Gu Mixed, Vol. 2 [Unmixed CD DJ Format]

Gu Mixed, Vol. 2 [Unmixed CD DJ Format]


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Global Underground

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Disc 1

  1. Starstrings
  2. On Just Foot
  3. Everything
  4. Join Ur Hands
  5. Show You
  6. Need in Me
  7. Third Knife
  8. Open
  9. Acrostico
  10. Rub Your Potion
  11. Pretty Girls Make Mothers

Disc 2

  1. Table 5
  2. Redokow (2AM P-Trip)
  3. Silverlake Pills
  4. Moog Me
  5. Face the Music
  6. Sleep Deprivation
  7. Don't Be Silent

Disc 3

  1. The Dream
  2. Keep Movin'
  3. Get into the Music
  4. I Need a Little More
  5. I Know a Place
  6. Muzik Takes Me Higher
  7. Don't Know What You're Missin'
  8. You Can't Stop the Groove
  9. Reach
  10. Advances

Disc 4

  1. You Don't Get Stop
  2. Instrumental Need
  3. Set U Free
  4. Welcome to the Factory
  5. Funkatarium
  6. Trippin' on Sunshine
  7. France
  8. Always
  9. Straight Up House

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nadine Renee   Vocals
Aaron-Carl   Background Vocals
A. Cole   Vocals
James Dewees   Vocals
Dominique Woolf   Vocals
James Ford   Track Performer
Páll Óskar Hjalmtyrsson   Background Vocals
E. Bazil   Vocals
Dirty Princess   Vocals

Technical Credits

Dale Anderson   Composer,Producer
Laurent Garnier   Composer
John Rocca   Composer,Producer
Pizzaman   Composer
Angel Moraes   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Victor Simonelli   Arranger,Composer,Producer
George Acosta   Producer
Nick Fiorucci   Composer,Producer
A. Grimwood   Composer,Producer
J. Viney   Composer,Producer
Simon Thornton   Engineer
Jake Walters   Producer
Rob Sinclair   Composer,Producer
Young Braves   Composer
Barry Ashworth   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Asad Rizvi   Composer,Programming,Producer
Daniel Diaz DeLeon   Composer,Producer
Birgir Thorarinsson   Composer
A. Cole   Composer
Adam Freeland   Composer
Jason O'Bryan   Producer,Remixing
James Dewees   Composer
Rob Mello   Composer,Producer
Jody Wisternoff   Composer,Producer
Ashley Casselle   Composer,Programming,Producer
P.J. Kelly   Producer
DJ Kiko Navarro   Producer,Remixing
Chus L. Esteban   Composer,Producer
Dominique Woolf   Composer
Gui Boratto   Composer,Producer
René Amesz   Composer,Producer
Julian Peake   Composer,Producer
Paul "Blind Man" Harris   Producer
Julian Sanza   Composer,Producer
James Ford   Producer,Engineer
Peter Gelderblom   Composer,Producer
Alex Drury   Composer
Anil Chawla   Composer,Producer
James Christopher   Composer,Programming,Producer
Thomas Sagstad   Composer
Markus Schössow   Composer
T. Liken   Producer,Engineer
Mike Perras   Producer
Julian Peck   Producer,Remixing
Michael Ova   Producer
Finbarr Massi   Composer,Producer
Bernard Fevre   Composer
Paul Hawker   Composer,Producer
Rob Below   Composer,Producer

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