Björk's Greatest Hits

Björk's Greatest Hits

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by Björk

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Typically unconventional, Björk's Greatest Hits gives the people what they want: Fans voted on Björk's web site for their favorite tunes, and the winners filed onto this disc, which traces the Icelandic chanteuse's career arc from her post-Sugarcubes Debut through 2001's Vespertine. With a few


Typically unconventional, Björk's Greatest Hits gives the people what they want: Fans voted on Björk's web site for their favorite tunes, and the winners filed onto this disc, which traces the Icelandic chanteuse's career arc from her post-Sugarcubes Debut through 2001's Vespertine. With a few exceptions, such as her popular, Broadway-flavored number "It's Oh So Quiet," the singer's best-known songs are here: the clanging synth-pop of "Human Behaviour," the passion-filled "Hyperballad," the soaring "Isobel," the intense, strings-and-synths collision on "Joga," and so on. A few surprises, however, do crop up, including the hard-to-find "Play Dead," a collaboration with electronica wizard David Arnold for the film The Young Americans, and "It's in Our Hands," the long-awaited studio recording of a live show staple. The song's highly textured backdrop, comprised of skipping computer blips and clanging, whirring, industrial-sounding noises, allows Björk ample space to stretch out her elastic voice. Both a neat introduction to one of contemporary music's most singular voices and a sweet treat for the already converted, Björk's Greatest Hits is not to be missed.

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All Music Guide - Heather Phares
Björk closed out her first decade as a solo artist with the retrospective Björk's Greatest Hits. Despite its somewhat pedestrian title and approach (especially considering some of her intricate import collections and box sets) she still managed to find a way to put a twist on the collection: she let her fans vote for which songs they wanted included on the track listing. Overall, they did a pretty good job; with the notable exception of "It's Oh So Quiet" -- which is probably her biggest single -- the collection touches on most of the biggest songs from each of her albums. The album puts most of its focus on the middle portion of her career to date, culling four tracks each from Post and Homogenic, but still makes room for old favorites such as Debut's "Venus as a Boy" and "Human Behaviour," as well as newer singles such as Vespertine's "Pagan Poetry" and "Hidden Place." One minor disappointment is the lack of any songs from her excellent Dancer in the Dark soundtrack, though the greatest-hits disc that appears in the Family Tree box set, which Björk herself compiled, includes that album's "Scatterheart" and "I've Seen It All" (as well as other great album tracks from her career, such as "Unravel" and "You've Been Flirting Again"). However, the inclusion of the somewhat hard-to-find "Play Dead" -- which appeared on the Young Americans soundtrack and was previously available most easily on a Japanese single -- and a new track, the lovely "It's in Our Hands," help compensate for the omissions about which fans could potentially complain. Arguably, since Björk isn't really an artist who lives and dies by the charts, virtually any of her songs could be considered fair game for inclusion on a collection like this; her body of work is so consistently strong that her album tracks are almost always as interesting (if not more so) as the songs that are deemed to be singles. And indeed, Björk's Greatest Hits does fulfill one of the main goals of a greatest-hits collection: it presents the many different sides of her sound, from playful to bittersweet to experimental, making it a good introduction to those unfamiliar with her music and a convenient collection for her fans. Die-hard Björk fans might want a domestically available B-sides or rarities collection instead, but Björk's Greatest Hits is quite possibly the first step in that direction -- and a nice way to celebrate the beginning of another decade's worth of her innovative music.
Spin Magazine - Joe Gross
Björk has created a body of work that's most impressive when submitted to the will of the people. How Scandanavian of her. (9)
Blender - Alexis Petridis
These 15 tracks hold more interesting notions and twists than some artists explore in their entire careers.

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Björk's Greatest Hits 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
5*'s my fave is pagen poetry
Guest More than 1 year ago
So amazing! If you dont like bjork, your crazy! Anyone who really loves music, will love this very talented singer.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bjork's Greatest Hits is a good album, especially if you are new to Bjork. The collection of songs is a mishmash of songs from her famous albums like Medulla, Homogenous, and Vespertine. Moving away from her pixie-like image in songs like Army of Me and Bachelorette and yet including the distinctly Bjork-ish sounds of Pagan Poetry and Venus as a Boy, Bjork has truly made an album worth buying. I got it for about 20 dollars at Barnes and Noble. The only reason why I did not give this five stars is because I don't like Human Behaviour, which is one of the songs included in Bjork's Greatest Hits.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bjork is, in every aspect of the word, an artist. Her style is so unexpectedly out of the ordinary and unfathomably huge in range, there's no mistaking her sound. One moment she's mischievously teasing our temperamental natures in "Human Behaviour", the next she's sombrely chanting amongst the thrilling cinematic sound of "Bachelorette". Bjork's music explores every extreme of artistic expression.
Joyachiever More than 1 year ago
Bjork’s cd of greatest hits include fifteen songs of original beats and can be classified in a music genre by itself. This is because of the hints of electronic, synth-pop, and chillout. The following are some of the unique tracks in this set: “Human Behavior” “Army Of Me” “Pagan Poetry” “Big Time Sensuality” “Hidden Place” The “Bjork Greatest Hits” cd is best for those who enjoy music that is carefully disguised with abstract meanings.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago