Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry / Edition 2

Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry / Edition 2

by Angus C. Cameron, Richard P. Widmer

ISBN-10: 0723431868

ISBN-13: 9780723431862

Pub. Date: 06/24/2003

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

In a practical, concise, pocket-sized format, the new second edition of this indispensable resource presents all the information required for clinicians in their day-to-day management of pediatric dental patients. It explains, clearly and succinctly, the essentials of managing a wide range of conditions: oral and dental trauma; dental caries; oral infections; cardiac


In a practical, concise, pocket-sized format, the new second edition of this indispensable resource presents all the information required for clinicians in their day-to-day management of pediatric dental patients. It explains, clearly and succinctly, the essentials of managing a wide range of conditions: oral and dental trauma; dental caries; oral infections; cardiac disease; endocrine, hematological, and oncological disorders; and patients who have received organ transplants. More than 200 full-color photographs clearly show pathology, anomalies, medically compromised children, and trauma.

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Table of Contents

1Child management1
Special examinations3
Definitive diagnosis5
Assessment of disease risk6
Treatment plan6
Clinical conduct7
Non-pharmacological behaviour management8
Referring for possible mental health evaluation and care14
Pharmacological behaviour management16
Pain control for children19
General anaesthesia22
Ward instructions26
References and further reading27
2Fluoride modalities28
Mechanisms of action of fluoride28
Community water fluoridation29
Dental fluorosis29
Topical fluorides33
Systemic fluorides36
Considerations in fluoride therapy for infants and children37
Recommended schedules for topical fluoridation39
Fluoride toxicity40
References and further reading42
3Dental caries and restorative paediatric dentistry44
Dental caries44
Preventing dental caries45
Determining patients at risk of dental caries47
Restorative materials50
Restoration of the primary dentition52
Restoration of primary anterior teeth53
Restoration of primary posterior teeth55
Management of early childhood caries60
Minimal intervention dentistry63
Management of occlusal caries in permanent teeth63
Indications for the use of materials in paediatric dentistry68
References and further reading68
4Pulp therapy for primary and young permanent teeth71
Factors influencing the decision to retain primary teeth71
Pulp treatment options73
Parameters indicating the status of pulp vitality in primary teeth74
The controversy over pulp medicaments and techniques75
Pulpotomy procedures78
Pulpectomy procedures81
Clinical problems with pulpally involved primary teeth82
Pulp therapy for young permanent molars83
References and further reading85
5Trauma management87
Child abuse89
Other considerations in trauma management94
Maxillofacial injuries95
Sequelae of fractures of the jaws in children99
Luxations in the primary dentition100
Fractures of primary incisors104
Sequelae after trauma to primary teeth105
Crown and root fractures of permanent incisors106
Root fractures113
Crown/root fractures115
Luxations in the permanent dentition118
Avulsion of permanent teeth121
Complications in endodontic management of avulsed teeth124
Bleaching of non-vital incisors129
Soft-tissue injuries131
References and further reading137
6Paediatric oral medicine and pathology140
Orofacial infections140
Ulcerative and vesiculobullous lesions147
Pigmented, vascular and red lesions156
Epulides and exophytic lesions162
Gingival enlargements (overgrowth)165
Premature exfoliation of primary teeth167
Oral pathology in the newborn176
Diseases of salivary glands178
Diagnostic imaging of the salivary glands181
References and further reading182
7Dental anomalies184
Considerations in the management of dental anomalies184
Dental anomalies at different stages of dental development185
Formation of dental lamina186
Disorders of proliferation193
Abnormalities of morphology200
Developmental defects of enamel208
Amelogenesis imperfecta213
Disorders of dentine218
Dental effects of prematurity and low birthweight225
Disorders of eruption227
Loss of tooth structure230
References and further reading232
8Medically compromised children234
Congenital cardiac disease234
Bleeding disorders237
Red-cell disorders244
HIV infection and AIDS248
Paediatric oncology252
Renal disease260
Liver disease262
Organ transplantation263
Respiratory disease270
Neurological disease271
Other children with special needs273
Oromotor dysfunction in patients with developmental disabilities277
Genetic disorders279
References and further reading284
9Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment in the mixed dentition287
Orthodontic assessment287
Orthodontic examination289
Crowding and space management in the mixed dentition293
Regaining space295
Timed extraction of teeth to resolve intra-arch crowding296
Management of missing teeth297
Orthodontic aspects of supernumerary teeth299
Ectopic eruption of permanent canines301
Ectopic eruption of first permanent molars301
Extraction of first permanent molars302
Basic requirements of orthodontic appliances304
Removable appliances305
Treatment of anterior crossbites307
Treatment of posterior crossbites309
Digit sucking313
Correction of developing class II skeletal malocclusions315
References and further reading320
10Management of cleft lip and palate322
The anatomy of the facial skeleton in cleft lip and palate323
Current concepts of cleft management327
Cleft management in the neonatal period328
Cleft management in childhood331
Cleft management in adolescence and early adulthood334
Importance of dental care in overall management335
References and further reading340
11Speech, language and swallowing342
Communication disorders Structural anomalies and their relationship to speech production, eating and drinking342
Maxillofacial surgery and its relation to speech production349
Referral to a speech and language pathologist349
References and further reading350
Appendix ANormal values in blood chemistry355
Appendix BFluid and electrolyte balance359
Appendix CManagement of anaphylaxis362
Appendix DManagement of acute asthma365
Appendix EProtocols for antibiotic prophylaxis against infective endocarditis365
Appendix FVaccination schedules370
Appendix GIsolation and exclusion from school for childhood infectious diseases371
Appendix HSomatic growth and maturity372
Appendix IGrowth charts376
Appendix JDifferential diagnosis of radiographic pathology in children384
Appendix KPiaget's four stages of intellectual development386
Appendix LGlasgow coma scale387
Appendix MCommon drug usage in paediatric dentistry388
Appendix NEruption dates of teeth390
Appendix OConstruction of family pedigrees392
Appendix POral management of the paediatric oncology patient393
Appendix QOral management of the paediatric bone marrow transplant patient397
Appendix RCharting form402
Appendix SNeurological observation chart403

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