Handbook Of Radiation Oncology

Handbook Of Radiation Oncology

by Bruce G. Haffty, Lynn D. Wilson

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Table of Contents

1 Radiation Physics Geoffrey S. Ibbott Ibbott, Geoffrey S. 1

2 The Biologic Basis of Radiotherapy Barry S. Rosenstein Rosenstein, Barry S. 41

3 Molecular Radiobiology Barry S. Rosenstein Rosenstein, Barry S. 73

4 Combined Modality Charles G. Wood Wood, Charles G. Stephen M. Hahn Hahn, Stephen M. 89

5 Brachytherapy Daniel R. Gomez Gomez, Daniel R. Kaled M. Alektiar Alektiar, Kaled M. Michael J. Zelefsky Zelefsky, Michael J. 111

6 Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Brian Chang Chang, Brian Robert D. Timmerman Timmerman, Robert D. 143

7 Palliation and Oncologic Emergencies Molly Gabel Gabel, Molly 159

8 Useful Tools for Radiation Oncology Anwar Khan Khan, Anwar Benjamin D. Smith Smith, Benjamin D. 173

9 Radioimmunotherapy and the Use of Unsealed Sources in Radiation Oncology Vipul V. Thakkar Thakkar, Vipul V. Roger M. Macklis Macklis, Roger M. 205

10 Central Nervous System Jonathan P. S. Knisely Knisely, Jonathan P. S. John H. Sun Sun, John H. Christina Tsien Tsien, Christina 221

11 Current Management of Oral Cavity/Oropharynx/Hypopharynx Cancer Kenneth Hu Hu, Kenneth Peter Han Han, Peter Louis B. Harrison Harrison, Louis B. 251

12 Laryngeal Cancer Omur Karakoyun Celik Celik, Omur Karakoyun Paul M. Busse Busse, Paul M. 279

13 Nasopharynx and Sinuses William P. O'Meara O'Meara, William P. Nancy Lee Lee, Nancy 295

14 Management of the Neck Daniel T. Chang Chang, Daniel T. Russell W. Hinerman Hinerman, Russell W. William M. Mendenhall Mendenhall, William M. 309

15 Salivary Gland Tumors Daniel T. Chang Chang, Daniel T. Russell W. Hinerman Hinerman, Russell W. William M. Mendenhall Mendenhall, William M. 331

16 Eye Sung Kim Sung, Kim343

17 Esophagus Cancer Jeffrey C. Haynes Haynes, Jeffrey C. James M. Metz Metz, James M. 361

18 Lung Cancer Ronald McGarry McGarry, Ronald Andrew T. Turrisi III Turrisi, Andrew T., III 375

19 Thyroid, Trachea and Mediastinum Joseph Colasanto Colasanto, Joseph Richard Tsang Tsang, Richard James D. Brierly Brierly, James D. 399

20 Early Stage Breast Cancer Bruce G. Haffty Haffty, Bruce G. 419

21 Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Thomas A. Buchholz Buchholz, Thomas A. 441

22 Pancreatic Cancer Christopher G. Willett Willett, Christopher G. Brian G. Czito Czito, Brian G. Joanna Bendell Bendell, Joanna 463

23 Gastric Cancer Sharad Goyal Goyal, Sharad Salma K. Jabbour Jabbour, Salma K. 481

24 Colorectal Cancer Janet K. Horton Horton, Janet K. Joel E. Tepper Tepper, Joel E. 499

25 Anal Cancer Salma K. Jabbour Jabbour, Salma K. Deborah Frassica Frassica, Deborah 517

26 Cancers of the Bladder and Kidney Michael G. Chang Chang, Michael G. Michael P. Hagan Hagan, Michael P. 537

27 Testicular Cancers Christopher R. King King, Christopher R. 557

28 Prostate Cancer Mark K. Buyyounouski Buyyounouski, Mark K. Eric M. Horowitz Horowitz, Eric M. Alan Pollack Pollack, Alan 565

29 Cervical Cancer Seungtaek Choi Choi, Seungtaek Patricia J. Eifel Eifel, Patricia J. 583

30 Non-Cervical Gynecologic Malignancies Penny Anderson Anderson, Penny Andre Konski Konski, Andre 605

31 Soft Tissue Sarcoma Peter W. M. Chung Chung, Peter W. M. Brian O'Sullivan O'Sullivan, Brian 629

32 Pediatrics Torunn I. Yock Yock, Torunn I. 649

33 Cutaneous Malignancies including Cutaneous Lymphoma Roy H. Decker Decker, Roy H. Lynn D. Wilson Wilson, Lynn D. 683

34 Hodgkin Lymphoma Joachim Yahalom Yahalom, Joachim 705

35 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Joachim Yahalom Yahalom, Joachim 725

36 Leukemias and Plasma Cell Disorders Bouthaina Dabaja Dabaja, Bouthaina Chul Soo Ha Ha, Chul Soo 739

37 Benign Diseases Prabhakar Tripuraneni Tripuraneni, Prabhakar 755

Index 763

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