Handbook for Small Science Centers

Handbook for Small Science Centers

by Cynthia C. Yao

Comprehensive handbook for starting and running a small science center.See more details below


Comprehensive handbook for starting and running a small science center.

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Table of Contents

Foreword   Lynn D. Dierking     xi
Preface and Acknowledgments   Cynthia C. Yao     xiii
Acronyms     xvii
Central Case Study
The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum: From Dream to Reality   Cynthia C. Yao     3
Case Studies of Other Small Science Centers and Start-ups
Developing in Phases: A Case History   Charlie Trautmann     21
Hockey, Nickel Mines, and the Pursuit of a Vision: Getting It Done at Science North   Alan Nursall     27
One Small Center's Story: Grass Roots Thrive on Flexibility   Adela "Laddie" Skipton Elwell     31
Focus and Balance for the Small Museum   Rebecca Schatz     35
Discovery Science Center Start-Up: Launch Pad in a Mall   Karen Johnson     39
Curious Kids' Museum   Mary Baske   Pat Adams     44
Science Spectrum: A Science Center for the South Plains of Texas   Cassandra L. Henry     48
Science Center in a College: An Unabashedly Autobiographical Account   Albert J. Read     52
Science Projects: The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux, and Inspire Discovery Centre, Norwich   Stephen Pizzey     56
Experimentarium: A Fairy Tale from Hans Christian Andersen's Denmark   Asger Hoeg     61
Getting Started and Running a Science Center
Planning the Building   Peter A. Anderson     69
Sci-Port Discovery Center: How We Operate and Position Our Science Center for Ongoing Success   Andree Peek     74
Over the Top: Building Resources to Open and Grow   Marilyn Hoyt     81
Marketing Basics: Applications for Small Science Centers   Kim L. Cavendish     86
The Science Shop at the Science Spectrum   Cassandra L. Henry     92
Decision Making on Purpose: Translating Organizational Identity into Effective Experiences$dHands On! Inc.     97
Making Effective Exhibits for Rewarding Visitor Experiences   Kathleen R. Krafft     103
Learning from My Mistakes   Paul Orselli     110
The Use of Objects in a Small Science Center   Claude Faubert     114
Creating Special Exhibits Spaces
Discovery Spaces: Small Museums within a Large Museum   Lucy Kirshner     121
Creating Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Spaces in Science Centers   Kim Whaley     125
Outdoor Science Parks: Going Beyond the Walls   Ronen Mir     132
Traveling Exhibitions: Rationales and Strategies for the Small Museum   Robert "Mac" West   Christen E. Runge      135
Education Programs
Developing an Educational Plan   Laura Martin     145
Building Capacity to Work with Schools   Colleen Blair     151
The Why and How of Doing Outreach Programming: Fulfilling My Fantasy   Dennis Schatz     156
Fifty Years of Museum School   Kit Goolsby   Charlie Walter     162
Promoting Public Understanding of Research through Family Science Programs at MIT   Beryl Rosenthal     167
Working in a Science Center
Leading and Implementing Innovation in Your Science Museum   Ronen Mir     175
Hiring, Supporting, and Developing Museum Educators for Your Science Center   Elsa B. Bailey     178
Explainers: Youth Development at the Exploratorium   Bronwyn Bevan   Darlene Librero     183
Understanding Your Audience   Kirsten M. Ellenbogen     189
Girls, Boys, Moms, and Dads: Learning about Their Different Needs in Science Museums   David Taylor (1953-2005)     193
Evaluation 101   Elsa B. Bailey   George E. Hein     197
Working Model: A Mechanism for the Effective Board   Harold Skramstad   Susan Skramstad     205
Code of Ethics for Museums$dAmerican Association of Museums     209
Building a Sustainable Future   Thomas Krakauer     215
Renovation as Innovation: SciWorks, the Science Center and Environmental Park of Forsyth County   Beverly S. Sanford     219
Collaborations: From Sharing a Museum Site to Winning NSF Grants   Sarah Wolf     222
Exploration Place: Science Center and Children's Museum Combined   Al DeSena     227
From Little Acorns   Chuck O'Connor     231
The Tech: The Challenges of Growing from Small to Large   Peter B. Giles   Maureen E. Kennedy     234
How to Foster Innovation within Your Science-Technology Center: Observations from Under the Seat Cushion   Susan B. F. Wageman     239
Overview of Science Centers
Science Center History$dAssociation of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC)     247
Fanning the Flames: The Exploratorium at the Birth of the Science Center Movement   Robert Semper     252
Sesame Program: The Impact of a PhD Program on Science Museums   Vicki Breazeale   Watson "Mac" Laetsch     256
Science and Discovery Centers: The European Perspective   Melanie Quin     260
Science Centers and the Future
Developing a New Business Model For Science Centers   John H. Falk      269
Reality, Variety, and Ingenuity: Futures for Science Centers   Peter A. Anderson     277
Resources for Exhibit Fabrication   Kathleen R. Krafft   Paul Orselli   David Taylor     284
ASTC and Related Organizations     290
Directory of Science Centers, Institutions, and Individuals Represented     293
Index     296
About the Authors     300

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