Guitar Evangelists (1928-1951)

Guitar Evangelists (1928-1951)


Fine historical recordings by Rev. Charles White, Mother McCollum and others.See more details below


Fine historical recordings by Rev. Charles White, Mother McCollum and others.

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  1. I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me  -  Wife
  2. Hide Me in the Blood of Jesus  -  Blind Benny Paris and Wife
  3. I Wouldn't Mind Dying (But I Gotta Go By Myself)  -  Son
  4. You Better Quit Drinking Shine  -  Wife & Son
  5. Does Jesus Care?  - Blind Willie Harris
  6. Where He Leads Me (I Will Follow)  - Blind Willie Harris
  7. Down on Me  -  Eddie Head and His Family
  8. Lord I'm the True Vine  -  Eddie Head and His Family
  9. Tryin' to Get Home  -  Eddie Head and His Family
  10. Within My Mind  -  Eddie Head and His Family
  11. I Want to See Him  - Mother McCollum
  12. When I Take My Vacation in Heaven  - Mother McCollum
  13. You Can't Hide  - Mother McCollum
  14. Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane  - Mother McCollum
  15. Oh Lord I'm Your Child  - Mother McCollum
  16. Glory, Glory Hallelujah  - Mother McCollum
  17. Go I'll Send Thee  - Dennis Crumpton
  18. Everybody Ought to Pray Sometime  - Dennis Crumpton
  19. Stand by Me  -  Sister Mathews
  20. How Long  -  Charles White
  21. Don't Want to Go There  - Willie Mae Williams
  22. Where the Sun Never Goes Down  - Willie Mae Williams
  23. There'll Be No Grumblers There  -  Brother Willie Eason
  24. I Want to Live (So God Can Use Me)  -  Brother Willie Eason
  25. A Little Old-Fashioned  - Sister Elizabeth Phillips
  26. There's Nothing Like the Holy Spirit  - Sister Elizabeth Phillips

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