Union: The Festival at Panihati93
14Meeting Mother Sarada: Where There Is Shiva, There Is Shakti100
15The Master Expounds Advaita Vedanta107
16The Mystery of Narendra and the Vow of Spiritual Completion113
17Two Great Souls: Ramakrishna's Last Meeting With Keshab Sen120
18The Paramahamsa Transmits Spiritual Intensity: O Brother Madhusudana, Please Come!140
19The Ideal of Feminine Love149
20Avatara Meets Wandering Sadhu155
21The Mood of the Divine Child: Ramakrishna Breaks His Arm161
22Upward-Flowing Energy of Kundalini167
23Secret Rhythm of the Wisdom Mother173
24Special Worship of Kali: The Master Meets a Young Actor182
25Great Swan Meets Orthodox Pandit: Ramakrishna and Shashadhar193
26Ramakrishna Sings the Tantric Transmission202
27The Master's Terminal Illness: His Friendship With the Humanist, Dr. Sarkar212
28My Play Is Over219
29The Master Transforms Dr. Sarkar222
30Ramakrishna and Lord Buddha233
31The Mood of Formlessness: The Master Gives Away His Treasures241
32Universal Victory: The Passing Away of Ramakrishna245
33Divine Communion250

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