The Handbook of Sociolinguistics / Edition 1

The Handbook of Sociolinguistics / Edition 1

by Florian Coulmas

ISBN-10: 0631211934

ISBN-13: 9780631211938

Pub. Date: 09/24/1998

Publisher: Wiley

In 28 newly- commissioned chapters, distinguished contributors provide an up-to-date overview of sociolinguistics.  See more details below


In 28 newly- commissioned chapters, distinguished contributors provide an up-to-date overview of sociolinguistics.

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Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics Series
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New Edition
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6.80(w) x 9.75(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Florian Coulmas (Chou University).

Part I: Foundations:.

1. The Evolution of a Sociolinguistic Theory of Language: R.B. Le Page.

2. The Demography of Language: Albert F. Verdoot (Université Catholique de Louvain).

Part II: Social Dimensions of Language: .

3. Varieties and Variation: James Milroy and Lesley Milroy (University of Newcastle upon Tyne).

4. Language Change in Progress: Variation as it Happens: Norman Denison (Universität Graz).

5. Social Factors in Language Change: William Bright.

6. Sociophonology: John Honey (Osaka International University).

7. Dialect in Society: Walt Wolfram (North Carolina State University).

8. Gender as a Sociolinguistics Variable: New Perspectives on Variation Studies: Ruth Wodak and Gertraud Benke (Universität Wien).

9. Age as a Sociolinguistic Variable: Penelope Eckert (Institute for Research on Learning).

10. Spoken and Written Language: Celia Roberts and Brian Street (Thames Valley University; University of Brighton).

11. The Sociolinguistics of Communication Media: Gerhard Leitner (Freie Universität Berlin).

12. Diglossia as a Sociolinguistic Situation: Harold F. Schiffman (Language Center, SARS).

13. Code Switching: Carol Myers Scotton (University of South Carolina).

14. Language Contact and Language Generation: John R. Rickford (Stanford University).

15. Language Contact and Language Degeneration: Colette Grinevald Craig (University of Oregon).

Part III: Linguistic Dimensions of Society:.

16. Language Contact and Language Displacement: Mathias Brenzinger (Universität zu Koln).

17. Language Conflict: Peter Hans Nelde (Research Centre on Multilingualism, KUB).

18. Multi-Lingualism: Michael Clyne (Monash University).

19. Language and Identity: Andree Tabournet-Keller (Université Louis-Pasteur).

20. Language and Ethnicity: Joshua A. Fishma.

21. Global Scale Sociolinguistics: Grant McConnell (Université Laval).

22. Language and the Mediation of Experience: Linguistics Representation and Cognitive Orientation: Michael Stubbs (Universität Trier).

23. Linguistics Etiquette: Gabriele Kasper (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

Part IV: Applied Issues:.

24. Sociolinguistics and Education: Ludo Verhoeven (Tilburg University).

25. Bilingual Education: Ofelia Garcia (City College of New York).

26. Sociolinguistics and the Law: Edward Finegan (University of Southern California).

27. Language Planning and Language Reform: Denise Daoust (Université de Quebec à Montreal).



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