Green Project Management / Edition 1

Green Project Management / Edition 1

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by Richard Maltzman, David Shirley

ISBN-10: 1439830010

ISBN-13: 9781439830017

Pub. Date: 09/02/2010

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Winner of PMI’s 2011 David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award

Detailing cutting-edge green techniques and methods, this book teaches project managers how to maximize resources and get the most out of limited budgets. It supplies proven techniques and best practices in green project management, including risk and opportunity assessments

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Winner of PMI’s 2011 David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award

Detailing cutting-edge green techniques and methods, this book teaches project managers how to maximize resources and get the most out of limited budgets. It supplies proven techniques and best practices in green project management, including risk and opportunity assessments. With illustrative case studies and insights from acknowledged leaders in green project management, the text:

  • Explains how to tap into green incentives, including grants, rebates, and tax credits
  • Includes case studies that illustrate how to integrate green techniques and methods to generate cost savings and maximize resources
  • Provides green techniques that take little time to implement, can benefit all types of projects, and can generate immediate savings to your project’s bottom line

Praise for:

A first-of-its-kind book ... a must-read for senior executives as well as project managers.
—Harold Kerzner, Ph.D., Senior Executive Director for Project Management at The International Institute for Learning

... an impressive piece of work.
—Jean Binder, PMP, MBA, award-winning author (David I. Cleland Literature Award, 2008)

This important book defines the green field and sets out the steps for those who want to be ahead of the crowd...
—Dr. David Hillson, PMP, FAPM, FIRM, MCMI, Director of Risk Doctor & Partners

... an incredible call to arms to increase your project greenality for a better world, or a bigger pay check, if you’re still cynical on this topic.
—Bas de Baar,

... an excellent job of making the reader aware of how much influence a single project manager, let alone an entire discipline, can have on improving our environment.
Professor Schwalbe, Department of Business Administration, Augsburg College

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New Edition
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Table of Contents


Problem Drivers and Indicators
Climate Change
Population Increase
Rapidly Developing Nations and Resource Depletion
Environmental Degradation and Loss of Biodiversity
Government Agencies, Mandates, and Guidelines

Green Project Terminology: The Language of the Green Wave
Carbon Footprint and Sustainability
The Cycle of Sustainability
Cradle to Cradle
The Natural Step
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Green Project Manager
Triple Bottom Line
Eco Audit
Reduce, Redesign, Reuse, Recycle
Renewable Energy
SMARTER Objectives

Understanding Green Project Fundamentals
Green, Quality, and Greenality
Reducing Nonproduct Output
The Project Management Institute and Greenality
Cost of Greenality
Project Life Cycle Thinking
Project Cycle of Sustainability
Environmental Scope
Environmental Risks

Types of Projects: A Rainbow of Green
Green by Definition
Green by Project Impact (or the Lack Thereof)
Green by Product Impact
A Rainbow of Green


Project Ideation
Why Are Projects Initiated?
How Are Projects Chosen?
Decision-Making Tools and the Green Component
Creating the “Green”-Friendly Decision-Making Environment
Changing the Way People Think About Green
Decision-Making Tools
Validation of the Decision
Creating a Green Charter
The Initial Project Kickoff Meeting
Acting on the Idea
Tools and Techniques
Greenality of Project Communications
The Spirit of the Communication
Jeopardy and Escalation Processes
Greenality of Suppliers

Developing the Project
Project Planning
Sustainability and the WBS
Who and What Are Required for the Project
Greening the People
Greening the Schedule
Greening the Project Purchasing (Procurement)Process
Greening Project Costs
Greening Project Quality
Risk and Greenality
Greenality Outputs
Environmental Management Plan

Executing the Project
The Project Team
The Kickoff Meeting (Implementation)
Greenality Assurance
Tracking Project Process
Status and Progress ReportingUsing Social Media to Green Communications
Execution of Greenality Efforts
Warning Signs of Greenality Problems
Greenality of Suppliers
Capturing Greenality Lessons Learned

Taking the Watch (Monitoring and Controlling)
Greenality Data Collection and Analysis
Measuring the Performance of Greenality
Controlling the Issues
Keeping on an Even Keel
Change Control and Greenality
Effective Actions to Abate Greenality Issues


The Beginning and the End?
Heaven on Earth
Life Cycle Thinking Basics
Life Cycle Assessment
A Brief History
Standards for LCA
Carbon Footprinting Based on LCA
Performing an LCA
How to Promote the Use of an LCA
The Life Cycle of the Product of Your Project
LCA Software Tools

Lean Thinking, Muda, and the Four Ls
Lean Thinking and Your Project
Lean Methods

At the Top of Their Game
Office Depot
General Electric
Steward Advanced MaterialsHome of “The Toxin Terminator”
Sun Chips

Enabling Green to Earn You "Green”
Green Government PurchasingEPA
Grants and Rebates
Actions Undertaken


Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Green (A Green Project Manager’s Toolbox)

Resource Information
Books We Think You Should Read or Reference
Suggested Reading on Life Cycle Assessment
Collaboration Tools and Resources
Resource for Improving Team Collaboration Using
Web-Based Media
Green Efforts by Companies and Other
OrganizationsA Sampler
Web Sites Worth a Visit and a Stay
Additional Tools and Resources for Green Project Managers

Each chapter concludes with Endnotes

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Green Project Management 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
FCB1949 More than 1 year ago
Green Project Management is the definitive book that explains why embedding sustainability practices into project management methodology is both beneficial and important. In addition, the book provides both a framework and practical examples for using project management knowledge, skills and experience to integrate conservation and sustainability into all kinds of projects. Readers will be particularly interested in the Spectrum of Green among projects (Chapter 4) and Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Green (Chapter 13). Fred Barrett, PMP