Smooth Jazz Greatest Hits Value Pack

Smooth Jazz Greatest Hits Value Pack

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N-Coded Music

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Disc 1

  1. Got to Be Strong  -  Maysa
  2. Mirrors  -  Maysa
  3. The Bottle  -  Maysa
  4. Aria de La Mia Vita  -  Maysa
  5. All My Life  -  Maysa
  6. Pressure  -  Maysa
  7. Sunshine  -  Maysa
  8. Blue Light  -  Maysa
  9. Shadows and the Light  -  Maysa
  10. Hooked on Your Love  -  Maysa
  11. Earth Child  -  Maysa
  12. Compliments  -  Maysa
  13. Closure  -  Maysa
  14. [Untitled]  -  Maysa

Disc 2

  1. Anniversary  - Jonathan Butler
  2. Forever Tonight  - Jonathan Butler
  3. Another Way  - Jonathan Butler
  4. I Believe  - Jonathan Butler
  5. Lake Vibes  - Jonathan Butler
  6. Love Doesn't Matter Now  - Jonathan Butler
  7. Thinkin' 'Bout You  - Jonathan Butler
  8. Shine a Light  - Jonathan Butler
  9. I Found Myself in You  - Jonathan Butler
  10. You Make Me Whole  - Jonathan Butler
  11. Won't Stop for Nothing  - Jonathan Butler
  12. The Spirit  - Jonathan Butler
  13. The Source  - Jonathan Butler
  14. The Annointed  - Jonathan Butler

Disc 3

  1. After 8  - Ronny Jordan
  2. 7th Heaven  - Ronny Jordan
  3. Goin' Uptown  - Ronny Jordan
  4. Caught Up  - Ronny Jordan
  5. Say No More  - Ronny Jordan
  6. Search to Find  - Ronny Jordan
  7. Steppin' Out  - Ronny Jordan
  8. I Remember You  - Ronny Jordan
  9. Lighthouse  - Ronny Jordan
  10. Bahia Magic  - Ronny Jordan

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jonathan Butler   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Synthesizer Bass
Ed Jones   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ronny Jordan   Synthesizer,Guitar
Mark Sherman   Vibes
Maxton G. Beesley   Percussion
Trina Broussard   Choir, Chorus
Tim Cansfield   Guitar
Matt Coleman   Trombone
Julian Crampton   Bass
Kenneth Crouch   Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Wurlitzer
Cleave E. Guyton   Saxophone
Graham Harvey   Harpsichord,Keyboards,fender rhodes
Munyungo Jackson   Percussion
Marva King   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Gene Lake   Drums
Abdou M'Boup   Percussion
Jim Mullen   Guitar
Winston Rollins   Trombone
Gary Sanctuary   Strings,Keyboards,Vibes,fender rhodes,Soloist
Rahsaan Patterson   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Chris DeMargary   Flute,Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Randy Butler   Background Vocals
Sara Brown   Background Vocals
Dario Boente   Piano,Keyboards,Vocals
Veronique DeMargary   Background Vocals
Dominic Glover   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Muted Trumpet
Niomisha Wilson   Choir, Chorus
Elliot Mason   Horn
Orefo Orakwue   Bass
Abe Fogel   Drums
Victor Redwood Sawyerr   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Richard Molyneux   Bass
Hilary Mwelwa   Background Vocals
Bradley Mason   Horn
Mel Davis   Organ
Ski Oakenfull   Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards
Jodie Butler   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Jonathan Butler   Composer,Producer,Engineer,drum programming
Ronny Jordan   Arranger,Producer,Executive Producer
Tom Snow   Composer
Simon Cotsworth   Producer,Engineer
Carl Griffin   Executive Producer
Graham Harvey   Producer,drum programming
Gary Sanctuary   Producer
Carol Boldish   Package Production Coordinator
Dario Boente   Composer,Programming
Michele Vice   Composer
Victor Redwood Sawyerr   Producer,drum programming
Hilary Mwelwa   Vocal Arrangements
Bernard Mason   Programming
Ski Oakenfull   Producer,drum programming

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