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Hamsters and Gerbils

Hamsters and Gerbils

by Carol Ellis

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Children's Literature - Keri Collins Lewis
Once considered pests, the furry little rodents from the Middle East known as hamsters, along with their Syrian cousins known as gerbils, first came to the United States in the early twentieth century for use in laboratories. When the scientists discovered how curious and friendly hamsters and gerbils were, many of them took some home for their children to keep. They have been popular pets ever since! Due to their small size and low maintenance, hamsters and gerbils make ideal pets for people who do not have much room or time. This informational chapter book, part of the "Great Pets" series, introduces these cute creatures and walks readers through the differences between the two in order to help them choose the most appropriate pet. Author Carol Ellis helps readers understand how to select a healthy animal and teaches readers about their behaviors, so families will be prepared for a lot of nocturnal activity. Overviews of Syrian hamsters, Dwarf hamsters, and gerbils show the variety available for those seeking a rodent for a pet. Haney concludes with a chapter about caring for the tiny creature once it is adopted into the family, including the importance of proper cages, safety, appropriate feeding, special grooming needs, toys, and regular cage cleaning. Socializing and handling tips will help children avoid being bitten by nervous pets. A variety of colorful photographs, a glossary, index, bibliography, and list of suggested websites provide extra educational opportunities for students to learn more about these popular pets. Reviewer: Keri Collins Lewis

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Cavendish Square Publishing
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Great Pets Series
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9.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.30(d)
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7 - 10 Years

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