Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days

Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days

by Al Lautenslager

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Updated with fresh examples, the latest techniques and trends, new success stories, and fresh, practical marketing habits for today’s aspiring guerrillas, this new edition provides marketers with the latest guerrilla marketing tools and tactics. In just 30 chapters and 30 days, famous marketers Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager show eager


Updated with fresh examples, the latest techniques and trends, new success stories, and fresh, practical marketing habits for today’s aspiring guerrillas, this new edition provides marketers with the latest guerrilla marketing tools and tactics. In just 30 chapters and 30 days, famous marketers Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager show eager entrepreneurs how to zero in on their marketing goals and maximize their profits. New marketers learn from updated real-life examples and success stories and proven fundamental concepts, and use daily exercises to take their marketing to the next level — ultimately increasing profits, cutting costs, and gaining new customers. Topics detailed in this new edition include proximity marketing, thought leadership, integration of online and offline marketing, speaking and events, direct email, personalization, and implementation. With every step, Levinson and Lautenslager provide thorough action plans to help aspiring guerrillas stay on track, leaving no excuse for anything but success.

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"Want to quickly make your organization more marketable and user-friendly? Begin by reading this book and applying its concepts on a daily basis. It will jumpstart your engine and lead you down the most effective path in only 30 days!"
—Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Authors Jay Levinson and Al Lautenslager methodically explain strategies to help all businesses and organizations with their marketing. Spending 30 days with this book could be one of your more profitable actions this year."
—Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Power of Focus, and The Success Principles

“Only Jay and Al can deliver on the promise to fix your marketing in 30 days. Buying this book and taking 30 days to turbo-charge your company is a no-brainer.”
—Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start and CEO of Garage Technology Ventures

“At last, a detailed step-by-step marketing program that doesn’t take a lifetime to implement!”
—Roger Parker, author of Relationship Marketing for the Internet, Web Design for Dummies, and

“Don’t speed read Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days. Read just one chapter in a sitting, no more, and then write down ideas that you can use to improve your business. Now read another chapter the next day and write down ideas. You’ll find you’ll implement some truly great ideas before you’re halfway through the book. Try it.”
—Jon Spoelstra, author of Marketing Outrageously, a Wall Street Journal bestseller

“If you are strapped for cash as a small business or a business professional and want to turbo-charge your marketing, read Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days."
—Jeffrey J. Fox, bestselling author of How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business

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Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days – Third Edition

In today’s fast paced world, whether it is business or life in general, one may feel intimidated, maxed out or lost, not having a starting point. In the marketing world this is often observed at the many businesses that I come in contact with through consulting, speaking or general interaction and conversation. Later in this book and in the last revision I discuss implementation as being one of, if not the top, daunting challenges of business today. This certainly applies to marketing.

In the second revision I stated, “Our hopes and wishes came true with the first edition of this book. The 30-day concept proved to be a brilliant approach. It definitely worked, with that impact we were hoping for, for those that we were targeting.” At the time of this writing, now, the third revision, this has not changed. What has changed, are customer demands, approaches, searches for solutions, products and services, usage, technology and more. It is because of these that we learn, we get smarter, we discover new, we strive to do more, all in an effort to satisfy customers and to improve personal and professional performance. It is because of these that understanding new approaches becomes essential to marketing success. It is because of these that we revise… and here it is.

When we wrote the second revision, the economy was tanking. It gave us one more chance to tout our message that marketing is even more necessary in tough times. The economy might be on its way back to a more formidable level now, but regardless, entrepreneurs and business people alike, are always striving for more; more money; more time; more with less. In order to achieve this or that, something must change. Change can be a new beginning. Change is applying new techniques and methods to old or new. Change can be a revision.

Continuous improvement requires revisions. Continuous improvement is like the fitness trainer keeping his clients in shape or staying in shape himself. Today we want you stay in shape or if you aren’t in shape, get in shape. Continuous learning is never-ending. It is our goal to continue to revise as we learn more, as you need more, as your continuous improvement goals continue, as part of your individual or organization success.

How are you meeting these new challenges? Does your skill set allow you to adapt to new markets, new customer demands, new technologies and new ways of doing things? If the answer is no, then this book continues to be on your proverbial must read list.

Studies across the globe have shown that more and more individuals and companies are adapting to continuous learning. The swift pace that the business world changes means that organizations and individuals, both should challenge themselves to think differently, strategically and tactically in order to improve, gain a competitive advantage and satisfy more prospects and customers. That, plus the mere fact that the difference between companies achieving consistent success and those that are marginal, inconsistent, and struggling, is a devotion to continuous improvement and learning.

Also as we stated in the second revision of Guerrilla Marketing in 30, “When it comes to marketing, knowing where to start is a challenge for most businesses. Many try to do too much. Many cant find a starting point. Many don't know enough to begin. That is where Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days comes in. You will find that starting point and know exactly where to begin your marketing.” I re-state it here because this is still, and always, evident amongst our Guerrilla travels. Whether on-site with business clients or interacting with speaking audience members, many are still looking for that starting point. We talked about the Guerrilla Marketing mindset but it is almost a Nike mindset. As a business owner, a manager, a sales person or any representative of any company, when it comes to marketing, you just have to, “Just Do It.” Of course that is easier said than done for an evangelist but reading this revision will move you closer to your marketing groove and that evangelist status.

Markets have changed, customers have gotten smarter, prospects are sorting through the marketing clutter. That much we know. This third revision is a response to all of that.

Every time a new contact is made, a new client is worked with or a new marketing conversation occurs, we learn. We learn what works and what doesn't in this ever-changing world. In this revision we address the latest and more successful items of implementation and more of what works.

