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Global Underground


Disc 1

  1. An Evening with Bobi Bros  -  Trentemøller
  2. Dibiza  - Danny Tenaglia
  3. Lovin  -  Jay Leblone
  4. Sheshi Loungingw  -  Anil Chawla
  5. The Operatah  - Angel Moraes
  6. Another Man  - Eric Borgo
  7. Harmonize  -  Spirit Catcher
  8. Magical  -  Gamma Rox
  9. Superflyin  -  Cubic
  10. Twelve  -  Arias
  11. Music from the Heart  - Oliver Koletzki
  12. Genesis  -  D-Dub
  13. Mal Funktion  -  Emjae
  14. Shake It  -  Dom Almond
  15. Manga  -  Leo Girardi
  16. Razorblade  -  Coburn
  17. Witchi Tai To  -  X-Press 2
  18. Waiting for You  -  Bent
  19. Burn My Shadow  -  UNKLE

Disc 2

  1. Azure, Pt. 1  -  Slam
  2. Rockbottom  -  Zdar
  3. School of Thought  - Kevin Swain
  4. Warm Milk  - James Talk
  5. Female
  6. Indestructible  -  Trafik
  7. Big Rooms Bigger Tunes  - Stu Hirst
  8. Xcellr8  - Rodolfo Wehbba
  9. Mexico Can Wait  - DJ Remy
  10. Winter  - Aril Brikha
  11. Saturn @@Sébastien Léger
  12. Perspective @@Rex Mundi
  13. Jade  -  Spektre
  14. C U Next Tuesday @@Bleach Eating Pimps
  15. C U Next Tuesday @@Bleach Eating Pimps
  16. Blackbox  - Jim Rivers
  17. New Path  - Jan Burton
  18. Patchwork Guilt  - Paul Hartnoll

Disc 3

  1. If You Don't Love Me  -  Prefab Sprout
  2. Open Your Mind  -  Last Rhythm
  3. One High  -  Soundsource
  4. Good Feeling  -  Doi-Oing
  5. Nicht Walk  -  Kamasutra
  6. Why Naked @@C-Concept
  7. Chica Boom @@S-Bam
  8. Hack #1  -  Think Tank
  9. Shock the Beat  -  Electric Chocolate
  10. Hold Me Back  -  WestBam
  11. Gimme a Smile @@Lost Tribe
  12. Vertigo  -  Oval 5 Project
  13. Love Nature @@Histerya
  14. Psychedelic Solution  -  Dance 2 Trance
  15. Paraglide  -  Paragliders
  16. Nasty Rhythm  -  Creative Thieves
  17. Sweet Sensation  -  Shades of Rhythm
  18. Let Me Hear You (Say Yeah)  -  PKA
  19. Together  -  Smallage
  20. Break of Dawn  -  Rhythm on the Loose
  21. These Are My People  -  Members of the House

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Judy Cheeks   Vocals
Tim DeLaughter   Vocals
Nick Hale   Track Performer
Gez Dewar   Track Performer
Junkie XL   Musician
Charlie May   Track Performer
Duncan Forbes   Track Performer
Darren Morris   Bass Guitar,Keyboards
Bill Beaver   Vocals
Jan Burton   Vocals
T. Bertelsen   DJ
Heidrun Bjornsdottir   Vocals
Vicky Elliott   Vocals
Tunesia Fowler   Vocals
Clarence Jr. Kendricks   Vocals
Quentin Mcrae   Vocals
Hassan Watkins   Vocals

Technical Credits

Jim Pepper   Composer
Dale Anderson   Composer,Producer
Ian Astbury   Composer
Jam el Mar   Composer
Future Sound of London   Producer,Remixing
Paul Hartnoll   Composer,Producer
Eric Kupper   Composer,Producer
Steve Lipson   Producer
Paul Maddox   Composer,Producer
Heff Moraes   Engineer
Dave Seaman   Composer,Producer
Danny Tenaglia   Composer
Paddy McAloon   Composer
Angel Moraes   Composer,Producer
X-Press 2   Arranger,Producer
Stuart McMillan   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Orde Meikle   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Richard Searle   Composer,Producer
Underground Resistance   Composer
Think Tank   Composer
Steve Dub   Engineer
John Elliott   Composer,Producer
Alex Neri   Arranger,Producer
Adam Wren   Producer
Marco Cordi   Arranger,Producer
Frank de Wulf   Composer
Gez Dewar   Composer
Tim Healy   Composer,Producer
Geoff Hibbert   Producer
Nick Hook   Composer
Klaus Jankuhn   Composer,Producer
Torsten Stenzel   Composer
Victor Calderone   Composer,Producer
Roland Klinkenberg   Composer,Producer
Oliver Lieb   Composer,Producer
Marco Baroni   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Kevin Swain   Composer,Producer
Dance 2 Trance   Producer,Engineer
Junkie XL   Remixing
Sasha   Remixing
Shades of Rhythm   Producer,Engineer
Lino Lodi   Composer,Producer
Stefano Mango   Composer,Producer
Lars Sandberg   Composer,Producer,Engineer
DJ Chus   Producer
Philippe Zdar   Composer,Producer
Aril Brikha   Composer,Producer
Morgan King   Composer
Francesco Farfa   Producer,Remixing
Remy Unger   Composer,Producer
Santos   Producer
Phil Kelsey   Composer,Producer
Sebastien Leger   Producer
Joy Kitikonti   Producer,Remixing
Eric Borgo   Composer,Producer
Greg Fleming   Programming,Engineer
Nail Tolliday   Composer
Bump   Producer,Remixing
Chus L. Esteban   Composer,Executive Producer
Pablo Ceballos   Producer
Andrew Archer   Composer,Producer
Stelios Vassiloudis   Producer,Remixing
Matt Johnson   Arranger,Producer
Carlos Calico   Executive Producer
Louis K.   Producer
Tobias Lützenkirchen   Producer
Stu Hirst   Composer,Producer
Pete Martin & the Versatile Keys   Producer
Oliver Koletzki   Composer
Anil Chawla   Composer,Producer
James Talk   Composer,Producer
Jim Rivers   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Boy Hagemann   Composer,Producer
Cubic   Producer
S Bam   Producer
Rodolfo Wehbba   Producer
Soundsource   Producer
Gamma Rox   Producer
Saul B   Composer,Producer
Leo Girardi   Composer,Producer
Tolliday   Producer
Mills   Producer
Frank Beckers   Producer,Remixing
T. Bertelsen   Programming,Producer
Sergio Bonzanni   Producer
Cappaccioni   Producer
Trey Crasseux   Producer,Remixing
DJ Miky Mouse   Engineer
Ival 4   Arranger,Producer
Edoardo Milani   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Denis Quarin   Composer,Producer
Alivier Raymond   Producer
Raff Rodesco   Producer
Sanvido   Arranger,Producer
Christian Wedekind   Producer,Remixing
Tom Sohat   Composer,Producer
Maison D'Etre   Producer,Remixing
Richard "Spektre" Wakley   Producer
Nick Wilde   Composer,Producer
Jean Vanesse   Composer,Producer
Muzak   Producer
Raff Todesco   Composer
Dave "The Wave" Dresden   Composer
Steve Anderson   Composer,Producer

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