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Guinea Pigs Online: Furry Towers

Guinea Pigs Online: Furry Towers

by Jennifer Gray

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In this hilarious adventure for elementary school readers, a team of lovable, fuzzy guinea pigs go online to solve mysteries. "A really amusing story, with irresistible characters, that will delight readers age 5+, in a chunky format that is just right for small hands," says Parents in Touch.

Furry Towers promises the best food and fabulous


In this hilarious adventure for elementary school readers, a team of lovable, fuzzy guinea pigs go online to solve mysteries. "A really amusing story, with irresistible characters, that will delight readers age 5+, in a chunky format that is just right for small hands," says Parents in Touch.

Furry Towers promises the best food and fabulous facilities for guinea pigs—Fuzzy and Coco are so excited! But when they arrive, the friends find themselves in a smelly old hutch with only moldy lettuce to eat. Coco is not impressed! And it soon becomes clear that something terribly sinister is going on at Furry Towers—can the friends save the day again?

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From the Publisher
"Jennifer Gray and Amanda Swift's comical Guinea Pigs Online series for 5+ brings stories about pets surprisingly up to date" —The Sunday Times"

adorably zany story ... Bursting with jokes"—The Telegraph, on Guinea Pigs Online

Product Details

Publication date:
Guinea PIgs Online Series , #2
Product dimensions:
5.25(w) x 7.25(h) x 0.75(d)
Age Range:
6 - 9 Years

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"Oh dear," said Coco the guinea pig, in her delicate, posh voice. (As you probably know, guinea pigs can make lots of different noises, but talking is something they only do when humans aren’t around.)

Coco got no response from her friend Fuzzy, so she tried again. "Oh dear, oh dear," she sighed a little louder.

Still no response! Honestly, Fuzzy could be so annoying sometimes.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, OH DEAR!" she said, and then gave a sigh so huge she nearly fell out of the hutch, where she was having a late-night read of the local newspaper.

"I can hear you," said Fuzzy as he danced on the laptop keyboard, which Ben had left open. Ben was Fuzzy’s owner, and he was rather forgetful, which was ideal for Fuzzy because it meant he could do a little late-night surfing on the Net.
"Then why don’t you ask me what’s wrong?" said Coco crossly.

"Because I already blinking well know," said Fuzzy, who was not posh at all. "You’re worried about being stolen."

"Well, aren’t you?" asked Coco, looking anxiously out of the French windows into the dark night. She wished Henrietta, who was her owner, had bought some curtains for them, but Henrietta, like her husband Ben, was also rather forgetful.
Sometimes she forgot to brush her hair, and sometimes he forgot to wear socks, and both of them had forgotten to have children, but it didn’t really matter, because Fuzzy and Coco were just as adorable as children, with the added attraction of having lovely soft fur. "What if someone comes and steals us tonight?" asked Coco in a worried voice. "Like those other guinea pigs."

"They won’t," said Fuzzy, sliding his bottom along the mouse in order to change websites. "The doors are locked. Ben and Henrietta are asleep upstairs. If anyone broke in, they’d hear and come and save us."

"But what if …" Coco paused dramatically and glanced at Fuzzy to make sure he was listening. Sure enough, he had stopped tapping on the mouse and was lying still, ears back. She continued in a little, squeaky voice: "… they come while Ben and Henrietta are away?"

This is what Coco had been sighing about all along. Ben and Henrietta were due to go on holiday in only two days’ time. They were going to save seals down on the coast, which wouldn’t be a holiday for most people. What’s more, Henrietta was a vet, and Ben worked for an animal rescue centre, so it really was a bit like their work. But then again, they loved all animals, and most people try to do what they love on holiday, and for Ben and Henrietta that was rescuing seals.

"We’ll just have to run away and hide somewhere where they can’t get us," said Fuzzy, trying to sound tougher than he felt.

"But the Sheltie who was taken was really fast! He won the Rodent Race at his owner’s school!" exclaimed Coco, tapping the photo of a handsome black and white longhaired guinea pig in the newspaper. "And he got stolen. He was a rare breed too, like some of the others. So in total that’s fifty-five guinea pigs stolen in the Strawberry Park area since Christmas. I dread to think why they’re being taken. I hope it isn’t Scarlet Cleaver up to her tricks again."
Scarlet Cleaver was a famous chef who had stolen guinea pigs because she wanted to cook them. She had even stolen Fuzzy. Luckily Coco had been able to rescue all the guinea pigs, with a little help from her new guinea-pig friend Eduardo and Her Majesty the Queen.