Is this revision exhaustive? No, it is not. Granted, and we have said this before too, marketing is made up of many, many, many things all working together. Most we address here; some we do not. While marketing is made up of many things, there are volumes of tomes to cover these many things. There is no way we can plow into all of the marketing concepts available to talk or write about. Yes, we do cover online marketing, on the surface in the first and second edition and yes we will cover more elements in this third revision. We will, however, not dive deep into the expanded field of social media marketing. While social media marketing is very guerrilla oriented and very common in all that we do today in the marketing arena, we will leave it to the other authors to generously cover this topic that has approached “genre” status, even though we did cover blogging in the second revision. Social Media Marketing is important and integral. So is everything else, covered in this third revision.

Consider the following, covered this time around; a revision to continuously improve your business, market presence and trips to make deposits in the bank account of your choice:

• The preeminent marketing challenge for all marketers is letting everyone that can buy from you, know about you. This takes into consideration developing the right target, delivering the right message, in the right way, frequently enough. This is the mantra of all marketing simplified to a few basic direct marketing components.

• Current customers already know you. Current customers already like you and most of all already trust you. This is all much easier to use in marketing than developing new likeness and trust with someone brand new. This translates in to using over half of your marketing resources, time and money on current customers.

• Entrepreneurs are great technologists. In other words, they are great at their business concentration; they typically are not great marketers. This translates into many making the dire mistake of not marketing because of that challenge. They know they have to market but they don't. They don't because they don't know where to start or how to put one foot in front of the other along the marketing path. Developing more of the mindset to create that starting point, to overcome that major mistake and to follow a road map along the marketing path is paramount in all business success formulas.

• Developing the right target includes specifying the ideal purchaser, collecting the appropriate contact information whether purchased, or permission based, of prospects. This is further developed in e-mail list development and customer list maintenance.

• Consumers trust personal recommendations, made up of word of mouth reviews and peer recommendations followed by online reviews over other marketing. Consumers see less bias or manipulation for these reviews and place more trust in them.

While advertisers large and small still spend millions to pay for flashy ads in traditional media, the “earned media” in the form of word-of-mouth and recommendations from peers, mentioned, are more believable. This leads to consumer reviews now being the most important type of content when it comes to making a purchase decision.

The suggested guerrilla tactics that stem from this involve testimonials and reviews in all forms of marketing.

• PR is still a very workable guerrilla tactic, requiring time, energy and imagination, more than actual checkbook dollars. Associating your business to something going on in the media world or to a current event will enhance PR and awareness while still subscribing to guerrilla principles. This is reviewed in this revision.

• Added to this revision are the reviews of the following guerrilla marketing tactics that have been pushed to the marketing forefront or increased in use, successfully. These are reviewed, described, and suggested in this third revision:

o Proximity Marketing

o Thought Leadership

o Integration of online and offline marketing

o Speaking and events

o Direct Email

o Personalization

o More on Implementation

These are still few compared to the many. The key, as in all of our marketing teachings is to find the strategies and tactics that you are comfortable with; comfortable emotionally as well as financially. Prioritize what you can do completely.

You can’t do everything listed in this book. We can’t do everything. I would be surprised if anyone can do every single thing mentioned here. That is all the more reason to pick and choose and prioritize.

We said it during the second revision and we will say it here as well as subsequent revisions: The concepts presented originally in Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, work. Businesses and organizations that implemented them gained new market share and put, “making deposits at the bank,” on their to-do list more often. Now it’s time for you to do the same.

This was stated in the introduction for the second revision and is worth re-stating here:

We say it all the time related to anything Guerrilla Marketing: This book is about Action. This book of action combined with the Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days – Workbook, is the perfect combination for any business or organization’s marketing. Guerrilla Marketing works and it works over and over and over. Just choose and implement one or two or three things that you can implement properly and completely and that you are comfortable with emotionally and financially and you will be on your way to more profits. We sometimes think that maybe this book ought to be entitled, Guerrilla Marketing, While Making a Profit. That title is music to all of our ears.

As we said in the First Edition (and in the Second Edition), you don’t have to read Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days – Third Edition in one day! If you commit yourself to reading one easy-to-understand chapter per day, this classic business book will enable you to absorb the material, speak the language, and acquire the confidence and expertise needed in today’s competitive business world. The same is true for this Third Edition.

Important guerrilla marketing concepts are crystallized in brief, easy to read daily principals and guidelines so you can learn, remember and see the results while your marketing power and momentum remains high.

You don’t have to be an expert! Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days – Third Edition was written with the knowledge that guerrilla marketing concepts and basic fundamentals are clearly written, quite simple and easy to follow, and when boiled down even further, understood by a wide audience.

We encourage you to spend more than one day on each of the following marketing components if you can. This primer is to set a program in motion that you are comfortable with and that is easily implemented. Ongoing review and continuous improvement are two guerrilla tactics that follow this start up beyond the 30 days.

Winning and keeping customers is the result of powerful and implemented guerrilla marketing. It is the key to business survival, growth, success and making more deposits into your bank account. Are you ready to begin your 30-day journey?

Meet the Author

The late Jay Conrad Levinson is the Father of Guerrilla Marketing. His books have sold more than 21 million copies worldwide, appear in 62 languages and have become the most powerful brand in the history of marketing. He was the chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International. Learn more at

Al Lautenslager is an award-winning marketing expert, best-selling author, highly sought-after speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. He is the principal of Market For Profits, a Midwestern-based marketing consulting firm, former president and owner of The Ink Well a direct marketing, printing and mailing company, and a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.

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