Greatest Hits [Bonus DVD]

Greatest Hits [Bonus DVD]

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by Kelly Clarkson

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Rca Victor Europe

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Disc 1

  1. Since U Been Gone  - Kelly Clarkson
  2. My Life Would Suck Without You  - Kelly Clarkson
  3. Miss Independent  - Kelly Clarkson
  4. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)  - Kelly Clarkson
  5. Behind These Hazel Eyes  - Kelly Clarkson
  6. Because of You  - Kelly Clarkson
  7. Never Again  - Kelly Clarkson
  8. Already Gone  - Kelly Clarkson
  9. Mr. Know It All  - Kelly Clarkson
  10. Breakaway  - Kelly Clarkson
  11. Walk Away  - Kelly Clarkson
  12. Don't You Wanna Stay  - Jason Aldean
  13. Catch My Breath  - Kelly Clarkson
  14. People Like Us  - Kelly Clarkson
  15. Don't Rush  - Kelly Clarkson
  16. Dark Side  - Kelly Clarkson
  17. A Moment Like This  - Kelly Clarkson
  18. The Trouble With Love Is  - Kelly Clarkson
  19. I Do Not Hook Up  - Kelly Clarkson
  20. Beautiful Disaster  - Kelly Clarkson

Disc 2

  1. Miss Independent  - Kelly Clarkson
  2. Low  - Kelly Clarkson
  3. Since U Been Gone  - Kelly Clarkson
  4. Behind Those Hazel Eyes  - Kelly Clarkson
  5. Because Of You  - Kelly Clarkson
  6. Walk Away  - Kelly Clarkson
  7. Never Again  - Kelly Clarkson
  8. Don’t Waste Your Time  - Kelly Clarkson
  9. My Life Would Suck Without You  - Kelly Clarkson
  10. I Do Not Hook Up  - Kelly Clarkson
  11. Already Gone  - Kelly Clarkson
  12. Mr. Know It All  - Kelly Clarkson
  13. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)  - Kelly Clarkson
  14. Dark Side  - Kelly Clarkson

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kelly Clarkson   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Evan Rogers   Background Vocals
Howard Benson   Keyboards
Paul Bushnell   Bass
Debra Byrd   Background Vocals
J.T. Corenflos   Electric Guitar
Steve Ferrera   Percussion,Drums
Paul Franklin   Steel Guitar
Josh Freese   Drums
Paul Gendler   Guitar
Vince Gill   Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Larry Gold   Conductor
Bryan Jones   Vocals
David Kahne   Keyboards
Greg Kurstin   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Rhett Lawrence   Guitar,scratching
Victor Lawrence   String Quartet
Chris McHugh   Drums
Jerry McPherson   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Cindy Mizelle   Background Vocals
Jamie Muhoberac   Keyboards
Steve Nathan   Piano,Hammond B3
Peter Nocella   Viola
Steve Pearce   Bass
Shawn Pelton   Drums
Tim Pierce   Guitar
Brian Ray   Guitar
Mark Robertson   String Quartet
Chris Rodriguez   Vocals
Olle Romo   Guitar
Leslie Smith   Background Vocals
Carl Sturken   Keyboards
Phil X.   Guitar
Robert Miller   Vocals
Jason Halbert   Keyboards
Raine Maida   Guitar
Chris Michaelessi   Vocals
John Shanks   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Max Martin   Synthesizer,Guitar
Pathik Desai   Guitar
Emma Kummrow   Violin
Charlene Kwas   Violin
Igor Szwec   Violin
Gregory Teperman   Violin
Steve Mac   Keyboards
Chris Dye   Vocals
Einar Pedersen   Vocals
Eric Olson   Keyboards
Jimmy Messer   Guitar
Wayne Rodrigues   scratching
Luke   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Drums
Olle Dahlstedt   Drums
Mark Hill   Bass
Billy Mohler   Bass
Jeff Rothschild   Drums
Alexandra Leem   Viola
Tony Lucido   Bass
Shanti Randall   String Quartet
Shalini Vijayan   String Quartet
Jason Lader   Bass
Gina Taylor Pickens   Background Vocals
Jennie Lorenzo   Celli
David Hodges   Piano
Ben Moody   Guitar
Mark Colbert   Drums
Andre Frappier   Guitar
Jim Fredley   Vocals
Randy Cook   Drums
Miles McPherson   Drums,Vocals
Brian Kennedy   Keyboards
Marty O'Brien   Bass
Nicole Hurst   Vocals
Jr. Charles Parker   Violin
James Cooper   Celli
Cherie Oakley   Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Jeremy Ruzumma   Organ
Ashley Donovan   Vocals
Kate Rapier   Vocals
Jill Pickering   Vocals
Suzy Benson   Background Vocals
Frederick "Frizzy" Karlsson   Guitar

