Handbook of Pediatric Nutrition / Edition 2

Handbook of Pediatric Nutrition / Edition 2

by Patricia Queen Samour

ISBN-10: 0763733059

ISBN-13: 9780763733056

Pub. Date: 07/02/2003

Publisher: Jones & Barlett Learning

This is a cpmprehensive handbook covering all aspects of pediatric nutrition.  See more details below


This is a cpmprehensive handbook covering all aspects of pediatric nutrition.

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Jones & Barlett Learning
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Older Edition
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7.30(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.80(d)

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Physical growth and maturation1
Ch. 2Nutritional assessment11
Ch. 3Prenatal nutrition35
Ch. 4Nutrition for premature infants53
Ch. 5Normal nutrition during infancy75
Ch. 6Normal nutrition from infancy through adolescence107
Ch. 7Nutrition counseling131
Ch. 8Vegetarian diets for children143
Ch. 9Food hypersensitivities161
Ch. 10Weight management : obesity to eating disorders181
Ch. 11Sports nutrition for children and adolescents213
Ch. 12Community nutrition229
Ch. 13Nutrition support for inborn errors239
Ch. 14Developmental disabilities287
Ch. 15Pulmonary diseases307
Ch. 16Gastrointestinal disorders351
Ch. 17Chronic renal disease381
Ch. 18Growth failure391
Ch. 19Cardiology407
Ch. 20Diabetes421
Ch. 21Pediatric human immunodeficiency virus449
Ch. 22Oncology and hematopoietic cell transplantation459
Ch. 23Nutrition for the burned pediatric patient483
Ch. 24Enteral nutrition499
Ch. 25Parenteral nutrition525
Ch. 26Botanicals in pediatrics559
App. APremature infant growth charts571
App. BNCHS growth charts575
App. CIncremental growth charts597
App. DDown syndrome growth charts613
App. EArm measurements619
App. FProgression of sexual development631
App. GNomograms635
App. HBiochemical evaluation of nutritional status639
App. IRecommended dietary allowances/dietary reference intakes651
App. J2005 dietary guidelines659
App. KConversion tables665

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