Guide Cats for the Blind: Songs and Poems of Les Barker

Guide Cats for the Blind: Songs and Poems of Les Barker


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Osmosys Records


Disc 1

  1. Guide Cats for the Blind
  2. Across the Plains of Africa
  3. Curse of the Baskervilles
  4. Stamped Addressed Antelope
  5. Sprouts
  6. Reg the Vegetable Gardener
  7. Custard Creams
  8. Waste Not, Want Not
  9. Shipping Forecast
  10. Crawl of the Light Brigade
  11. The Man Next Door's a Burglar
  12. Git a Long Little Dogie
  13. Administerium & The Science of Unclear Physics
  14. Nobody Hugs a Hedgehog
  15. Jehovah's Witness at the Door
  16. Blessed Are the Meek
  17. Sammy's Bar Revisited
  18. Amnesia
  19. The Last But One of the Mohicans
  20. Detritus/Tu Haiku

Disc 2

  1. Sidney
  2. Have You Got Any News of the Iceberg?
  3. Spot of the Antarctic
  4. An Infinite Number of Occasional Tables
  5. The Man Who Was Eaten by His Own Bum
  6. Voicemail
  7. It Was the Surprise More Than Anything
  8. Hard Cheese of Old England
  9. I Can't Find My Camouflage Net
  10. Detritus
  11. The Dog Formerly Known as Prince
  12. The Unigate Milkman
  13. Captain Indecisive
  14. One Legged Horse
  15. Lassie Free and Easy
  16. Ancient
  17. The Phoenix
  18. Everything Glows
  19. Jason and the Arguments
  20. Déjà Vu

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Martin Carthy   Guitar,Vocals
June Tabor   Background Vocals
Bill Caddick   Guitar,Vocals
Barry Dransfield   Violin,Cello
Bernard Wrigley   Piano,Voices
Don Thompson Quartet   Vocals
Dave Shannon   Piano
Hilary Spencer   Minister
Mike Harding   Vocals
Chris Buttery   Guitar
Lee Given   Percussion
Chris Harvey   Keyboards,Choir Master
Clive Lever   Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
David Reay   Guitar
Gay Reay   Vocals
Alison Younger   Minister
Allan Beswick   Minister

Technical Credits

Barker   Composer
Don Thompson Quartet   Executive Producer
Paul Donovan   Sleeve Notes
Mike Harding   Contributor
Nigel Schofield   Background Coordinator
Peter Bosher   Engineer
Bud Budzynski   Engineer
Becky Harris   Artwork
Clive Lever   Executive Producer
Hester Nevill   Contributor
Steve Plumpton   Engineer
Chris Harvey Pollington   Engineer
David Reay   Engineer,Tracked By
Gay Reay   Engineer,Tracked By
Inderjit Sandhu   Administration

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