Hair Transplantation, Fourth Edition

Hair Transplantation, Fourth Edition

by Walter P. Unger

Offers current views on pathogenesis and treatment of male pattern baldness. Details preoperative preparation guidelines, as well as graft planning and placement. Examines the anatomy of the scalp and considers complications associated with hair transplantation.  See more details below


Offers current views on pathogenesis and treatment of male pattern baldness. Details preoperative preparation guidelines, as well as graft planning and placement. Examines the anatomy of the scalp and considers complications associated with hair transplantation.

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Doody's Review Service
Reviewer: James P Newman, MD (Stanford University Medical Center)
Description: This is a comprehensive and detailed review of the current principles of hair transplantation surgery with a strong foundation covering basic science and practical clinical information. The authors have assembled a diversity of expert contributors to cover even more topics than the previous third edition published in 1995. Extraordinary work is included in this book covering recent advances in hair restoration surgery.
Purpose: The authors have set out to provide a firm foundation in hair transplantation surgery with both basic science and clinical applications. They have set out to expose the reader to a variety of techniques with reasoning and results showing efficacy and dispelling some of the rigid dogma which has permeated modern hair transplant surgery. These are worthy objectives in a field which sees a rapid exposition of new techniques to the consumer as well to surgeons in the field. The authors have done a superb job of meeting these objectives.
Audience: This book can be enjoyed both by those familiar and experienced in hair transplant surgery and by medical students and residents interested in learning about this field. This is the most comprehensive source on hair transplant surgery to date. It is refreshing to see the inclusion of different approaches in this field from two of the most authoritative and experienced surgeons in modern hair transplant practice.
Features: The book covers every step involved in preoperative assessment, surgical approaches to hair transplantation and details of postoperative management with well referenced techniques. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of follicular unit transplantation as well as covering flap procedures and scalp reduction methods. The book is unique in its coverage of such a wide range of personal techniques involved in the use of grafts for hair restoration. A practitioner can gain detailed information about issues related to graft harvesting, survival, preparation, and placement. There are additional chapters dealing with practical issues such as anesthesia, wound care, exceptional cases, office setup, and management. The illustrations demonstrate the teaching points intended by the contributors and the clinical photographs are acceptable in the majority of the chapters.
Assessment: This is an overwhelming success in its coverage of the field of hair transplant surgery. It can serve as a definitive resource for anyone interested in keeping abreast of the latest techniques and developments in the field. Its expanded topic range with detailed references and timely updates in basic science and technological enhancements make this a worthwhile update.
3 Stars from Doody
David R. Harris
This third edition covers each element of the subject of hair transplantation in depth, blending the editor's personal experience and preferences with that of other distinguished collaborators. The purpose is to provide an examination of the subject to both the novice and the experienced hair graft surgeon. This field has undergone such a rapid evolution that an expanded new review of the subject was greatly needed. For the most part, the book meets its objectives, although the editor might have organized the book somewhat differently with an eye to the novice. The book is intended for the hair graft surgeon, both for the novice seeking to learn the subject and for the experienced practitioner wishing to expand horizons. Those primarily interested in the hair graft procedure would include dermatologists, otolaryngologists, and plastic surgeons. The author is a world renowned and respected authority on the subject of hair grafting. A unique feature of this book is that the editor has invited numerous authorities to describe alternative approaches to the transplantation procedure and to investigate new horizons. The book has numerous superb photographs and tables. It is completely up-to-date and well referenced. The table of contents is adequate. It is a handsome book with high-quality binding and printing. This book offers an exhaustive and current examination of the entire field of hair transplantation, a necessary and useful endeavor in this rapidly evolving discipline. The neophyte wishing to learn the basics of hair grafting will have some difficulty with organization, which covers some elements more than once in different chapters. Nonetheless, the author achieves his goal of acomplete and exhaustive examination of the subject with this ambitious textbook.
Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
This is the third edition of a book in hair transplantation that is both thorough and well-illustrated with photos and diagrams. The 46 contributors are highly experienced and recognized authorities in hair transplantation. This is a basic text for anyone who performs hair transplantation.
An overview of all the various means of surgically correcting alopecia. This revised and expanded edition returns to the format of the first one, describing in detail Unger's personal approach to each component of graft transplanting, and then discussing why he chose them over options used by other surgeons. In addition, there is a lengthy chapter in which respected surgeons elaborate on how their approach differs to Unger's, and why. Finally, there is a new chapter on recent advances in concepts, instruments, and techniques, which for the most part were presented at the second annual meeting of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery in Toronto in September 1994. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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