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by Angela Correll

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FORMER NEW YORK CITY flight attendant Annie Taylor is adjusting to farm life when her grandmother considers tearing down the old stone house, unable to finance a restoration after a summer fire. Annie's boyfriend, Jake, has severed his corporate life in Cincinnati and is jumping headlong into sustainable farming on the land next door. Their new relationship is


FORMER NEW YORK CITY flight attendant Annie Taylor is adjusting to farm life when her grandmother considers tearing down the old stone house, unable to finance a restoration after a summer fire. Annie's boyfriend, Jake, has severed his corporate life in Cincinnati and is jumping headlong into sustainable farming on the land next door. Their new relationship is wonderful-but can it last? As they take steps forward, her paralyzing fear of abandonment threatens to destroy her trust in Jake. As Annie works to save the old stone house, she finds letters written during World War II that reveal a family mystery and an Italian connection. Her grandmother is hesitant to uncover the secret, afraid of what it might mean to her family's name if they discover the truth. Comments from a nosy neighbor solidify Annie's fears about herself and when Beulah agrees for Annie to travel to Italy to uncover the truth about her family, Annie is happy for the time away to sort out her feelings. In the meantime, Beulah is left with an unexpected Italian-Catholic houseguest who wreaks havoc with Beulah's Baptist ways and country routine. As the family mystery unfolds in Italy, Annie is forced to face her own past. Will she let history sabotage the future?

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"Guarded is a moving, deeply felt novel of love and rebuilding and the way letters can bridge generations and continents both. This multi-layered tale of mystery and family and finding love when it seems on the brink of being lost forever is a fitting sequel to Grounded, and Angela Correll has proven yet again she¹s a storyteller of the first order. Read this book!"

"Correll writes on a parallel with Garrison Keilllor's Lake Wobegon Days, giving us characters and places so memorable that we feel as though we could stop in for a glass of sweet tea."
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"Guarded is another winner" Jan Watson, author of the Troublesome Creek series

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Angela Correll is the author of Grounded. She lives on a farm in Central Kentucky with her husband, Jess, and an assortment of grass-fed cattle, horses, goats and chickens. Correll owns a retail shop and is co-owner of a farm-to-table restaurant. Her debut novel, Grounded, was an Amazon bestseller. Correll was named to the Kentucky Heritage Council and named a Kentucky Great Writer by the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning in Lexington.

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Guarded 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
NanceeMarchinowski More than 1 year ago
Guarded is a wonderful novel of family dynamics, including extended family and a search for information regarding Annie's ancestors. The old stone house on her grandmother's property holds a key to Annie's past, and her future. A connection with a brilliant, elderly black woman unlocked many of the keys to both of their families and an unsuspected history they share. I was so connected to this book that I had a lot of trouble putting it aside. Annie is a sweet but insecure young woman who is searching for pieces of her past and rekindling a relationship with the young man she grew up with. There is no predicting where this story is going. It's a witty and poignant adventure through a small farming community and beyond. Characters vary from Annie's straight-laced baptist grandmother to her neighbor who is a sophisticated lady and mother to Annie's heartthrob. The neighborhood gossip can weasel a story from the most tight lipped individual, and numerous other colorful and believable characters fill in the gaps. I was so comfortable with each of the characters, they could have been my neighbors. Descriptive and tenderly written, there are layers to the story that are interwoven, leading to some very heartwarming and endearing encounters. I'm very impressed with this author's writing style, and look forward to reading more of her novels. Don't miss out on a wonderful journey through a closely knit community and blended relationships that will warm your heart. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Sometimes the best kept secrets lay buried where no one can hopefully find them. However this is not the case. When a fire burns through one room of the stone home in Kentucky, Annie Taylor along with her grandmother Beulah discovered a metal box containing letters from Beulah's parents as they received word from her brother Ephraim who was serving overseas during WWII. It isn't so much what is discovered in the stack of letters her parents kept, but why would they keep them buried beneath the floorboards of the bedroom? Annie struggles with trying to find a job as she helps her grandmother decide if the family home is worth salvaging from the fire or whether she should just accept the paltry insurance check they they have offered along with a local estimate to salvage from the home what is left. It would mean the possibility to rebuilding a new home, but is it possible this old stone home is worth more than what the insurance company and others believe it is? Is there a possibility it might just be a historical landmark of some sort and thus gain some money to restore it rather than level it and begin again? As Annie tries to find ways through research on the old family home she uncovers a bit about herself in the process. Just as her boyfriend Jake moves home, they are beginning to slowly learn more about one another. Why is it so easy for Jake to fit into this small town and find a job whereas everywhere Annie looks no one seems to be hiring, or it is that no one simply wants to hire her? Will she be able to come to terms with her own past before she can begin to discover a potential future with Jake or are some secrets simply better off not being known at all? I received Guarded by Angela Correll compliments of Koehler Books for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review of the book. This is the sequel to Grounded, Angela's previous novel even though it's not formerly in a series per say and you gain quite a bit more of Annie and Jake's background as well as Beulah's if you start there first before reading Guarded. I love the tie in with WWII because I am a huge fan of history and love the elements that she incorporated to learn what happened to Beulah's brother during the war through real letters that the author read from people who had written home. It just keeps that element more believable as you read through them and understood how they might have wanted to keep those at home from worry while gaining a bit of home in the process by asking questions about what was going on at home. A wonderful story that is sure to resound in the hearts of romance fans everywhere and for me, once again another splendid edition to my home library, for that reason it garners a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.