Greek Historical Inscriptions, 404-323 BC

Greek Historical Inscriptions, 404-323 BC

by P. J. Rhodes

ISBN-10: 0199216495

ISBN-13: 9780199216499

Pub. Date: 05/24/2007

Publisher: Oxford University Press

"This volume is a successor to the second volume of M. N. Tod's Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions (OUP, 1948). It provides an up-to-date selection—with introduction, Greek texts, English translations, and commentaries which cater to the needs of today's students—of inscriptions which are important for the study of Greek history in the fourth century…  See more details below


"This volume is a successor to the second volume of M. N. Tod's Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions (OUP, 1948). It provides an up-to-date selection—with introduction, Greek texts, English translations, and commentaries which cater to the needs of today's students—of inscriptions which are important for the study of Greek history in the fourth century BC. The texts chosen illuminate not only the mainstream of Greek political and military history, but also institutional, social, economic, and religious life."

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Table of Contents

Map 1: The Greek world
Map 2: Greece and the Aegean
Map 3: Attica
1Law of the phratry of the Labyadai at Delphi, fifth/fourth century2
2Athens honours loyal Samians, 403/212
3Sparta liberates Delos, 403 or shortly after18
4Rewards for men who had fought for democracy at Athens, 401/020
5Athenian phratry decrees from Decelea, 396/5 and after26
6Alliance between Boeotia and Athens, 39538
7Athenian casualties in the Corinthian War, 39440
8Erythrae honours Conon, 39444
9Rebuilding of Piraeus walls, 394/39146
10Athens honours Dionysius of Syracuse, 394/348
11Athens honours Evagoras of Salamis, 394/350
12Alliance between Amyntas III of Macedon and the Chalcidians, 390s-380s54
13Dedications of the Lycian dynast Arbinas, c.390-c.38058
14Helisson becomes a kome of Mantinea, early fourth century62
15Grants of citizenship by the Triphylians, c.400-c.37066
16Arbitration between Miletus and Myus, 391-38870
17Athenian decree for Erythrae, shortly before 38674
18Athens honours Clazomenae, 387/676
19Athens honours Phanocritus of Parium, 38680
20Alliance between Athens and Chios, 384/382
21Athens honours Strato of Sidon, c.378-c.376 (?)86
22Prospectus of the Second Athenian League, 378/792
23Methymna joins the Second Athenian League, 378/7106
24Corcyra, Acarnania, and Cephallenia join the Second Athenian League, 375/4108
25Athenian law on approvers of silver coinage, 375/4112
26Athenian law taxing Lemnos, Imbros, and Scyros, 374/3118
27Cult of Amphiaraus, Oropus, 386-374128
28Accounts of the Athenian Amphictyons of Delos, 377-373134
29Paros and the Second Athenian League, 372146
30A Theban monument after Leuctra, 371150
31Athenian decrees for Mytilene, 369/8 and 368/7152
32The Arcadian federation honours an Athenian, 369-367156
33Athens begins negotiations with Dionysius of Syracuse, 369/8160
34Alliance between Athens and Dionysius of Syracuse, 368/7164
35An Athenian protest to the Aetolian League, 367/6168
36Sales of public property at Athens, 367/6172
37Decree of the Athenian genos of the Salaminioi, 363/2182
38Athens honours Menelaus the Pelagonian, 363/2192
39Athenian arrangements for Iulis, 363/2196
40Athenian regulation of Cean ruddle export, mid fourth century204
41Alliance between Athens, Arcadia, Achaea, Elis, and Phlius, 362/1210
42Greek response to the Satraps' Revolt, 362/1214
43The Boeotians honour a Carthaginian, 360s-350s216
44Alliance between Athens and the Thessalian koinon, 361/0218
45Contributions to the rebuilding of the temple at Delphi, 361/o224
46Athenian deme decree from Halai Aixonides, c.360230
47Treaty between Athens and Thracian kings, 357234
48Alliance between Athens and Carystus, 357/6238
49Opponents of Philip II of Macedon expelled from Amphipolis, 357/6242
50Alliance between Philip II and the Chalcidians, 357/6244
51Arcesine honours Androtion, 357/6 (?)248
52Athenian precautions for Andros, 357/6252
53Alliance between Athens and Thracian, Paeonian, and Illyrian kings, 356/5254
54Plots against Mausolus of Caria, 367/6-355/4258
55Mausolus and Artemisia award proxeny to Cnossus, mid 350s (?)262
56Erythrae honours Mausolus, mid 350s (?)264
57Contributions to the Boeotians for the Third Sacred War, c.354-c.352268
58Athens, Delphi, and the Sacred Orgas, 352/1272
59Lease of sacred land from Arcesine, Amorgus, mid fourth century282
60Public buildings at Tegea, fourth century286
61Introduction of members to a phratry (?), Tenos, fourth century296
62Religious calendar, Cos, mid fourth century298
63Athenian deme decree from (?) Hagnous, third quarter of fourth century312
64Athens honours Spartocus and his brothers, of the Cimmerian Bosporus, 347/6318
65Dedications in the Cimmerian Bosporus, c.344/3-c.311/0324
66Accounts of the Delphian Naopoioi, 345/4-343/2328
67Payments of Phocian reparations to Delphi, 343/2-341/0336
68Alliance between Erythrae and Hermias of Atarneus, c.350-c.342342
69Athenian penalties for attacks on Eretria, 343(?)346
70Athens grants asylum to Arybbas the Molossian, 343/2348
71Athens honours Elaeus, 341/0354
72Athens honours Tenedos, 340/39358
73Regulations for the Artemisia, Eretria, c.340362
74Commemoration at Corinth of victory in Sicily, c.340368
75Oropus honours Macedonians, 338-335370
76Common Peace and League of Corinth, 338/7372
77Athens honours loyal Acarnanians, 338/7380
78Trilingual inscription of Pixodarus from Xanthus, 337384
79Athenian law threatening the Areopagus in the event of a plot against the democracy, 337/6388
80The Delphic Amphictyony honours Aristotle and Callisthenes, 337-327392
81Athenian law and decree on Little Panathenaea, c.335396
82Argos arbitrates between Melos and Cimolus, after 336(?)402
83The kings of Macedon and tyrants at Eresus, 336 and after406
84Alexander the Great and Chios, 334418
85Reconciliation in Mytilene, 334 and after424
86Alexander the Great and Priene, 334 and after430
87Regulations of the Klytidai, Chios, 330s434
88The Athenian ephebic oath and the 'oath of Plataca', mid fourth century440
89Honours for Athenian ephebes, 332448
90Iasus and Sampos honour Gorgus and Minnion, 334-321456
91Athens allows Citian merchants to acquire land for a temple, 333/2462
92Honours at Delphi for Archon of Pella, 333/2 and after466
93Relations between Olbia and Miletus, c.330(?)470
94Athens honours Eudemus of Plataea, 330/29474
95Athens honours Heraclides of Salamis, 330/29 and 325/4478
96Corn from Cyrene, c.330-c.326486
97Sacred law from Cyrene, late fourth century494
98Athens honours Memnon of Rhodes, 327/6506
99Assembly pay at Iasus, after c.330508
100Athenian naval list with decree for a colony in the Adriatic, 325/4512
101Restoration of exiles at Tegea, 324/3526
102Acts of healing, Asclepieum, Epidaurus, c.320532
Athenian archons, 403/2-323/2543
Concordance of standard editions544
Index I: Persons and places561
Index II: Subjects580
Index III: Significant Greek words594

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