"Scarlet Cleaver’s still in prison," Fuzzy reminded Coco. "And anyway," he said, glancing at the newspaper, "that doesn’t look much like Scarlet Cleaver, unless she’s grown a beard and started wearing a hat."

A grainy photograph of the suspect stared back at them from the page. Coco shivered. ‘Imagine meeting him on a dark night!’ she squealed. "I mean, what if …?"

"What about this?" Fuzzy interrupted. He was staring at the computer screen. Coco came and sat next to him on the mouse.

"'Come to Furry Towers'," Fuzzy read out loud, "'the Ultimate Five-Star Guinea-Pig Hotel'."

"Guinea-pig hotel?" repeated Coco. "Now you’re being silly, Fuzzy. There’s no such thing as a guinea-pig hotel."

"Yes, there is, Coco. Look!"

Coco reluctantly looked up at the screen. She wasn’t very keen on computers. She much preferred newspapers, and chatting with her guinea-pig friends, like Banoffee, who lived next door.

‘“Let us pamper your guinea pig!”’ she read. ‘“Furry Towers offers the ultimate cavy experience – from our luxury accommodation to our state-of-the-art beauty spa. Your pet will have sweet dreams on our handpicked hay beds. Meals are served in the deluxe hutches or out in the spacious runs and consist of organic vegetables delicately shredded or diced. Let your pet exercise in our fully equipped gym, an exact model of the Olympic training facility, and relax afterwards in the spa, where he or she can enjoy an aromatherapy bubble bath followed by a blueberry-and-vanilla facial.”’

"Oh, Fuzzy," Coco sighed, only this time it wasn’t a worried sigh – it was a happy sigh.

"You like it, don’t you?" He looked at her lovingly, because they did love each other; they just weren’t in love like Ben and Henrietta.

Coco nodded her head. "I would want to go there even if there wasn’t any guinea-pig-napping going on. It sounds the most wonderful place in the world. I wish the holiday started tomorrow …" Then she looked worried again. "But how will we get Ben and Henrietta to take us there? They might not even know about it."

"Easy," said Fuzzy, tapping a couple of keys on the computer. "We just leave this page open for Ben to read."

"I see," said Coco, although she didn’t really see how a screen could have a page. She wasn’t going to admit that to Fuzzy though.

Next morning, the first thing Ben did when he came down to the kitchen was to check on the guinea pigs, because he too had heard about the guinea-pig-nappings and wanted to make sure that Fuzzy and Coco were still safe in their hutch. Neither Ben nor Henrietta had any idea that the guinea pigs were so clever they could let themselves out when the humans weren’t around. Happy to see them sleeping safely in the soft hay, he went over to the computer to look at the day’s news.

To his surprise, it wasn’t showing its usual home page. It was open on a website he hadn’t seen or heard of before:
Come to Furry Towers, the Ultimate Five-Star Guinea-Pig Hotel!
What a good idea, he thought, because he and Henrietta had been talking about the guinea-pig-nappings only the day before, and had agreed that it was a worry to leave Fuzzy and Coco with the little girl down the road only coming in once a day to feed them. With no one living in the house, they would be easier to steal. "Henrietta must have found the site after I went to bed," he said aloud, "and left it open for me to see."

When Henrietta got up, she thought the same as Ben did. Ben must have found the website while she was having her bath, and had left it open for her to see.
Over breakfast they decided to send their precious guinea pigs to the hotel.

"You are clever, darling," Henrietta said.

"So are you, darling," Ben said.

"It’s the perfect solution – to send them to a hotel."

"Yes, perfect."

While Ben gave the guinea pigs their morning stroke, Henrietta picked up the telephone.

"Hello, is that Furry Towers?"

Coco and Fuzzy listened eagerly.

"Do you have space for two guinea pigs for a week from Wednesday?"

The two guinea pigs held their breath.

"You do? That’s great!"

Coco and Fuzzy started squeaking with delight.

Ben looked at them fondly. "If I didn’t know better, I’d say you two already knew you were going on holiday!" he laughed.

Meet the Author

Jennifer Gray is a former lawyer and now writes children's comedy. Her other work includes the Atticus Claw series. She lives in central London and Scotland with her family.

Amanda Swift is a former actress. She has written for several children's series, including My Parents are Aliens, and dramatized two Jacqueline Wilson books for Radio 4. She has written three novels for the 9+ age group. She lives in southeast London.

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