Guide to the LEED Green Associate Exam / Edition 1

Guide to the LEED Green Associate Exam / Edition 1

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by Michelle Cottrell

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ISBN-10: 0470608293

ISBN-13: 9780470608296

Pub. Date: 10/04/2010

Publisher: Wiley

Proven strategies to pass the LEED® Green Associate exam
Here is the ideal study guide for understanding and preparing for the LEED® Green Associate exam. Written by an expert who is a LEED consultant and partner at Green Education Services—a premier LEED exam preparation provider—Guide to the LEED®


Proven strategies to pass the LEED® Green Associate exam
Here is the ideal study guide for understanding and preparing for the LEED® Green Associate exam. Written by an expert who is a LEED consultant and partner at Green Education Services—a premier LEED exam preparation provider—Guide to the LEED® Green Associate Exam engages readers by breaking down difficult concepts in sustainable design and engineering in a clearly organized, straightforward manner that helps streamline the learning process. Serving as a valuable resource for anyone looking for the challenging LEED Green Associate credential, Guide to the LEED® Green Associate Exam features:

·         A thorough overview to understanding the LEED certification process

·         A collection of sample test questions and study tips to reinforce learned material

·         An accessible and stimulating approach that fosters quicker retention

·         A set of strategies for summarizing critical information and details more effectively

·         A wealth of material that includes drawings, charts, and diagrams to help understand concepts visually

·         A total of 128 sample flashcards that allow you to study on the go!

Covering basic knowledge of green design, construction, and operations for professionals who want to demonstrate green building expertise in nontechnical fields of practice, this book is the ultimate companion for achieving successful results on the LEED Green Associate exam.

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Table of Contents


PART ONE: Ramping Up.

Chapter One: Understanding the Credentialing Process.

The Tiers of the Credentialing Process.

The First Tier: LEED Green Associate.

The Second Tier: LEED Accredited Professional (AP) with Specialty.

The Third Tier: LEED AP Fellow.

The Application Process.




Why Earn the LEED Credentials?

Chapter Two: Introduction to the Concepts and Process of Sustainable Design.

The Benefits of Green Buildings.

The Triple Bottom Line.

The Design and Construction Process.

The Project Team Members.

Conventional Projects vs. the Integrative Design Approach.

Do Green Buildings Cost More?

Chapter Three: Third Party Verification.


Roles and Responsibilities .

The Policies of USGBC and GBCI .

Chapter Four: Understanding LEED.

The LEED Rating Systems.

LEED for New Construction and Major Renovation (LEED NC).

LEED for Schools.

LEED for Healthcare.

LEED for Core & Shell (LEED C&S).

LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED CI).

LEED for Retail.

LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED EBOM).

LEED for Homes and LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND).

The Categories of LEED.

Prerequisites and Credits.

Credit Weightings.

Chapter Five: The LEED Certification Process Summarized.

LEED Online.

LEED for Existing Buildings.

Minimum Program Requirements.

The Certification Process for Projects.

The Timeframes of Certification Reviews.

LEED for Homes and Neighborhood Development.



PART TWO: Diving In: The Strategies & Technologies of LEED.

Chapter Six: Sustainable Sites.

Site Selection.


Brownfield Sites.



Promote Alternative Methods of Transportation.

LEED for Neighborhood Development.

Site Design & Management.


Stormwater Management.


Chapter Seven: Water Efficiency.

Indoor Water Use .


Outdoor Water Use for Irrigation.


Process Water.


Chapter Eight: Energy & Atmosphere.


Minimum Energy Performance.

Process Energy vs. Regulated Energy.


Existing Buildings.

Strategies to Satisfy Energy & Atmosphere Prerequisites and Credits.

Energy Demand.

Energy Efficiency.

Renewable Energy.

Ongoing Energy Performance.

Chapter Nine: Materials & Resources.

Conducting Life-Cycle Assessments of Building Materials to Determine Selections.

Calculating Green Building Products for LEED.

Building Material Life-Cycle Impacts.

Waste Management.

Strategies to Reduce Waste.

Chapter Ten: Indoor Environmental Quality.

Indoor Air Quality.

IAQ During Construction.

IAQ During Operations.


Thermal Comfort.






Chapter Eleven: Innovation in Design and Regional Priority.

Innovation in Design.

Regional Priority.

PART THREE: Study Tips and Appendices.

Chapter Twelve: Study Tips.

Preparing for the LEED Green Associate Exam: Week Five.

Practice Exam Approach .

The Testing Center Environment.

Exam Structure.

When at the Testing Center.

Exam Scoring.

After the Exam.


A. Rating Systems Overview.

B. Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs).

C. LEED Certification Process .

D. Main Category Summaries.

E. Trade Offs and Synergies .

F. Sample LEED NC Checklist/Scorecard.

G. Sample Credit.

H. Traditional Project Development vs. Integrative Project Development.

I. Referenced Standards.

J. Acronyms.

K. Answers to Quiz Questions.

L. Sample Flashcards.


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Guide to the LEED Green Associate Exam 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Gang_Chen_LEED_AP_AIA More than 1 year ago
"Guide to the LEED Green Associate Exam" has 12 chapters. It covers some basic content for LEED GA Exam, including information on LEED credentialing process, introduction to the concepts and process of sustainable design, roles of USGBC and GBCI, LEED rating systems, LEED certification process, general introduction of the LEED credit categories, introduction of the LEED GA Exam, appendixes, credits, index, and sample flash cards. This book also has some black and white interior photos and diagrams. Quiz questions are placed at the end of each chapter. Personally I prefer to have at least a complete set of mock exam at the end of the book so that LEED GA candidates can have a feel of the real timed test of 100 questions within 2 hours. "Guide to the LEED Green Associate Exam" has 208 pages. It could help to alleviate the problem of the shortage of LEED GA Exam prep materials. Gang Chen, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Author of "LEED GA Exam Guide," "LEED GA Mock Exams," and other books on various LEED exams, architecture, and landscape architecture
Anonymous More than 1 year ago