Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

by Bob & Tom

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Disc 1

  1. Blow Me a Kiss
  2. Dear Penthouse
  3. 18 Wheels on a Big Rig
  4. Dicken's Cider
  5. A Beer's Much Better Than a Woman
  6. The Man Song
  7. Prisoner of Love
  8. Man, I'm Glad I'm a Man
  9. Head Shampoo
  10. Bitchin' Guy
  11. The Smoker's Anthem
  12. Norfolk and Waypal Overnight Delivery
  13. Snailman
  14. Orange Barrels
  15. Orange Triangles
  16. Condomnation
  17. It's All About Me
  18. Buzz, Buzz
  19. Butch Beer
  20. A Girl Like You
  21. Toast
  22. Bamblance
  23. The Drinking Song
  24. I Want to Be Like "Hef"
  25. I Can't Stop Stalking You
  26. Undigniffed Ways to Die
  27. Another White Christmas

Disc 2

  1. Shirtless Girl
  2. The Fukutoku Bank Caper
  3. Sister Joan
  4. The Critter
  5. If Bob Kevoian Directed the Classics
  6. The First Baseball Game
  7. Pinkley Motors
  8. Trucker Clock (Who Wants It)
  9. The Love Brothers Go Hawaiian
  10. Marge and Susan
  11. This Big Ol' Club
  12. Peek-A-Boo Camera
  13. Uncle Arnie/Russian Roulette
  14. White Trash Expo
  15. Larry King
  16. Mall Cop
  17. Mr. Bation
  18. The Old Man
  19. Invisible Leash
  20. Tom Griswold at Parties
  21. The Booby Trap
  22. Harry and Judy
  23. The Richard Gere Habitat Trail Kit
  24. This #! ?* Damn House
  25. The Video

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bob & Tom   Primary Artist
Tom Borton   Saxophone
Royce Campbell   Guitar,Drums
Jimmy Ryser   Vocals
Duke Tumatoe   Vocals
Michael Clark   Banjo,Dobro,Guitar,Mandolin
Bill McKinley   Vocals
Bill Baker   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Steve Allee   Trombone,Keyboards,Vocals,Voices
Dane Clark   Drums
Jim Farrelly   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Woodwind
Jeff Gerson   Percussion
Mimi Mapes   Vocals
Randy Melson   Bass
Scott Morgan   Percussion
Andy Newmark   Drums
Mark Patrick   Voices,Track Performer
Kenny Phelps   Drums
Charles Smith   Guitar
Chris Stone   Vocals
Carl Storie   Vocals
Pamela Williams   Violin
Larry Wiseman   Trumpet
Mark Radway   Tenor Saxophone
Rick Bole   Drums
Alan Johnson   Vocals,Voices
Brent Wallarab   Trombone
Roman Broadus   Vocals
Mark Allison   Voices,Track Performer
Chuck Carter   Baritone Saxophone
Frank Smith   Bass
Danny O'Connor   Vocals,Voices
Doug Benge   Vocals
Ed Gaus   Percussion
Frank Glover   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Jay Young   Saxophone,Woodwind
Rodney Carrington   Track Performer
Heywood Banks   Track Performer
Tom Griswold   Vocals
Cozette Myers   Vocals
Jon Wood   Bass
Tom Meyer   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Woodwind
Mark Buselli   Trumpet
P.J. Yinger   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Chris Pyle   Drums
Becky Martin   Vocals
Paul Gilmartin   Track Performer
Matt Roush   Vocals
Larry Sauer   Drums
Drew Carey   Vocals,Voices
Nancy Agres   Viola
Cathi Hauck   Vocals,Voices
Kristi Heitzman   Vocals,Voices
Loy Hetrick   Trombone
Dan Mettler   Vocals,Voices
Pam Williams   Violin
Todd Yohn   Track Performer
Shecky Youngman   Vocals
Jennie Devoe   Vocals
Joel Lindley   Track Performer
Ken Gotchall   Bass,Acoustic Bass
Victoria Kintner   Violin
Marc Much   Background Vocals,Track Performer
Steve Salge   Voices,Track Performer
Ted Benson   Keyboards
Jeff Conrad   Trumpet
Dean Meredith   Vocals,Voices
Charles Allen Smith   Guitar
John Hill   Vibes
Mark Adams   Vocals,Voices
Marty Bender   Track Performer
Connie Danforth   Vocals,Voices
Shannon Forsell   Vocals
Laura Gonzo   Vocals,Voices
Whit Grayson   Track Performer
Dave Gunn   Track Performer
Anne McCafferty   Cello
Chick McGee   Vocals
Dean Metcalf   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Stuart Mitchell   Guitar,Vocals
Chooch Kennedy   Vocals
Bob Kevoian   Guitar,Vocals
Ruth Boerner   Viola
Jim Blankenbaker   Drums
Michael Clark   Banjo,Dobro,Guitar,Mandolin
Teresa Giles   Vocals
Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis   Track Performer
Dave Pavolka   Trombone
Wendy Reed   Vocals
Jared Rodin   Tuba,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ezra Todd Shelton   Vocals
DáRon Washington   Vocals
Jay Baker   Track Performer
Howard Baetzhold   Background Vocals
Wild Bill Bauer   Track Performer
Joe Deal   Bass,Acoustic Bass
Margaret Jones Dugdale   Violin
Cynthia Eton-Berber   Vocals,Voices
Pam Ferrin   Vocals
Craig Fred   Vocals
Sandy Williams   Guitar
Bud Imes   Trombone

Technical Credits

Michael Clark   Producer
Steve Allee   Arranger,Producer,Writer,Music Direction
James Barnes   Engineer
John Howcott   Engineer
Paul Mahern   Engineer
Mark Patrick   Writer
Alan Johnson   Producer,Engineer
Mark Allison   Writer
Rob Day   Writer,Illustrations
Rodney Carrington   Writer
Chris Greene   Engineer
Heywood Banks   Writer
Tom Griswold   Producer,Writer,Executive Producer
P.J. Yinger   Art Direction
David Dugan   Contributor
Chris Pyle   Illustrations
Rob Carpenter   Engineer
Paul Gilmartin   Writer
Kristina Lee   Writer
Kent Vernon   Engineer
Steve McQueary   Engineer
Drew Carey   Production Director
Rob Haney   Writer
Scott Holler   Engineer
Dan Mettler   Engineer
Todd Yohn   Writer
Joel Lindley   Writer
Steve Salge   Writer
Brett Johnson   Engineer
Jake Robinson   Engineer
Tyler Jones   Engineer
Joni Downing   Office Coordinator
Kevin Arnold   Writer
Marty Bender   Writer,Program Director
Kevin VanWyk   Engineer
Scott Fenstermaker   Engineer
Barclay Grayson   Writer
Whit Grayson   Writer
Chick McGee   Writer
Dean Metcalf   Producer,Writer
Stuart Mitchell   Writer
Bob Kevoian   Producer,Writer
Eddie Hazel   Engineer
Jason Barnes   Engineer
Michael Clark   Producer
Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis   Writer
Roger Naylor   Writer
Kevin Silva   Engineer
Robb Clayton   Engineer
Jay Baker   Writer
Thomas Douglass   Engineer
Wild Bill Bauer   Writer
Dave Calver   Illustrations
Thomas Douglas   Engineer
Kyle Grayson   Writer

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