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Green Careers: You Can Make Money AND Save the Planet

Green Careers: You Can Make Money AND Save the Planet

by Jennifer Power Scott
Now more than ever, teens need to hear a positive message about the economy, and here it is: the eco job market is BOOMING, big time, all over the world. There are jobs for conservation biologists. Jobs for wind-turbine fabricators. Jobs for environmental engineers. Jobs for eco activists. Jobs for green business experts. Jobs for oceanographers. Jobs for


Now more than ever, teens need to hear a positive message about the economy, and here it is: the eco job market is BOOMING, big time, all over the world. There are jobs for conservation biologists. Jobs for wind-turbine fabricators. Jobs for environmental engineers. Jobs for eco activists. Jobs for green business experts. Jobs for oceanographers. Jobs for air-quality specialists. Jobs for meteorologists. Jobs for eco fashion designers. Jobs for organic chefs. Jobs for you get the picture! Now how about some incredible examples to get readers thinking about the possibilities? In this book, we meet inspiring, impassioned young people who love being a part of the environmental job market. Turning worm poop into multi-million-dollar empires. Flying airplanes through hurricanes. Using flowers and trees to brighten the lives of kids and ex-cons. Staring down grizzly bears in the Canadian Rockies. Saving chimps in Tanzania. And strutting their hip eco-friendly frocks on the streets of Hollywood. From the icebergs of the Arctic Ocean to the jungles of Africa, these bold eco pioneers will show readers how to help save the planet and earn a paycheck at the same time.

Editorial Reviews

Movie Entertainment
"With older teens considering college and university choices...one must-have resource is Green Careers...Spells out eco-jobs you may have never heard of—organic chef, eco-fashion designer!"
"Lucrative, soul-satisfying environmental careers are not 'some far-fetched green dream.' Each chapter combines stand-alone profiles of established green professionals with those of young students and volunteers building experience that may translate into careers…Informative and inspiring for teens, this may also draw adults seeking new career directions."
ForeWord Reviews
"A well-timed and useful guide for high school and college students...Green Careers isn't a preachy how-to guide...,[it] is a different kind of employment guide that offers useful information and will also inspire young readers."
Quill & Quire
"Peppered liberally throughout the text are sidebars with high-interest information about new environmental ideas. At the back, a 'Resources' section provides a useful list of schools, businesses, and websites related to eco-friendly jobs...There is no denying the breadth and variety of information provided here. That alone makes this a worthwhile volume for aspiring planet-savers and money makers."
Resource Links
"The language is very accessible and teen-friendly. There are suggestions for educational institutions and programs (Canadian, American, and International) that could put someone on a particular career path as well as websites and contact information for many of the projects and organizations noted in the book. This is a stellar resource that I would highly recommend for purchase."
CM Magazine
"This well-written and accessible collection of stories from young people who have found or created careers with some environmental connection is full of valuable Canadian and global information, advice, ideas, and inspiration...Highly recommended."
Children's Literature - Meredith Kiger
This enthusiastic guide to the myriad of jobs in the burgeoning environmental field is an excellent introduction to not only the "green" movement but the entrepreneurial spirit, as well. The author's well researched look at all things green is enhanced by the words of the young people who have taken their concern for the environment and created a career for themselves. The eleven chapters feature the unique stories of thirty-eight individuals—organized into areas such as "Eco-entrepreneurs, Urban green, Building green, Sub-Saharan, Wild things, The green ticket" and "Organically yours," for examples. The layout is especially appealing to young people with plenty of boxed mini-stories, examples of existing programs, and ideas to consider. Color photos of the featured environmental profiles in the book are included in the center of the book. Their youthful faces, as well as their fascinating stories, are an inspiration and a "kick in the pants" to young people considering careers of any kind. Even older readers will be amazed at how the approach to careers in the twenty-first century has changed. An index, bibliography, many resources for each chapter, and a list of "green" organizations is included. Reviewer: Meredith Kiger, Ph.D.
VOYA - Bethany Martin
In recent years, green jobs have been touted as beneficial to both the environment and the economy. Through a series of profiles, this book introduces teens to professionals in a wide range of green careers. Each profile includes information on how the individual chose and pursued their career goals, descriptions of job responsibilities, and advice for teens considering a similar career. While environmental activism is justifiably highlighted, Scott makes it clear that you do not have to be a tree hugger to have a green career. In addition to the usual offerings of activists and scientists, fields not often thought of as green, such as public relations and mechanical engineering, are included. Profiled individuals come from a wide range of nations and backgrounds, emphasizing that environmental issues are global and that people around the world are working to solve them. Written in a casual, conversational tone that teens will find accessible, the profiles are grouped by area of interest into chapters such as "Building Green" and "Eco-Health," allowing readers to easily find jobs that interest them. Frequent sidebars and extensive lists of additional resources, including government jobs sites, environmental nonprofits, and colleges with strong environmental programs give teens the tools to find further information to start on the path toward a green career. This book accomplishes what it set out to do, introducing teens to a variety of green careers and showing how any job can become a green job. It is a solid choice for career collections serving teens. Reviewer: Bethany Martin
School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up—Written in a breezy, conversational style, this book recounts the stories of 30 young people who are working in environmental jobs. Spanning the globe from Sub-Saharan Africa to the Arctic, these "green warriors" are men and women of all ages. They are eco-entrepreneurs, urban activists, green architects, organic gardeners, animal caretakers, artists, and fashion designers. These people work to improve the environment, but also to make a living. The book contains numerous sidebars full of environmental facts and Web sites and spotlight universities and teachers who specialize in environmental-education programs. A resource section follows the endnotes. These inspirational stories are sure to spark interest and creative thinking. Teachers can utilize them as springboards for discussion. An attention-grabbing addition for reading zones and environmental collections.—Patricia Ann Owens, Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, IL
Kirkus Reviews
From the Arctic Ocean to Africa to Oregon, people are finding exciting careers that help save the planet, and this lively and graphically upbeat volume presents some of the stories behind this green revolution. Creating a $35-million empire out of worm poop and garbage, building a micro-hydro plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo and designing Earth-friendly bikinis are just some of the green-warrior stories in this wide-ranging collection. The attractive design reinforces the environmental theme, with black text and green sidebars and illustrations, and an eight-page, full-color photo section presents photographs of the "eco-pioneers." The zealous tone is clearly celebratory and laudatory-"[T]his green angel is definitely earning her wings"; "Well, weren't they amazing? I knew you would be impressed"-but the enthusiasm is infectious. A volume that just may inspire young readers to pursue career paths both exciting and green. (endnotes, resources, index) (Nonfiction. 12 & up)
Publishers Weekly
In offbeat, easygoing prose, Scott profiles more than 30 individuals (mostly in their 20s and early 30s) who incorporated their environmental passions into their careers. Examples range from a horticulturalist's work with kids at the Chicago Botanic Garden to a classical pianist who played Carnegie Hall wearing a dress made from 6,000 recycled juice pouches. Informative sidebars and a list of resources encourage readers to adopt green causes, while a color photo insert shows each “Eco-Pioneer.” An encouraging portrait of a can-do generation. Ages 13-up. (Apr.)

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