Growth Oriented Women Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses: A Global Research Perspective

Growth Oriented Women Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses: A Global Research Perspective

by Candida G. Brush

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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
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New Horizons in Entrepreneurship Series
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Table of Contents

1Introduction : the Diana Project International3
2Women's entrepreneurship in Australia : present and their future23
3Women's entrepreneurship in Canada : progress, puzzles and priorities53
4State of the art of women's entrepreneurship, access to financing and financing strategies in Denmark88
5Women's entrepreneurship in Finland112
6Women's entrepreneurship in Germany : progress in a still traditional environment128
7Women's entrepreneurship in Norway : recent trends and future challenges154
8Women's entrepreneurship in the United States184
9Comparing the growth and external funding of male- and female-controlled SMEs in Australia205
10Builders and leaders : six case studies of men and women small proprietors in the Bulgarian construction industry232
11Access to finance for women entrepreneurs in Ireland : a supply-side perspective259
12Women entrepreneurs in New Zealand : private capital perspectives284
13The supply of finance to women-led ventures : the Northern Ireland experience308
14Female entrepreneurial growth aspirations in Slovenia : an unexploited resource330
15Spain - the gender gap in small firms' resources and performance : still a reality?348
16Gender, entrepreneurship and business finance : investigating the relationship between banks and entrepreneurs in the UK373

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