Handbook of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management

Handbook of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management

by A. Brewer

ISBN-10: 0080435939

ISBN-13: 9780080435930

Pub. Date: 06/01/2001

Publisher: Pergamon

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Handbooks in Transport Series
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1 ED
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6.84(w) x 9.76(h) x 1.12(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the series
Ch. 1Introduction1
Pt. 1Globalization and International Perspectives9
Ch. 2Perspectives on Global Performance Issues11
Ch. 3European Transport: Insights and Challenges29
Ch. 4North America: Insights and Challenges47
Ch. 5International Logistics: A Continuous Search for Competitiveness61
Pt. 2Supply Chain Management79
Ch. 6The Development of Thinking in Supply Chain and Logistics Management81
Ch. 7The Supply Chain Management and Logistics Controversy99
Ch. 8The Concept of Value: Symbolic Artifact or Useful Tool?127
Ch. 9Intermodal Transportation141
Pt. 3Logistics Management155
Ch. 10Integrated Logistics Strategies157
Ch. 11Lean Logistics171
Ch. 12Inventory Management195
Ch. 13Just-in-time213
Ch. 14Warehousing: A Key Link in the Supply Chain225
Ch. 15Consolidation and Trans-shipment239
Ch. 16Logistics Out-sourcing253
Pt. 4Customer Service269
Ch. 17Service Marketing271
Ch. 18Understanding and Predicting Customer Choices293
Pt. 5Logistics Performance Measurement311
Ch. 19Costing Theory and Processes313
Ch. 20Benchmarking and Performance Measurement: The Role in Quality Management325
Ch. 21Green Logistics339
Pt. 6Organizational Logistics351
Ch. 22Organizational Logistics: Definition, Components, and Approaches353
Ch. 23Public Policy and Logistics365
Pt. 7Comparative Industry Approaches377
Ch. 24Retail Logistics379
Ch. 25City Logistics and Freight Transport393
Ch. 26Manufacturing Logistics407
Ch. 27Maritime Logistics419
Ch. 28Air-freight Logistics431
Ch. 29Bulk Commodity Logistics441
Ch. 30Express Delivery455
Pt. 8Research and Development
Ch. 31Hazardous Goods469
Ch. 32Dynamics and Spatial Patterns of Intermodal Freight Transport Networks481
Ch. 33Supply Chain Statistics501
Ch. 34New Technologies in Logistics Management513
Ch. 35Freight and Logistics Modeling521
Author Index535
Subject Index541

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