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Groundhog Weather School

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by Joan Holub, Kristin Sorra

The must-have book for Groundhog Day-and the rest of the year!

With pop-art illustrations, a tongue-in-cheek tone, and a riot of detail, kids learn all the important aspects of Groundhog Day. And where better to learn it than Groundhog Weather School!

Professor Groundhog opens a school so groundhogs can learn to accurately forecast the weather each February.

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The must-have book for Groundhog Day-and the rest of the year!

With pop-art illustrations, a tongue-in-cheek tone, and a riot of detail, kids learn all the important aspects of Groundhog Day. And where better to learn it than Groundhog Weather School!

Professor Groundhog opens a school so groundhogs can learn to accurately forecast the weather each February. Following along with the amusing cast of students, kids are drawn in by the thoroughly engaging tale while they learn fun facts about different animals (groundhogs in particular), seasons, weather, and predicting the weather. With funny asides and a comic-style approach to the illustrations, this informational story presents a fresh look at Groundhog Day through the eyes of the animals who live it each year.

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From the Publisher
“The amusing illustrations, colorful paintings digitally collaged with found objects and papers, set the tone for this inviting introduction to groundhogs and the holiday named for them.”—Booklist

 "[G]ood fun that will subtly teach in between laughs."—Kirkus Reviews

 "Each turn of the page provides another surprise."—SLJ

Children's Literature - Melissa Rife
When Professor W. Groundhog predicts the weather wrong on Groundhog Day, he gets a letter from Rabbit, suggesting he train more groundhogs to help him. Rabbit suggests that more groundhogs be trained to look for their shadows all across the country. So, the professor sets out to find new recruits. As those recruits learn in Groundhog School all about groundhogs, predicting the weather, making burrows, and more, so does the reader. Factual information is presented through dialogue, "reports" turned in the by groundhog students, and a play presented by the students. On the page that shows Professor Groundhog's ad for finding groundhogs, children will subtly learn about mammals, burrows, rodents, herbivores, and what hibernation is. As the groundhogs take their final exam, the reader, too, gets to see how much he/she has learned from the book. Subtle jokes are hidden within the book, thus broadening its appeal to older children and parents. The illustrations are large, colorful, and very detailed. Between these illustrations and the cute story, you almost forget that the picture book you are reading is actually made up mainly of facts. The last page provides further information about how Groundhog Day came to exist and challenges the readers to begin their own experiment to predict the weather. Reviewer: Melissa Rife
[S]o varied and so often witty that children will absorb the facts effortlessly.
School Library Journal
Gr 2–4—This story combines elements of comic books, science lessons, a holiday tale, and history class. It opens with a groundhog incorrectly predicting the coming of spring, prompting a rabbit to write a letter suggesting that more groundhogs be trained and utilized to improve accuracy. Candidates are schooled in the fine points of groundhog physiology, nomenclature, Groundhog Day lore, seasonal changes, and weather patterns. After graduation, they take their places to make their predictions—without much change in the outcome. Sorra's amusing multimedia illustrations include comic frames, collage, and speech bubbles; each turn of the page provides another surprise. Holub does a good job keeping all the balls in the air—the groundhog school story line propels the stream of information—but accessibility is a problem. The text is too advanced for the primary grade students who are most likely to be celebrating Groundhog Day, and the book does not lend itself to reading to a group. Best for one-on-one sharing.—Lisa Egly Lehmuller, St. Patrick's Catholic School, Charlotte, NC
Kirkus Reviews
Holub presents a clever look at the weather as readers follow some groundhogs (and an imposter) through their training at Professor Groundhog's school. In their lessons (including "GeHOGraphy") they write reports on "Famous Furry Hognosticators," learn other natural weather predictors, read about famous figures in weather history, learn about burrow building, do a skit entitled, "The Reasons for Seasons" and experiment with making shadows. Readers can take "The BIG Test" along with students to see how much they have learned. Sorra's illustrations combine a scrapbook style, with letters, checklists and typed research reports, and a comic-book style complete with speech bubbles and panels. The result really lets readers get into the premise and allows for diverse facts to be presented in little snippets (and funny comments to be assigned to each unique groundhog). Bright colors, textures and the incorporation of found objects, as well as the busyness of each page will keep readers searching the artwork. Backmatter includes information about Groundhog Day. Nothing in-depth or too serious here, but good fun that will subtly teach in between laughs. (Picture book. 4-8)

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Groundhog Weather School 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SDReaderCA More than 1 year ago
I read to second graders and this book was a huge hit. Lots of good science and factual information presented in a funny, clever way with good illustrations. I have recommended it to everyone with kids in the right age group.
GreenFairyLV More than 1 year ago
As a mom I'm always looking out for a book that helps explain the holidays, especially the not so commercialized ones. This book is great. It keeps the child's interest while teaching the true facts about groundhogs and why we celebrate Groundhog Day. I learned a few thing too, I had no idea their were other famous groundhogs beside Punxsutawney Phil. There is even a groundhog, Wiarton Willie from Canada, who tries to predict which team will win the Super Bowl. The book is written in a funny entertaining way so kids don't lose interest with the facts they are being given about groundhogs and the cute illustrations compliment the story completely. This book is entertaining, informative, funny and beautifully illustrated. The book is also long enough that by the end of it your child will know why we celebrate Groundhog Day and what a groundhog actually is.
Reader-Writer-Mom More than 1 year ago
My 4 year-old daughter and I both loved "Groundhog Weather School"! How DO groundhogs predict the weather?? Why, they go to Groundhog Weather School, of course! It's a witty and fast-paced book, packed cover-to-cover with amazing, richly-detailed illustrations; tons of interesting "aha!" facts; a funny, simply-told narrative; and quirky, engaging, lovable animal characters. In a word: adorable! My daughter and I spent at least a half-hour during the first read, checking out all the comical sidebars and clever jokes. A winner for any season!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago