Group Rationality in Scientific Research

Group Rationality in Scientific Research

by Husain Sarkar

This 2007 book proposes answers to questions central to the philosophy of science by building on classical solutions.See more details below


This 2007 book proposes answers to questions central to the philosophy of science by building on classical solutions.

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Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Acknowledgments     xiii
The Overview     1
The Plan of the Book     6
Group to Individual, or Vice Versa?     13
The Williams Problem and Utopias     18
Group Rationality: A Unique Problem     24
Not an Evolutionary Problem     25
Not a Game Theory Problem     31
Ramsey and Group Rationality     40
The Problem Explored: Sen's Way     47
Consistency, Ordering, and Rationality     48
Other Notions of Rationality and Scientific Welfare     52
The Sen-Problems of Group Rationality     56
The Problem Defined     67
The Skeptical View     69
The Democratic Councils     70
No Covenant, a Tale     77
Multiply, Multiply, Multiply     83
Positive Arguments     88
Negative Arguments     97
The Route to the Goal     100
The Subjectivist View I     107
Individuals, Group, and Goals     108
Divisions and Discrepancies     114
A Society of Ruthless Egoists     118
Theory Choice     123
Problems and a Paradox     126
The Subjectivist View II     136
Values and Individuals     137
Group Transitions and Risk Distribution     149
History, Values, and Representative Groups     154
Negotiations in the Scientists' Original Position     163
The City of Man?     174
The Objectivist View     181
Two Objectivist Problems     182
Toward the Best Available Method     185
The Best Available Method     188
Is the Single Method Sufficient?     191
A New Problem of Demarcation     195
Illustration: The Herbalist Tradition     200
The Scare of Saint-Simon     203
Putnam, Individual Rationality, and Peirce's Puzzle     212
Democracy and Group Rationality     213
Moral Images, Scientific Images     216
Method, Historical Knowledge, and Reason     223
Peirce's Puzzle     226
Ultimately, Relativism?     234
What Lies at Bedrock     240
The Nine Problems     243
The Problem, the Common Aim of Science, and the Basic Structure     244
The Council, Reasoning, and Allegiance     252
The Universal Law of Rationality, the Worth of Science, and Utopias      260
Bibliography     267
Name Index     275
Subject Index     280

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