Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry

Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry

by Wen-Shing Tseng

This landmark book comprehensively and systematically describes and defines the newly emerging field of cultural psychiatry. The provision of culturally sensitive, relevant, and effective care for patients of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds is extensively examined from clinical, research, and theoretical perspectives. The book has been written by a single…  See more details below


This landmark book comprehensively and systematically describes and defines the newly emerging field of cultural psychiatry. The provision of culturally sensitive, relevant, and effective care for patients of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds is extensively examined from clinical, research, and theoretical perspectives. The book has been written by a single author to maximize integrity and consistency. Thirty distinguished national and international scholars provided consultation to insure broad and updated knowledge on each topic addressed. The book begins with an introduction to the cultural dimensions of human behavior, stress and illness; moves on to elaborate the impact of culture on psychopathology, clinical practice, and psychological therapies; then examines unique social phenomena relevant to clinical work; and ends with issues of research, theory and training. This is the first book of its kind to be written in textbook style for national and international readers and particularly for clinicians working in multiethnic societies.

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Editorial Reviews

Doody's Review Service
Reviewer: Renee Mehlinger, MEd, MD (Rush University Medical Center)
Description: This book, comprehensive in scope and meticulously organized and cogently presented, examines various aspects of cultural psychiatry. Included are cultural aspects of mental health, psychopathology, therapy, research, and theory.
Purpose: The author's goal is to present current information on cultural facts, theories, and research gathered from nationally and internationally known experts in the field in a culturally sensitive manner applicable to a world perspective. The systematic organization of the material in textbook format is unique to the field and a well needed addition.
Audience: Written for national and international scholars and clinicians who study or practice in the field of mental health, the book provides an expansive and conclusive array of information. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatry residents and other students of mental health treating culturally diverse patients will find this book a helpful aid toward the understanding of cultural influences in assessment, treatment, practice and research.
Features: Organized like a textbook, the book includes several chapters that examine cultural aspects of human behavior, cultural influences on stress and illness behavior, and the impact of culture on psychopathology. Clinical assessment and culturally relevant therapeutic modalities, and the impact of culture on research and theories are also presented. A thorough appendix of relevant books and an interesting array of photographs and illustrated table are included.
Assessment: Well written, highly organized, and comprehensive, this book presents relevant, useful and timely information for clinicians, scholars, students, and researchers who work with culturally diverse populations and patients. Through an in-depth and integrated presentation of combined knowledge, facts, theories, and research on cultural psychiatry, the author provides a one-stop oasis for learning and developing a culturally sensitive dimension to assist in the understanding of the universal human individual, family and society.
3 Stars from Doody
International Review Of Psychiatry
...a highly accessible and comprehensive textbook... There is currently no other volume like it on the market.
Japanese Journal Of Social Psychiatry
Its outstanding characteristic is that,although 30 international colleagues were consulted as advisors,the book was written by a single author... It comes across vividly to us as a work that reflects the clear vision and intentions of Professor Wen-Shing Tseng,who has devoled many years of his career to the study of cultural psychiatry... This is a great book that deserves to be used not only by cultural psychiatrists,but also as a desk-side reference for clinicians in their daily clinical work.
Journal Of Clinical Psychiatry
The Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry represents a landmark achievement. As a single-authored text that synthesizes the work of 2000 authors,it provides a richly textured view of progress in cultural psychiatry over the last 40 years. It is destined to become a classic in the field. Richly illustrated with photographs,diagrams,and illuminating case histories,the book is tightly organized... This is a book that belongs in every hospital library,no matter how small,and on the shelf of every psychiatric educator,no matter how specialized.
Wolfgang G. Jilek
The present volume is a crowning achievement for a scholar who in the last decade authored or edited numerous books on themes of cross-cultural psychiatry.
Juris G. Draguns
This is a unique volume in its comprehensiveness. Scholarly, authoritative, and up-to-date, it is also fresh and vivid. It is relevant for clinicians and researchers alike.
Raymond Prince
This long-awaited compendium provides a unified overview of the field. After a rich career of research, clinical and teaching experience, the author proves an ideal guide.
Library Journal
Tseng (psychiatry, Univ. of Hawaii Sch. of Medicine) rather redundantly defines "cultural psychiatry" as "a special field of psychiatry...primarily concerned with the cultural aspects of human behavior, mental health, psychopathology, and treatment." In practice, cultural psychiatry is concerned with exploring the adjustments necessary to provide Western-style mental health services to non-Western patients. Tseng's goal was to write the first comprehensive, single-authored handbook on the field (previously, only textbooks and multiauthored handbooks have been published). He succeeds admirably, covering the relationship of culture to mental health, psychopathology, clinical practice, and therapy, as well as work with special populations (e.g., children, the elderly, and refugees) and special problems of cross-cultural research and psychiatric training. Clearly aimed at mental health professionals, this work defines basic terms in anthropology and sociology while taking for granted knowledge of psychiatric terms. Only academic libraries supporting graduate-level programs in psychiatry and clinical psychology should consider. A more affordable alternative is Culture & Psychotherapy: A Guide to Clinical Practice, edited by Tseng. Public libraries may look into Anne Fadiman's The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (LJ 9/1/97). Mary Ann Hughes, Neill P.L., Pullman, WA Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

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