Guidebook to Texas Taxes

Guidebook to Texas Taxes

by Eric L. Stein

ISBN-10: 0808017519

ISBN-13: 9780808017516

Pub. Date: 12/28/2007

Publisher: Toolkit Media Group

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Toolkit Media Group
Publication date:
Cch State Tax Guidebooks Ser.
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
6.05(w) x 8.99(h) x 0.85(d)

Table of Contents

Highlights of 2007 Texas Tax Changes     9
Tax Calendar     15
Tax Rates     17
Federal/State Key Feature Comparisons     18
Business Incentives and Credits     23
Franchise Tax
Rates, Taxpayers Subject, Exemptions     27
Basis of Tax     43
Allocation and Apportionment     69
Credits and Other Tax Incentives     83
Returns and Payment     99
Collection of Tax     113
Taxpayer Remedies     119
Sales and Use Taxes
Persons and Transactions Subject to Tax     121
Basis and Rate of Tax     131
Exemptions     201
Returns, Payments, Records, Administration     239
Credits     249
Collection of Tax     251
Inheritance Taxes
Estate and Generation-Skipping Taxes     255
Property Taxes
Property Taxes     261
Miscellaneous Taxes
Unemployment Compensation     291
Other State Taxes     301
Alcoholic Beverages Taxes     301
Cigarette and Tobacco Products Taxes     302
Insurance Taxes     304
Motor Fuel Taxes     308
Motor Vehicle Registration Fees     312
Hotel Occupancy Tax     313
Utilities Taxes     316
Severance Taxes     317
Environmental Taxes and Fees     319
Sexually Oriented Business Admission Fee     321
Administration and Procedure
Administration, Reports, and Payment     323
Collection of Tax     329
Taxpayer Remedies     339
Texas Resources     347
Doing Business in Texas
Fees and Taxes     353
Unclaimed Property
Unclaimed Property     355
Law and Rule Locator     359
Topical Index     365

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