Handbook of Gender in Archaeology

Handbook of Gender in Archaeology

by Sarah Milledge Nelson

First reference work to explore the research on gender in archaeology.See more details below


First reference work to explore the research on gender in archaeology.

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AltaMira Press
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Gender and Archaeology Series
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New Edition
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6.76(w) x 9.74(h) x 2.13(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction,Theoretical and Thematic Issues 2 Chapter 1: Methods in Feminist and Gender Archaeology: A Feeling for Difference-and Likeness 3 Chapter 2: Feminist Theory and Gender Research in Historical Archaeology 4 Chapter 3: Gender, Things, and Material Culture 5 Chapter 4: Gender and Mortuary Analysis 6 Chapter 5: The Engendered Household 7 Chapter 6: Gender and Landscape 8 Chapter 7: Gender, Heterarchy and Hierarchy 9 Chapter 8: Gender and Ethnoarchaeology 10 Chapter 9: Gender in Classical Archaeology 11 Part 2: Identities,Chapter 10: The Prism of Self: Gender and Personhood 12 Chapter 11: Sexuality 13 Chapter 12: Archaeology, Men and Masculinities 14 Chapter 13: The Archaeology of Non-Binary Genders in Native North America 15 Part 3: Subsistence Strategies Chapter 14: Gender in Human Evolution 16 Chapter 15: Gender Dynamics in Hunter-Gatherer Society: Archaeological Methods and Perspectives 17 Chapter 16: Gender and Early Farming Societies 18 Chapter 17: Women, Gender, and Pastorialism 19 Part 4: World Regions Chapter 18: A Critical Appraisal of Gender Research in African Archaeology 20 Chapter 19: Gender in East and Southeast Asian Archaeology 21 Chapter 20: Gender and Archaeology in South and Southwest Asia 22 Chapter 21: Gender and (the Disciplinary Structure of) Australian Archaeology 23 Chapter 22: Gender Archaeology in Europe 24 Chapter 23: Gender and Mesoamerican Archaeology 25 Chapter 24: Gender Archaeology in Native North America 26 Chapter 25: Gender in South American Archaeology

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