Guardians of Eden Set One

Guardians of Eden Set One

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by KH LeMoyne
Enjoy the first three stories in the Guardians of Eden series in one volume.


What would you do to save your people from extinction? What if your race held the key to mankind's future? One Guardian will risk hell to change the future.

Descended from the race of Guardians, Turen's people have survived the last two hundred


Enjoy the first three stories in the Guardians of Eden series in one volume.


What would you do to save your people from extinction? What if your race held the key to mankind's future? One Guardian will risk hell to change the future.

Descended from the race of Guardians, Turen's people have survived the last two hundred years, quarantined and isolated. Living in secrecy with no mates and no offspring, they fail to deliver on their ability to replenish and heal human souls through the birth of their Guardian children. Risking his life, Turen chooses capture at the hands of a comrade-turned-enemy to seek answers to change the future.

Mia Bowman has no knowledge of the secret Guardian race. Yet, her uncontrollable, nocturnal summons to Turen's prison cell and her strong sense of justice leave her with little choice but to help him. She can heed his warning and stay clear of his people's problems or she can ferret out the lies and unravel an ancient tale of murder and deceit. It will take an ultimate sacrifice to stop the unexpected evil and reverse a fatal ending to the Guardian line.


They are the Guardians of Eden--each created with a unique supernatural talent.

Having successfully hidden her abilities from humans for two hundred years, Briet quietly applies the gifts of cellular-level vision to help patients in need. Until she meets her human soul-mate, Jason Ballard.

Jason holds the reigns to the protocol Briet's patients' need for recovery. But can she trust a man all too human and grounded in his world to understand hers, much less believe her? When a deadly threat targets her patients, he is the only one she trusts to help stop an evil only the two of them can fight.

Jason has a perfect success rate for delivering of new drugs from test-to-market. Used to influencing people, rules and guidelines delineate every facet of his professional and personal life. The last thing he expects is to be tempted to waiver by the new spitfire doctor on his latest test team. Especially as she starts stirring up issues. Dangerous issues. Issues flagging jeopardy for the lives of the children in the test. Issues the drug manufacturer, his employer, would prefer be ignored. An unacceptable outcome, forcing Jason to walk a dangerous line between job and conscience as he plunges with Briet to ferret out the twisted scheme in time to save her patients.

Escalating to a final life-altering decision, Jason will risk every careful plan he's ever made for the woman he learns to value more than life. For Jason and Briet, their final gamble will change destiny more than either could ever predict.


The only difference between fate and destiny is choice.

Tsu Halan, Guardian defense master, has honed his skills and waited patiently over the centuries for the covenant's promise of a mate to share his soul and a family to cherish. Close enough to taste fulfillment, the dark echoes of the past threaten with danger and death.

Jai Dashkov harbors her own painful secrets of harsh betrayal and tender loss. Her desperate search to reclaim her life doesn't allow room in her heart to deviate for love.

Together they are stronger than apart, but the promise of the covenant is a perpetual test. One that Tsu and Jai must conquer in time or suffer an eternity for their failure.

A race of beings created in a Sanctum at the far edge of Eden. Co-existing with mankind, they safeguarded human souls and the promise of eternity--until a virus killed all over the age of eighteen. The surviving children fled to the Sanctum for protection, children raising children without the full legacy of their history and knowledge. Two hundred years of solitude have produced a race of semi-immortals fortified with powers and intellect but lacking the mates who will make them whole and allow them to fulfill their covenant with mankind.

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Meet the Author

KH LeMoyne is an award-winning author of paranormal and fantasy romance.

A former technology specialist, she lives in Maryland with her husband and corgis. Her love of things mystical and magical keeps her writing, with characters who fight for never-ending love against insurmountable odds. Well, that and occasionally she gets to write about elves, dragons, immortals, get the picture.

KH Lemoyne also writes urban fantasy under the name LW Herndon. Visit her website: or blog: for more information on free short stories and upcoming books.

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Guardians of Eden Set One 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its well with the money. This author is incredibly talented
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Finally a great storyline. and add to that a well proofed book and you can't lose. You won't regret buying this one. I will definitely stick with this author.
kph21 More than 1 year ago
More than a love story, more than a mystery, more than a good versus evil, more than... you get the idea. K. H. LeMonye has created a vital world where the humans and Guardians come back together to reclaim their symbiotic relationship.  Betrayal's Shadow- Book 1 Turnan and Mia form the foundation of this new beginning. Their relationship grows and you see each of them come into their own during the course of their tale. If that was it alone, it would be a wonderful love story with all the trials and tribulations that befall them, but there is more. Salvatore and Xavier who intertwined through this story you’re never how they story lines are going to play out. They add the twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.  Characters that will follow in the series have their introductions too.  Betrayal’s Shadow is masterfully written, a spell binding treat that left me ready to read the next book—Warrior Reborn Warrior Reborn – Book 2 The second in the Guardians of Eden Series, Warrior Reborn continues the story of the Guardians journey to follow their covenant. Briet, a Guardian uses her powers of healing to help the human race. As part of a team charged with a trial of an experimental drug, she uses her powers to protect her patients.  Jason is the administrator on site for the project. While he’s a black and white kind of guy, he soon finds that Briet adds all the color in life that he needs, but doesn’t want.  Their journey together provides opportunities to feel their growing pains. They have stumbled upon more than just a trial of a drug. Their paths cross with an old nemesis that keeps them spinning.  This is the second of the Guardians of Eden series. It is tightly written and had me reading until the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t want to put the book down. With its completion, I know book three, Destiny’s Mark is going to be my next read. Destiny’s Mark - Book 3 The third in the Guardian of Eden series opens the world of Tsu and his sister Quan, the Guardians that have taken on the task of healing the broken. Quan runs a sanctuary for women that have had dire circumstances befall them. She offers them a place of safety, a place to heal. She wants nothing more than to have her brother at her side in this endeavor. Tsu, the younger brother, loves his sister and sees the sanctuary as a place to start the healing for these women to return to be productive, and whole citizens of the world.  Jai is a complex human. Her life has been far from easy. Filled with secret she’s compartmentalized herself building walls and layers of protection. The only thing she truly desires is to find her daughter that was ripped from her by her family. These three come together, in a tale that is tightly woven. The depth of character development, and the way these three intertwine leads the reader through some of the hardest situations for a mother to go through.  I absolutely could not put the book down. I read until my eyes crossed and I still wanted more!  This is a wonderfully written series. The depth of character development, the plots that twine and intertwine like Tsu's vines leave the reader spellbound. Truly books of dedication, hope and love. I sincerely hope that this isn't the last of the Guardians of Eden. There is so much more that I want to know.