Technical Credits

Matthew Wilder   Composer
Evan Rogers   Composer,Producer
Howard Benson   Programming,Producer
Rob Brill   drum programming
David Campbell   String Arrangements
Paul DeCarli   Digital Editing
Steve Ferrera   Producer
David Gamson   Composer
Chris Gehringer   Mastering
Matthew Gerrard   Composer
Larry Gold   String Arrangements
Natalie Hemby   Composer
Dann Huff   Producer
David Kahne   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Greg Kurstin   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Rhett Lawrence   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Pro-Tools
Steve Marcantonio   Engineer
Olle Romo   Pro-Tools
Robin Sellars   Engineer
Carl Sturken   Composer,Producer,drum programming
Greg Wells   Composer
Andy Zulla   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Dave Arch   String Arrangements
Kara DioGuardi   Composer,Producer
Matt Howe   Engineer
Mike Plotnikoff   Engineer
Jim Watts   Pro-Tools
Brett James   Composer
Jason Halbert   Composer,Programming,Producer,Vocal Producer
Raine Maida   Composer,Producer,Engineer,String Arrangements
Mighty Mike   Programming
Chantal Kreviazuk   Composer,Producer,String Arrangements
Steve McMillan   Pro-Tools
John Shanks   Producer
Lee Buddle   Vocal Engineer
Max Martin   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Joe Zook   Engineer
Jill Greenberg   Cover Photo,Back Cover Photo
Steve Mac   Producer
Jason Sellers   Composer
Blair Daly   Composer
Hemberger   Engineer
Cameron Webb   Engineer
Christina Aguilera   Composer
Emily Wright   Engineer,Vocal Editing
J.D. Andrew   Engineer
Jörgen Elofsson   Composer
Eric Olson   Composer,Programming
James Michael   Composer
Chris Laws   Engineer
Kevin Guarnieri   Engineer
Jimmy Messer   Composer,Producer
John Reid   Composer
Luke   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
John Hanes   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Alex G.   Composer
Avril Lavigne   Composer
Rich Balmer   Engineer
Dan Certa   Engineer
Kelly Clarkson   Composer
Brian Garcia   Engineer
Jeff Rothschild   Engineer
Blu Sanders   Composer
Hatsukazu "Hatch" Inagaki   Engineer
Jason Lader   Programming
Ryan Tedder   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Todd Tidwell   Engineer
David Hodges   Composer,Producer,String Arrangements
Sean Tallman   Engineer
Ben Moody   Composer,Producer
Johan "Brorsan" Brorsson   Pro-Tools
Narvel Blackstock   Management
Dante Jones   Composer,Additional Production
Michael Knox   Producer
Claude Kelly   Composer,Vocal Producer
Jesse Shatkin   Engineer
Brian Kennedy   Programming,Producer
Rebekah Jordan   Composer
John DeNosky   Engineer
Katy Perry   Composer
Ester Dean   Composer,Producer
Brian Seals   Composer
Sam Holland   Engineer
Busbee   Composer
Steven Valenzuela   Engineer
Bridget Benante   Composer
Toby Francis   Engineer
Joe Baressi   Engineer
Meghan Kabir   Composer
Paul Jenkins   Composer
Lukasz Gottwald   Composer
Andy Gibson   Composer
Dewain Whitmore   Vocal Producer
Ali Tamposi   Composer
Lasse Marten   Engineer
Sound Kollectiv   Producer
Lindsay Chapman   Composer
Christopher Dye   Engineer

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