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Handbook of Public Relations / Edition 1

Handbook of Public Relations / Edition 1

by Robert L. Heath

ISBN-10: 1412909546

ISBN-13: 9781412909549

Pub. Date: 08/28/2000

Publisher: SAGE Publications

The Handbook of Public Relations offers a comprehensive and detailed examination of the field. It gives scholars, practitioners, and students a solid review of the status of the scholarly literature, stressing the role that public relations can play in building relationship between organizations, markets, audiences, and publics.


The Handbook of Public Relations offers a comprehensive and detailed examination of the field. It gives scholars, practitioners, and students a solid review of the status of the scholarly literature, stressing the role that public relations can play in building relationship between organizations, markets, audiences, and publics.

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Robert L Heath
Shifting Foundations: Public Relations as Relationship Building
Two-Way Symmetrical Public Relations: - James E Grunig
Past, Present and Future
A Rhetorical Enactment Rationale for Public Relations - Robert L Heath
The Good Organization Communicating Well
Public Relations and Community - Kenneth Starck and Dean Kruckeberg
A Reconstructed Theory Revisited
Cultural Topoi - Greg Leichty and Ede Warner
Implications for Public Relations
Updating Public Relations - David Mc Kie
'New Science', Research Paradigms and Uneven Developments
In Search of a Metatheory for Public Relations - Roy Leeper
An Argument for Communitarianism
Interpersonal Communication and Public Relations - W Timothy Coombs
Public Relations Field Dynamics - Jeffrey W Springston and Joann Keyton
Bringing Publics into Public Relations - Shirley Leitch and David Neilson
New Theoretical Frameworks for Practice
Research Perspectives on 'The Public' - Gabriel M Vasquez and Maureen Taylor
Public Relations and Crisis Communication - Matthew W Seeger, Timothy L Sellnow and Robert R Ulmer
Organizing and Chaos
Public Relations as Contested Terrain - George Cheney and Lars Thoger Christensen
A Critical Response
Introduction - Robert L Heath
The Dynamics of Change in Public Relations Practice
Dynamics of Change
The Mystery of Public Relations - Fritz Cropp and J David Pincus
Unraveling Its Past, Unmasking Its Future
Defining the Relationship between Public Relations and Marketing - James G Hutton
Public Relations' Most Important Challenge
Extending Strategic Planning to Communication Tactics - Laurie J Wilson
Public Relations and the Question of Professionalism - Magda Pieczka and Jacquie L'Etang
How Feminist Theory Advanced the Practice of Public Relations - Elizabeth L Toth
Public Relations Law - Michael G Parkinson, Daradirek Ekachai and Laurel Traynowicz Hetherington
Integrating Planning and Evaluation - Tom Watson
Evaluating the Public Relations Practice and Public Relations Programs
Media Effects Research for Public Relations Practitioners - Beth Olson
Stewardship - Kathleen S Kelly
The Fifth Step in the Public Relations Process
Activism - Michael F Smith and Denise P Ferguson
Public Relations and Conflict Resolution - Kenneth D Plowman, William G Briggs and Yi-Hui Huang
Organizational Legitimacy
Public Relations and the Ecology of Organizational Change - James L Everett
The Centrality of Organizational Legitimacy to Public Relations Practice - Maribeth S Metzler
Issues Management - Cornelius B Pratt
The Paradox of the 40-Year US Tobacco Wars
Utilizing the Collapse Model of Corporate Image for Campaign Message Design - Mary Anne Moffitt
Educating Practitioners
The Workplace, Undergraduate Education and Career Preparation - Gayle M Pohl and Dee Vandeventer
The Public Relations Academic and Practitioner Views
Accreditation - Bonita Dostal Neff
Is There Access to the Process for All Public Relations Academic Programs - If Desired?
Case Studies and Their Use in Public Relations - John J Pauly and Liese L Hutchison
Public Relations Ethics
Public Relations and Social Responsibility - Emma L Daugherty
Public Relations Ethics - Kenneth D Day, Qingwen Dong and Clark Robins
An Overview and Discussion of Issues for the 21st Century
Ethics in Public Relations - Patricia A Curtin and Lois A Boynton
Theory and Practice
Public Relations between Universality and Particularity - Tanni Haas
Towards a Moral-Philosophical Conception of Public Relations Ethics
The Measurement of Ethics - Kathie A Leeper
Instruments Applicable to Public Relations
Introduction - Robert L Heath
Learning Best Practices from Experience and Research
Best Practices in Planning and Organization
A New Order for Public Relations - H R Hutchins
Goodbye Cost Center, Hello Profit Center
Best Practices in the Public Relations Agency Business - Catherine L Hinrichsen
Strategic Media Planning - Kirk Hallahan
Toward an Integrated Public Relations Media Model
Improving Corporate and Organization Communications - Dean Kazoleas and Alan Wright
A New Look at Developing and Implementing the Communication Audit
Best Practices in Crisis Communication
Crisis Communication - Kathleen Fearn-Banks
A Review of Some Best Practices
Anticipatory Model of Crisis Management - Bolanle A Olaniran and David E Williams
A Vigilant Response to Technological Crises
Corporate Apologia - Keith Michael Hearit
When an Organization Speaks in Defense of Itself
Race and Reputation - Gail F Baker
Restoring Image beyond the Crisis
Best Practices in Relationship Building
Relationships Within Communities - Laurie J Wilson
Public Relations for the New Century
Managing Community Relationships to Maximize Mutual Benefit - John A Ledingham and Stephen D Bruning
Doing Well by Doing Good
Best Practices in Educational Public Relations
Educational Public Relations - Julie Kay Henderson
Strength in Diversity - Barbara J De Santo and R Brooks Garner
The Place of Public Relations in Higher Education Institutions
Sports Information Directing - Nicholas C Neupauer
A Plea for Helping an Unknown Field
Best Practices in Context
Political Power through Public Relations - Lori Melton Mc Kinnon, John C Tedesco and Tracy Lauder
Labor and Public Relations - Tricia Hansen-Horn
The Unwritten Roles
Public Relations in the Health Care Industry - Laurel Traynowicz Hetherington, Daradirek Ekachai and Michael G Parkinson
Introduction - Robert L Heath
The Frontier of New Communication Technologies
Cyberspin - Edward J Lordan
The Use of New Technologies in Public Relations
Online Research Techniques for the Public Relations Practitioner - Susanne Elizabeth Gaddis
Public Relations and New Media Technology - Jeffrey K Springston
The Impact of the Internet
The Development of a Structuration Analysis of New Publics in an Electronic Environment - Zoraida R Cozier and Diane F Witmer
Introduction - Robert L Heath
Globalization: The Frontier of Multinationalism and Diversity
International Public Relations - Maureen Taylor
Opportunities and Challenges for the 21st Century
Effective Public Relations in the Multinational Organization - Robert I Wakefield
International Public Relations - Doug Newsom, Judy Van Slyke Turk and Dean Kruckeberg
A Focus on Pedagogy
New Zealand Perspectivess on Public Relations - Judy Motion and Shirley Leitch
The Development of Public Relations in China, Russia and the United States of America - Mark Mc Elreath, Ni Chen, Lyudmila Azarova and Valeria Shadrova
The Changing Shape of Public Relations in the European Union - David Miller and Philip Schlesinger
Middle East Public Relations - Rise Jane Samra
A New Frontier in the United States

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